Comments - Next Generation Dacia Logan Spied in Heavy Camo

Published: Jun 22, 2012
Description: The majority of low budget, no-frills, affordable European cars can be traced back to the launch of the Dacia Logan in September 2004. It received a facelift four years later, and it seems that we&apo...
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Harrison Trapnell Jun 23, 2012
They needed to put all that camo on. Everyone cares about this. Screw the Enzo Replacement I want to see more of this! (sarcasm, duh!)
Rithhin Jawahar Jun 22, 2012
God I miss top gear :D
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jun 22, 2012
Great news! The new Dacia Logan has been spotted testing Great! Moving on....
Description: However, it will still be one of the cheapest cars around. Owner Renault has also said that the new Logan will get a modern design to make it even more attractive, which shouldn't be too much of ...
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Danyaal Farooq Jun 22, 2012
Pretty sure he's talking about the company "Dacia "
Raymond Reynoso Jun 22, 2012
You should be embarrassed that you've never seen Top Gear
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 22, 2012
Should I be embarrassed that I've never heard about this company?
Brandon Lee Aventador Jun 22, 2012
James may will sure love it. Lol
Keiler Countryman Jun 22, 2012
Why do they care so much about hiding this car, know one cares about it
Mark A. Young Jun 22, 2012
"Sir, you have a tent stuck on your car..."
Cearbhall Beggan Jun 26, 2012
Like all concept cars, the production version will probably look slightly different....
SuperTrofeo Jun 22, 2012
impressive someone can see this garbagebag is a Dacia!
Cearbhall Beggan Jun 26, 2012
Drive safe, use a condom...