Description: We've seen plenty of Lamborghini owners and their follies here on CarBuzz, however this Murcielago owner hilariously ran out of gas in the middle of a busy intersection. You can guess what happen...
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dc.long.3 Feb 25, 2014
Primul filmulet unde lipsesc maidanezii din peisaj, stai poate nu m am uitat bine
Jim Nguyen Jun 26, 2012
Now that's what I call torque
Harrison Trapnell Jun 23, 2012
Dacia Logan on the right at the start!!!
Danyaal Farooq Jun 22, 2012
21 bottles a murcielago ;)
Austin Bryant Jun 22, 2012
Which is why you don't drive them in the city...
Raymond Reynoso Jun 22, 2012
Lmao- at least it a lot better than what people usually do with Lamborghini's here. They usually total them
Syafiq Hakim Jun 22, 2012
Hahha,What a Shame!!!
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 22, 2012
Yeah! Whoever helped gets a ride around the streets. Just don't run out of gas while doing that, again. Ha~
Mikey Jimenez Jun 22, 2012
@Zaire that song slaps haha.
Aaron Crisp Jun 22, 2012
Horrible gas mileage.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 22, 2012
Yo chick she so thirsty...
Craig Lafey Jun 22, 2012
What is up with lambo drivers?! If they aren't totaling them there running out of gas lol.
zr1 Jun 22, 2012
The raw acceleration in that video is incredible!
Zaire Wilkins Jun 22, 2012
lambroghini mercy
Patrick Schalk Jun 22, 2012
Must've spent all his money on the car haha. What a turd.
Popescu Sebastian Florin Jun 22, 2012
I pay for a full tank about 100 $...
Danny Gonzalez Jun 22, 2012
Well that sucks it ran out of gas but you get to push a Lamborghini! Any takers?
Popescu Sebastian Florin Jun 22, 2012
The petrol It's not cheep in România ! We pay 1,4 Euro / liter !
Maurice Gamble Jun 22, 2012
well I'd rather push that than a big bentley
Frederick Perez Jun 22, 2012
The highlight of the road
Sam Oglesby Jun 22, 2012
I bet they didn't push it all the way to the petrol station though
Николай Станкейвич Jun 22, 2012
At least there are still good people in this world
Description: This clip comes from Bucharest, Romania, and luckily for the driver he had some friendly bystanders help him push his car out of the busy intersection. Running out of gas? C'mon Lamborghini owner...
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Chris Penza Jun 22, 2012
I love how a car with 640 horsepower gets similar mileage to a hummer h2
David Munasinghe Jun 22, 2012
@ Car buzz. He dropped all his coins in his ride and that's why he don't have any coin for gas. Lok
Norman Agustin Jun 22, 2012
Well the Murcielago is rated at 8 city and 13 highway. He should have known the Lamborghini eats more gas than a regular car.
dc.long.3 Feb 25, 2014
@Kiran Ravindra the lower octane gasoline in Romania is 100 so is not that. I assume he just forgot to fill up
Jim Nguyen Jun 26, 2012
One man is pushing while the three guys behind him just realize the engine is in the back
Kiran Ravindra Jun 23, 2012
Guys, maybe he couldn't find High Octane gas in that part of the city. It's not like you put your regular gas in a Lamboghini, you get the Premium stuff (like most people even in a Mercedes or BMW). I'm not familiar with Romanian gas stations in Bucharest but this seems to be a plausible explanation.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Jun 22, 2012
Mondeo driver: Wtf man! Just buy a Ford!
John Serely Jun 22, 2012
Well...that sucks. BTW, the yellow murci looks absolutely amazing, even though it is old. I think the first gens still look like they could be new in terms of styling IMO
Thomas Blair Jun 22, 2012
You dont see that everyday