Comments - 4 Crazy Chromed Out Celebrity Cars

Published: Jun 22, 2012
Description: Most celebrities love the spotlight and will do anything to stay in it. They buy big houses, wear crazy clothing and slather chrome all over their cars. Chrome is currently the coolest way to trick ou...
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Description: Justin Beiber is perhaps the most famous chrome car owner. The Biebs owns his very own Fisker Karma, which he uses to cart Selena Gomez on fast food runs around Los Angeles.
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Brady Jacoby Jun 23, 2012
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 22, 2012
Kill it with fire
Diamond Black Exteriors Jun 24, 2012
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Melvin Cerrillo Jun 23, 2012
Honestly I respect Justin. And this car isn't that bad
Brady Jacoby Jun 23, 2012
Keep the chrome off. It's disgusting.
Harrison Trapnell Jun 23, 2012
The sunlight (shining off that horrible looking car) hurts my eyes!
Elexis Twardosz Jun 23, 2012
I just don't like chrome cars!
Mathew Britt Jun 22, 2012
Hideous -chrome cars seem like child's play
Kevin Watson Jun 22, 2012
I would've kept it black, or matte black maybe. J.b. is the only celeb I know who cares about cancer stricken kids. Douche or not that counts for a lot.
Stetson Pecon Jun 22, 2012
Jb put money in that car
Mikey Jimenez Jun 22, 2012
Justin Bieber is my cousin!
Danny Tang Jun 22, 2012
Hot-wheels come to mind!
Chris Penza Jun 22, 2012
Thank you for making my day sam
Sam Oglesby Jun 22, 2012
The only way that car would be cooler is if it blew up with Justin bieber inside it
Moe Sargi Jun 22, 2012
As much as i hate celebs and the way they are ruining our society and way of life. This car looks amazing so dont hate the car guys hate the celeb :). P.s justin beiber is a dushbagg faggot hahaha
Colin Dzendolet Jun 22, 2012
this is what happens when you give nice things to talentless little girls,,,
Isaac Taylor Jun 22, 2012
Did you see the first close up pic, IT'S DIRTY!!
xenozonda Jun 22, 2012
real karma would be someone giving the bieber a chrome job.
Brian Ball Jun 22, 2012
There's only one car that pulled this paint job off, that was the R8. It SHOULD'VE stopped there!
gammo66 Jun 22, 2012
completely agree with Logan
Logan LeMonnier Jun 22, 2012
So no one sees how unbelievably and unnecessarily tacky this is?
Patrick Schalk Jun 22, 2012
Honestly, not bad. Not bad at all.
Jackson Michael Jun 22, 2012
Still looks great
John Serely Jun 22, 2012
Hmm...I hate to say it, but it kinda looks neat. I wouldn't want it, but it's neat
Trevor Butler Jun 22, 2012
I don't normally like chrome jobs, but for the karma, it just works
Danyaal Farooq Jun 22, 2012
Probably Daniel ...
Tj Diefenbach Jun 22, 2012
o i c wut u did thar
zr1 Jun 22, 2012
oh baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby that car does look pretty good.
Description: There was a chance that rapper Tyga was faded, faded (look it up) when he put this chrome gold wrap on his Audi R8. This gold standard R8 will ensure that Tyga's star continues to shine long afte...
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Ryan Delano Thomas Jun 26, 2012
Tyga makes more, he shits on car buzz writers. That's why he has a super car and you don't
Cham Khiev Jun 26, 2012
U guys just dont get it lol its understandable since majority of ppl on this app are nascar fans... I need a car new app
Ashley Lopez Jun 24, 2012
Also at least Tim McGraw still uses instruments to make music. Unlike Tyga who makes all his music on a computer.
Devin Babyn Jun 23, 2012
What's wrong with Tim McGraw? He has a couple decent songs. I know you only said him because you hate country and he was the first to pop into your head
Patrick Schalk Jun 23, 2012
Cham yes I would think that no being able to understand what the song is saying is definitely a negative attribute
Cham Khiev Jun 23, 2012
Then wats the problem? Lol its not that all girls are bitches, only some, and those ones arent nothing but hoes and tricks haha jk im jus saying dont take it up the butt its jus a song
Mikey Jimenez Jun 23, 2012
Cham cause bitches ain't shit hoes and tricks is relatable.
Cham Khiev Jun 23, 2012
Would u haters prefer tim mcgraw? Lol u dont like his music cos u can relate or understand his lyrics.. Hes pretty good
Devin Babyn Jun 22, 2012
His music is just garbage. He can't write for shit. I swear he'd have a hard time getting a better mark in English then some kid in grade 8. And don't even get me started on his voice...
Keenan Casteel Jun 22, 2012
Never even heard of tyga! What a stupid name!
Mikey Jimenez Jun 22, 2012
Tyga is the worst of the worst, I can't stand how much he disrespects women.
Patrick Schalk Jun 22, 2012
I'm with CarBuzz. He sucks. Hip Hop is garbage nowadays. A retarded epileptic monkey could write better songs than these turds.
Paul Dickey Jun 22, 2012
Well carbuzz he has an Audi r8 you don't. He's obviously doing something better than you.
James Henry Jun 22, 2012
Bet he'll be rapping longer than you will be writing for car buzz ...
Brady Jacoby Jun 23, 2012
Actually... I like that. But i'd drive any car and brag about it any color. I just won't pay for it.
Chayton Kaes Garverick Jun 23, 2012
who would want their car to look like solid urine??? Tyga.
Elexis Twardosz Jun 23, 2012
Too bright and disgusting!
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 22, 2012
A Peugot 106 covered in cow shit woulda looked better.
Jordan Jackson Jun 22, 2012
It had an unfortunate smelting accident.
Logan Delony Jun 22, 2012
That's pretty bad.. Shiny duct tape would look better lol
Justin Tucker Jun 22, 2012
I love it! But I hear an interview with Tyga saying it was the only one in the world like this......WRONG!!
Ellis Murray Jun 22, 2012
That's just very ugly. No other word for it
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 03, 2012
Had to be a rapper
Keenan Casteel Jun 22, 2012
Looks like he's in pain from having his leg run over...
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 22, 2012
Kevin Watson Jun 22, 2012
Who is this rapper? I've never heard of him.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 22, 2012
How can you not call him a douche? Make it nasty drop drop it on a bit**...bit**es ain't sh*t but ho*s and tricks...rack city bit**... I think you get the point.
Patrick Schalk Jun 22, 2012
Kyle I tend to think that people who take pictures of themselves in front of mirrors are douches too.
Jordan Smith Jun 22, 2012
Have people not heard what he says in his songs? He is a douche. His only fans are a bunch of little kids that have no idea what he's saying.
Chris Bullock Jun 22, 2012
Well, he's sitting on the hood of a gold r8... How are we not going to judge him?
Kyle Anderson Jun 22, 2012
I didn't know you guys had the gift to judge who's a douche by seeing one picture of the person. That's amazing, I wish I could do that...
Jose Rodriguez Jun 22, 2012
And u guys are bunch of haters hahaha
Description: This chrome R8 is the property of reality TV "star" Scott Disick. You might not recognize that name; consider yourself lucky if you don't, but chances are that you recognized the volupt...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 03, 2012
I would brag about having an R8 but if I had that thing I would be ashamed to show my face outside my house
Brady Jacoby Jun 23, 2012
I'd drive that.. I'd brag about it... I would NOT pay for it. Just the girl, that's all i'd pay for. I mean get paid for.
Danyaal Farooq Jun 22, 2012
Matte black roof? No just no
Stan Mitchell Jun 22, 2012
Khloes's husband is lamar odem
Aaron Crisp Jun 22, 2012
Googled it! It's Khloe Kardashian's husbands car.
Victor A. Frederick Jun 22, 2012
Idk who the lady is but way to ruin the body lines on the vehicles. Douchebags.
Jonathan Tjandra Jun 22, 2012
I see a rolls back there
Description: For some odd reason, Lotus partnered with producer/"rapper" Swizz Beats to create the Evora GTE. This Evora GTE has a lot going for it, including a 438hp racing-inspired 3.5-liter V6 eng...
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Joshua Oyen Jun 24, 2012
This is a work of art.
Brady Jacoby Jun 23, 2012
Wow!! Speechless...<3
Harrison Trapnell Jun 23, 2012
Love it. Simple but good.
Darius Glover Jun 23, 2012
That actually doesnt look half bad
Chayton Kaes Garverick Jun 23, 2012
a Chrome wrap that looks good. a Christmas miracle
Cham Khiev Jun 23, 2012
Devin Babyn Jun 22, 2012
That's one damn sexy car
Austin Bryant Jun 22, 2012
This actually looks cool though...
Mikey Jimenez Jun 22, 2012
@Bob no I haven't but it sounds delicious!
Bob Jones Jun 22, 2012
@Mikey you've obviously never had bacon flavored ice cream because there's nothing, NOTHING better than that.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 22, 2012
Anyways this is tasteful props to swizz beats
Mikey Jimenez Jun 22, 2012
@Stan you obviously you've never had love cuz there's nothing better than lovr lol
Stan Mitchell Jun 22, 2012
@David obviously you've never had sex cuz there's nothing better than sec lol
Chris Penza Jun 22, 2012
This is the one awesome chrome car
Sam Oglesby Jun 22, 2012
Really makes the car it looks brilliant
Carlton Salmon Jun 22, 2012
Agree with all the comments below.
Evan Johnson Jun 22, 2012
Chrome wrap like this where it actually has a color looks a lot nicer than just covering your car in plain chrome
Jeremy Moniz Jun 22, 2012
This takes the cake for best chrome wrap for sure
Rodgar Jun 22, 2012
holy crap, this actually looks nice!!!. this is the first chrome car that doesn't look horrendous
Alex Bouckley Jun 22, 2012
This is a great chrome wrap
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 22, 2012
Someone who did the "chrome" look good!
Kieran Hill Jun 22, 2012
I saw it in person
Dillon Magee Jun 22, 2012
Way better than the others. This one actually looks great.
Nick Sti Jun 22, 2012
So clean... Yummm
David Tyler Jun 22, 2012
no its better than sex
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 22, 2012
Yea this looks awesome
Ellis Murray Jun 22, 2012
I agree with this guy that posted under me.
Geoff Novak Jun 22, 2012
This looks awesome. All the other cars in this post are rediculous
Wilson LaFaver Jun 22, 2012
Best looking chrome job