Comments - Volvo S60 Polestar Concept Sells for $300,000

Published: Jun 22, 2012
Description: The recently revealed 508hp Volvo S60 Performance Concept, which was apparently built for an unspecified US-based customer, was bought for $300,000. Pending market response, Volvo has plans to build a...
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Anthony Calderaro Jun 22, 2012
@Eddie No. the concept was bought and sold for 300k. Volvo is making a limited run S60 Polestar that will compete with the M3
Eddie Filipovic Jun 22, 2012
Am I misinterpreting the article or does it basically suggest that the $300,000 dollar Volvo is competing with the well under $100k M3??
Description: The stock 300hp has been raised to a supercar-rivaling 508hp and 424lb-ft of torque, courtesy of an enlarged turbocharger from Garret and a number of reinforced internals. An Ohlins lowered suspensio...
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Jason Brower Jun 22, 2012
Old volvos make great power. Volvo wagons make awesome sleepers. Looks like the modern generation of volvos is no different.
Garrett Frye Jun 22, 2012
Crazy good for any car, let alone a Volvo.
Logan Delony Jun 22, 2012
Those specs are crazy good for a volvo
Jörgen Nilsson Jun 23, 2012
This is a pure race car built for TTA (a swedish touring car championship), with a S60-like body on it.
Alex Klemstein Jun 23, 2012
@Stan No, it isn't. The car on the next page is what the article is about.
Stan Mitchell Jun 22, 2012
@Michael yeh, it is. Are we looking at the same picture?
Michael Riley Jun 22, 2012
why is this picture even here? it's not the car the article is about
Mark A. Young Jun 22, 2012
It doesn't look quite being lowered with that body kit.
Mr Two Jun 22, 2012
no one likes sti's imagine there painfull
Jv Jun 22, 2012
Why do you like Sti's?
Nick Sti Jun 22, 2012
Why do you like Porsches? ;D
Emil Kleijsen Jul 07, 2012
The Swedish part of me Says this over the M3, the Awesome part of me agrees!
Sasa Jungic Jul 02, 2012
M3 All the Way.!
Sam Hansen Jun 23, 2012
Volvo should definitely put this into production
Christo Savaides Jun 23, 2012
I'd take this over an M3 as well.
Thibault Leroy Jun 22, 2012
@Dillon im not the best at spotting sarcasm but that was sarcastic right? XD
Janak Solanki Jun 22, 2012
Now that Is tight
Dillon Dixon Jun 22, 2012
This or an M3? Oh definitely this!! I'm freakin in love with this color, too!
Paul Dickey Jun 22, 2012
Are you two serious?
Christopher Lawrence Reber Jun 22, 2012
The ultimate sleeper car!
Janak Solanki Jun 22, 2012
Very nice styling
Brendon Davis Jun 23, 2012
Love those tires.
Lukas Hellstr�m Jun 26, 2012
jared im swedish and Volvo is latin for "i roll" or in swedish "jag rullar"
Jared Palmer Jun 23, 2012
In Swedish=I roll
Karveh Nafnaf Jun 23, 2012
Forza has taught you well
Sean Wallace Jun 22, 2012
Volvo in Latin means " to roll"