Description: Professional golfer Jake Shepherd can hit one accurate ball. Teaming up with Formula 1 legend David Coulthard, the pro hit a straight shot down the middle while Coulthard catches up in a Mercedes-Benz...
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Sam Hansen Jun 23, 2012
Sickest burnout ever haha
Yianni Apostolopoulos Jun 23, 2012
That was awesome, could've hit the car, and that was a sick burnout
Danyaal Farooq Jun 22, 2012
It would suck if it hit the car and damaged it...
Steven Whowhat Jun 22, 2012
i was hoping it would put a nice dent in a hood when it would miss . lol jk
Yuan Tian Jun 22, 2012
that merc looks so good!
Alberto Rajerno Jun 22, 2012
I thought he was actually gonna catch it and as it was going, not wait for a pop fly to land
Justin Tucker Jun 22, 2012
Top gear test track:)
Dillon Dixon Jun 22, 2012
That was some definite skill. Awesome video
Sam Oglesby Jun 22, 2012
I wonder what merc would have said if the car came back with a few golf balls stuck in the bodywork
Matt White Jun 22, 2012
That was awesome.
Devin Babyn Jun 22, 2012
Damn that's some legit driving skill by both party's
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 22, 2012
one hell of a way to celebrate!
Jake Marra Jun 22, 2012
That was pretty sweet
Description: Don't think it could be real? The stunt was pulled off by Mercedes-Benz UK and verified by Guinness World Records. The 571hp SLS AMG Roadster performed admirably in catching up with Shepherd&apos...
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Domi Bsaibes Jun 23, 2012
Yeah i meant like dent the body and so.. Couldn't find the right word
Jack Higgins Jun 22, 2012
Well it's about relativity. The ball would hurt because it's going slow compared to the car.
Nick Benz Jun 22, 2012
The chassis is under all that sexy body you mean. I would be afraid that it would dent it up
Domi Bsaibes Jun 22, 2012
Isn't that a bit dangerous? I mean don't understimate the ball it can scratch the chassis
Description: "I was as happy as I've ever been winning a Grand Prix because I was so surprised quite frankly that it went in, and went in so solidly!" he continued. The stunt came at a time when Mer...
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