Comments - Ain’t No Art Like Dirty Car Art

Published: Jun 24, 2012
Description: Scott Wade has been called the "da Vinci of Dust" and the "Michelangelo of Mud," but he prefers the "Dirty Car Artist." After decades of trial and error, he has perfected...
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Kevin Watson Jun 25, 2012
Have you notice? He traveled around the world with his talent. Not bad at all. I love to have one on my car, only thing is I can't keep my car that dirty. Lol
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 24, 2012
That guy has 2 things a lot of talent and a lot of time
Chris Carbonell Jun 24, 2012
Lmao at the end "who wants to see dirty pictures on the Internet? "
Zachary Crowley Jun 24, 2012
2:55-3:00 THAT IS SO SEXY
Michael Henderson Jun 24, 2012
Always thought about trying this but with having the artistic skill of a 3 year old with a set of crayons, never really managed to pull it off other than writing 'I wish my wife was this dirty'. Not quite the same as this guy.
William Downs Jun 24, 2012
holy crap that guy has some serious skill
Description: Wade is a formerly trained commercial artist who has taken his talents globally, producing incredible imagery on the seemingly pedestrian rear windows of dirty cars around the world. Some of his more ...
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Zach Pate Jun 24, 2012
How bored do you have to be?
Terrance Parker Jun 24, 2012
Nice they had to add wash me on it
Scotty Gee Jun 26, 2012
Soooo.. there's no Photoshop on these images?.. hmmm..
Zachary Crowley Jun 24, 2012
This is my favorite cause the details and shading are perfect nevermind it being on dirt
Ben Bourdon Jun 25, 2012
I have this picture in my room. Just thought you'd all love to know that
Nick Benz Jun 25, 2012
Thanks Christo. Its sad that people cant recognize famous pieces of art. Fruit ninja background? Give me a break.
Christo Savaides Jun 24, 2012
This is a water scene, but there is also a mountain in the painting. This is a famous Japanese painting called "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." That's Mount Fuji in the background and it's supposed to be that small.
Zachary Cray Jun 24, 2012
I'm fairly certain this is a water scene.
Stephen Cobbs Jun 24, 2012
Fruit Ninja background
Chris Penza Jun 24, 2012
I think the mountain is too short
Tim Preisinger Jun 24, 2012
I agree. Awesome picture
Axel Cousins Jun 24, 2012
This is the best one
Rueben J Yslas Jun 24, 2012
I love that they put e=mc^2 lol
John Philip Sousa Jun 24, 2012
Wow the detail is amazing
Paul Lissona Jun 25, 2012
Nice on that highlander.
Николай Станкейвич Jun 24, 2012
Toyota for the win. That's just amazing
Dillon Dixon Jun 24, 2012
This one is such a mind bender.
Eli Dirk Jun 24, 2012
how does he do that with just awesome.
Ember Zimmerman Jun 24, 2012
How the hell... It's absolutely amazing
Bob Jones Jun 24, 2012
This one's amazing