Comments - First Live Pictures of New Aston Martin Vanquish

Published: Jun 22, 2012
Description: The official launch of the new Aston Martin Vanquish has just been held at the Aston Martin showroom in Paris, and was on hand to capture these first live images of the British-built supe...
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Christo Savaides Jun 22, 2012
They mean not official "staged" pictures.
Vincent Chen Jun 22, 2012
Not computer generated I'm guessing
Brenton Cozby Jun 22, 2012
wtf is a live picture
Tanner Middleton Jun 22, 2012
i saw the nicest pic of the new vanquish on my aston martin facebook page yesterday. it was a wayyy better pic then any of these
Harrison Trapnell Jun 23, 2012
I love it. New favourite car list: 1. Ferrari 458 (as always) 2. SRT Viper 3. This car or Ferrari f12berlinetta.
Tim Preisinger Jun 23, 2012
I'm not a big fan of Aston's... But this is really nice!
Darian Vorlick Jun 23, 2012
If you squint hard enough it looks like the 2015 Mustang concept (I'm laying down the sarcasm pretty heavily).
Calogero Rumeo Jun 22, 2012
Well if it was a mustang or vette we might have 100 (which is sad) but I'm glad there's less for the Aston. Less consumers for us!
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 22, 2012
Only 10 comments and this is my 2nd?? This car is NUTS
Eddie Filipovic Jun 22, 2012
Aston has figured out a great formula for their vehicles: stunning (would never change the styling too drastically from one gen to next) yet with excellent interiors, exhaust sounds, and plenty of potential left in V12 for further tweaks. I approve.
Alexander Gomez Jun 22, 2012
This looks anything but boring if you ask me.
Craig Lafey Jun 22, 2012
Wow absolutely incredible is more like it.
Yasser Zahabi Jun 22, 2012
Yeh looks very boring .. -_- .. In the same way that lambourghini has been adding little touches to all their cars .. I really think this is the best looking aston so far.. The subtle details bring it out
Tin Nguyen Jun 22, 2012
You look boring and heavy.
John Serely Jun 22, 2012
Absolutely stunning. Aston did a great job with this IMO
Description: Although it's not entirely new, Aston Martin gave it a number of improvements and managed to lighten the platform through the use of carbon fiber in the rear structure and hallow-cast aluminum th...
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Description: The front-mounted V12 is mated to the same six-speed automatic slushbox as was in the DBS. The 2013 Vanquish will arrive in European showrooms in late 2012 and the first U.S. deliveries will be in ear...
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Harry Collins Jun 23, 2012 manual transmission then?
Jack Howard Jun 23, 2012
A damn whore. Grapes.
Jack Howard Jun 23, 2012
The italia is a whore compared to this.
John Serely Jun 22, 2012
Not really, patrick. The Cali is NOT a chicks car haha. But, you can't really compare that and this. The FF and (kinda) F12 are the really competitors lol
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 22, 2012
Ok, I exaggerated with the California but the Italia is better looking and cheaper and the Bentley is 60 grand cheaper.
Patrick Joseph Jun 22, 2012
Jose. Forget the California. It's a chick's car. This is a gentleman's car. You might think its not worth it but I would totally go for it and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that. So the price is not an issue.
Josh Banning Jun 22, 2012
If you were spending this much money on a car, 20 grand isn't a lot
Carlton Salmon Jun 22, 2012
Very true, Jose. But if I were looking for this kind of car I wouldn't hesitate to buy this over a Bentley or a Ferrari. Imagine what this would look like parked in your drive?
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 22, 2012
$279,000! I would never buy it, I mean it looks good but you could buy a Ferrari Italia or California. Or even a Bentley and all are 20 grand less
Kyle Kloewer Jun 22, 2012
Wow I love it. Haha those rims best be stovk
David Liebe Hart Jun 22, 2012
Same old design, but what is wrong with it? It's gorgeous
Carlton Salmon Jun 22, 2012
Agree with Calogero and Avery. Plus I love the new colour.
Calogero Rumeo Jun 22, 2012
Why change something that is so beautiful? This things a masterpiece.
Avery Williams Jun 22, 2012
@Alex Agreed. Just like the 911, Aston Martin doesn't need to change any of their designs because they've already created another perfect design. They're just enhancing on the body style.
Ayman Fahad Jun 22, 2012
Just look like virage with carbon fiber body kit !!
John Serely Jun 22, 2012
@zaire, just like the 911 haha
Zaire Wilkins Jun 22, 2012
you mean just like porsche period
Alex Stanzel Jun 22, 2012
Evolution, not revolution. They evolve their design. Just like the 911
Justin Tucker Jun 22, 2012
It just looks like every other Aston out there with minor body and interior tweaks
Kev Berkel Jun 23, 2012
Lol calogero this side profile makes it look just like a brz, you can't deny it
Jack Howard Jun 23, 2012
Im getting a sort of pontiac aztek vibe coming from this. You know, raw power with outstanding curves, just like an aztek
Christo Savaides Jun 22, 2012
Those are 20 spoke wheels. It's hard to tell but there are black spokes outside of each silver spoke.
Josh Banning Jun 22, 2012
It says 20 spoke wheels on the configurator on their website as well
Paul Trahan Jun 22, 2012
I love how muscular this car looks. The DBS always looked like a fine tailored suit. The new Vanquish looks the same but with a professional boxer wearing the suit.
Carlton Salmon Jun 22, 2012
@ Jerry. Clearly they can't count.
Jerry Cole Jun 22, 2012
i thought they said a 20 spoke wheel design?
Calogero Rumeo Jun 22, 2012
Comparing an Aston with a Subaru. Smh.
Kev Berkel Jun 22, 2012
Subaru BRZ baby!
Dillon Magee Jun 22, 2012
They did an amazing job with this.
Jack Howard Jun 23, 2012
You really capture the true essence of this car with this photo.
Melvin Cerrillo Jun 23, 2012
Ferrari is more Armani. Aston is more brioni
Jon Ashley Jun 23, 2012
Exactly, I would have an aston or an F12. Hell, even a viper. I love the 458 and the aventador, but I think I would look like a tool if I rolled up in one of those cars.
Matthew Mckernan Jun 22, 2012
And those are some of my favorite cars.
Matthew Mckernan Jun 22, 2012
@kyle, I totally agree with the idea of the "Gentalmen's sportscar", that's my favorite type of car. And though cars like the Ferrari 458 don't really fall under that category, I believe that cars like the 599, F12, and of course all the Astons do,
Jerry Cole Jun 22, 2012
wich is why James Bond drove an Aston...
Kyle Anderson Jun 22, 2012
@Corey not really, the whole point of Aston Martin is to be a subtle supercar, it's what you call a "gentlemans sportscar." because it is refined, unlike Ferrari and Lamborghini which are more radically designed.
Corey King DiFazio Jun 22, 2012
That need to get into looking more unique and get some good looking crazy body lines like lamborghini or Ferrari
Carlisle Watts Jun 22, 2012
Nothing is really new visually except a body ki and the interior
Jon Ashley Jun 23, 2012
nice. with all that carbon fiber, aluminum, and 565 BHP, this will easily be the fastest aston to date. Except for the one-77 ofcourse
Paul Trahan Jun 22, 2012
That's a really cool touch! Instead of painting the underside of the deck lid they left it exposed to show off the carbon fiber. Well done Aston.
alvincar Jun 22, 2012
nice finishing carbon
Bryan Bohling Sep 05, 2012
One-77 steering wheel
Sachin Murthy Jun 22, 2012
So much better than the old interior
Kevin Watson Jun 22, 2012
I love what they did with the igintion key and gear selector buttons
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 22, 2012
That is a word by the way... Maybe I get an award?
Chris Gaines Jun 22, 2012
handcraft? can I get a discount for grammar?