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Published: Jun 22, 2012
Description: This isn't the first review of the so-called 'grown-up Zonda' and it won't be the last. The fact is, the Huayra is such a spectacular automobile that anytime a reputable publicatio...
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Marcin Bednarski Jun 24, 2012
It is in my opinion best super car now. Maybe not the fastest, not the prietest but overall is the best. Performance very very good, quality and design its absolute top.
Samuel Bonorden Jun 23, 2012
The zonda is a better car
Abraham Mendoza Jun 23, 2012
I think I like the Zonda more, it achieved more, had a N/A engine, and just kept on going. I guess this will have to grow on me.
Jarrod Mark Price Jun 23, 2012
What a beautiful, and unique supercar. Much like people would have felt when the Miura came about, i am privileged to watch its birth and hear her story. Like it or not, respect what she stands for.
Christo Savaides Jun 23, 2012
Better than a Zonda IMO and that says a lot.
Oscar Galvan Jun 22, 2012
@Ben I never thought of that but yea I agree
Dillon Dixon Jun 22, 2012
It may not be as unique and special as the Zonda but I'm just glad the Huayra looks like nothing else on the road. It's completely original in every way.
Phillip Greene Jun 22, 2012
Its a sick car I love paganis, but id still prefer a tt 8l v8 over a tt 8l v12
Abraham Mendoza Jun 22, 2012
@Porsche: And German cars aren't? Porsche cars aren't the best, they're too complicated, expensive, and sometimes very ugly. Saying that they're the best shows you're nothin but a fanboy and shouldn't be here.
Clint Edwards Jun 22, 2012
The guy named PORSCHE claims Porsche makes the best car. No bias there at all lol. I'm not a big fan of the looks but it's growing on me little by little.
Ben August Jun 22, 2012
Philosophically, Pagani is currently what Ferrari used to be. Which is why Ferrari currently pisses me off, and Pagani has my respect. Got to love how greed changes people.
Tin Nguyen Jun 22, 2012
You call this a review? We all know it fast. We all know you like the car. What's the review?
Yasser Zahabi Jun 22, 2012
I think it looks craaaaazy.. Nothing like anything out there .. I love the rear and the interior
Scott Lenahan Jun 22, 2012
It is ugly, in such a way that it's actually really good looking.. Hard to explain. Active air flaps are SICK! My favorite part of that car. It is as close to having a jet on the road as possible.
Oscar Galvan Jun 22, 2012
I disagree it's the Nissan leaf that's the best
Amir El Rady Jun 22, 2012
Italians make the best super cars whether it's Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani, or Maserati and so on.
Description: CAR Magazine's deputy editor Ben Barry was the latest auto-journo to test drive the supercar around Pagani's headquarters in Modena. Responding to customers' wishes, Pagani sought out a...
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Dominik Rogowski Jan 13, 2013
U had it for two days and u made a 3 min video ?! Seriously ?! Please quite your job !!!!
Jarrod Mark Price Jun 23, 2012
I would suggest seeing this in person before you talk about looks. Video has a way of loosing depth that i think would really make this car work. On a side note, when will this car get properly reviewed. Give it to Chris Harris IMO.
Thibault Leroy Jun 22, 2012
i like the looks of the zonda better but i could never go as far as saying this is ugly
Joshua Minh Tran Jun 22, 2012
"breathtaking looks" must be because it's hideous...the zonda was a beauty this thing looks like a fish out of water...
Colin Dzendolet Jun 22, 2012
well, he does look about 12, someday he'll know what he's talking about
Carlton Salmon Jun 22, 2012
@ Wyatt. Could you possibly explain to me in adult terms how a Pagani Huayra is a piece of crap?!
Wyatt Gordon Jun 22, 2012
This piece of crapis so hideous compared to the zonda
Oscar Galvan Jun 22, 2012
Yea that's right VVV
Walker Carroll Jun 22, 2012
Think about Carroll Shelby "horsepower sells, torque wins races" please correct me if I'm wrong
Jason Reimann Jun 22, 2012
Lamborghini uses a 6.5 liter V12 in the Aventador with NO TURBOS and gets 700hp out of it. That's only 20 less, really.
Matt Korczyk Jun 22, 2012
I see some fisker karma in the front...not that its a bad thing
Kenneth Poskey Jun 22, 2012
I like the older ones
John Serely Jun 22, 2012
Absolutely gorgeous IMO
Mitchell Cherry Jun 22, 2012
Amazing interior
Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
The rearview mirrors are the best part.
Syafiq Hakim Jun 24, 2012
Garrett Dean Jun 23, 2012
The pedals look like kitchen utensils but that's unique haha
Christo Savaides Jun 23, 2012
I don't know what you guys are talking about but I think this is the greatest interior of any car I've ever seen.
Stan Mitchell Jun 22, 2012
Theres a place to take a dump in te seat!
Knox Ferraro Jun 22, 2012
This is spectacular. You even get a dildo.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 22, 2012
Well it's okay to have such an interior for a 1.4 million $ supercar, it's very unique matching a 1.4 mil car but if this interior was for a 30 000$ for ex ofc i wouldn't buy it
Keiler Countryman Jun 22, 2012
Stephen has a point, but whats all the stuff behind the stearing wheel
Stephen Cobbs Jun 22, 2012
@Domi. Hahaha your crazy. You would go to the dealership to buy this car and find out that it has too much chrome and say no? Yeah right.
Dan Ruth Jun 22, 2012
Id take a zonda r interior over this.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 22, 2012
Porsche's right. Imagine driving it in the middle of a hot sunny day, you'd get blind! However, it does somehow remind me of men in black :p
Yasser Zahabi Jun 22, 2012
porsche.. Do you even have anything positive to say about anything .. Too much shine ?? Really?? This is absolutely gorgeous
John Serely Jun 22, 2012
Love this interior!