Spicy Sausage - Volkswagen Golf R Convertible Real-World Testing

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The VW Golf R Convertible which debuted at Worthersee is heading to production.
The Worthersee Show in Austria saw several new concepts make their respective debuts, the best of which was a spicy little convertible, the Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet. Spotted testing on the open road by our tireless team of spy photographers, it turns out our hopes are being realized and the German automaker is putting the 2-door car into production. Set to be the fastest Golf convertible yet, the Golf R Cabriolet will pack 270hp (as opposed to the GTI version's 210hp).
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We still don't know, however, whether it will utilize an all-wheel-drive or two-wheel-drive configuration. Like the Golf R, the Cabriolet will sport bigger brakes to handle the added power. The test mule seen in these photos also show a GTI front bumper and exhaust pipes, though those are surely just for show and will change by the time the Golf R Cabriolet hits the production line.