Comments - Homologation Icons: Plymouth Superbird

Published: Jun 21, 2012
Description: Today, the cars we see in NASCAR have so little in common with the cars which they are said to be based off of that you'd be forgiven for wonder why they bother to make these claims at all. It wa...
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Andrew McNeal Jun 22, 2012
That's true Abraham
Abraham Mendoza Jun 21, 2012
I thought the Chrysler "Airflow" was the first car designed in a wind tunnel, hence the name.
Jason W. Evers Jun 21, 2012
Yup, I live 5 miles from him, in Cheswold.
Brandon Richins Jun 21, 2012
Hey you guys, in Smyrna, Delaware there I a guy for whom has 3 super birds.
Greg Lewis Jun 21, 2012
Same thing they did with the Daytona. The two are tops of my dream car list. Daytona leads, due to rarity
Kyle Anderson Jun 21, 2012
@mark he nailed it, pretty much exactly what I would've said.
Phillip Greene Jun 21, 2012
No its pretty much a roadrunner with a bad ass areo kit that was the only road car capable of 200+ untill the miura
Mark A. Young Jun 21, 2012
It's basically, a charger with a giant front splitter strapped on, and a giant wing in the back. And it's longer than a Chevy Suburban, but it is quite possibly the coolest car ever. (besides the 1970 dodge challenger of course)
Jv Jun 21, 2012
I always loved these.
Clint Edwards Jun 21, 2012
Quite possibly my all-time favorite classic muscle.
Josh Banning Jun 21, 2012
My favourite American car. It just looks so good
Phillip Greene Jun 21, 2012
Omfg yes I saw one this exact color haulin down the i45 feeder just passed 610 back in january.... You dont forget somthing like that
Josh Knight Jun 21, 2012
Coolest car ever
Description: In 1969, Dodge raced with a modified version of the Charger, called the Charger 500. This was the first American car to be designed in a wind tunnel, but it didn't last long. It was further modif...
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Description: The Daytona was essentially an options package for the Charger, and a number of existing Chargers were retrofitted to become Daytonas. There were a few problems with this. Since the Daytona wasn'...
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Emil Kleijsen Jul 06, 2012
I think I read in a TopGear Sweden magazine about a company who makes modern superbird out of new challengers, those are so Beautiful because they look south like these
Wyatt Gordon Jun 21, 2012
Nice color, dont like the car
Clint Edwards Jun 21, 2012
Kinda like the Ford Camaro/Firebird then?
Josh Knight Jun 21, 2012
Brandon that is just sad :'(
Mark A. Young Jun 21, 2012
@ Brandon. Please never get GM mixed up with Chrysler.
Anthony Bartolone Jun 21, 2012
@brandon. They were actually Chrysler not gm.
Brandon Whybrew Jun 21, 2012
that's cause they are both GM and were based off the same model.
Adam Thomson Nov 21, 2012
Looks like a speedboat.
Clint Edwards Jun 21, 2012
@Josh that fact is 100% true. These won by such an overwhelming margin the other teams made a fuss because they simply couldn't keep up. I believe it was Richard Petty who was quoted "if you can't outrun em, outlaw em"
Tyler Jacobson Jun 21, 2012
Love em but damn are they a boat!
Dillon Dixon Jun 21, 2012
First NASCAR car to reach 200 mph. Short lived, bc they were way too fast.
Avery Williams Jun 21, 2012
@Mark Really?! I never knew that they were banned. Actually learned something today.
Mark A. Young Jun 21, 2012
These cars were so fast on the track that NASCAR banned them.
Description: Racing versions of the Superbird used Chrysler's legendary 426 Hemi V8, a highly advanced (although extremely expensive) advanced engine at time, which produced 425 horsepower. This engine was of...
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Chris Gaines Jun 22, 2012
how advanced is it again?
Phillip Greene Jun 21, 2012
Yo uptown, same thing buddy
Greg Lewis Jun 21, 2012
Anything 60-70's over 110 is terrifying! But we still do it!
Jennings Rengel Jun 21, 2012
Based on other classic muscle cars I've driven...I bet that things beyond scary at 200 mph
uptown Jun 21, 2012
Dodge is six pack. Plymouth is six barrel.
Pablo Herasme Jun 21, 2012
160mph is something considering its 1970.
Josh Banning Jun 21, 2012
That's so much power for a modern car, let alone a car from 1970
Phillip Greene Jun 21, 2012
That car was the first streetable car to hit 200mph it is the undesputed king of the muscle cars
Description: In 1969, NASCAR homologation rules stated that 500 copies of a car had to be built, but there was a rule change for the 1970 season in which the Superbird would compete. The new rule stated that each ...
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Ben Norton Jun 21, 2012
JJ I'm 99% sure this is my friends. It just swapped owners to him about a year and a half ago. If it is him I'll have him contact you through Facebook
JJ Steadman Jun 21, 2012
I almost thought that was the picture I took. How funny. the white one was at the 2012 Utah Autorama. I'm still trying to fins the owner for an interview
Josh Knight Jun 21, 2012
Thank you captain obvious
Description: The look of the Superbird is, admittedly, a bit weird. It's a look which definitely grows on you, and you might even (as I have) grow to love it. But in 1970, before people had a chance to get us...
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Greg Lewis Jun 21, 2012
The look is amazing, always loved these cars. The drag on the Daytona/superbird is less than a modern Ferrari or Lambo.
Description: Of course, on the track, the aerodynamics of the car allowed it to reach speeds of up to 200mph, but on the street, they were mostly just extra weight. There is some disagreement over the reasoning be...
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Phillip Greene Jun 21, 2012
Iv seen a grown man in his early 30s and at least 5'10 sit on a datona wing
Greg Lewis Jun 21, 2012
Was a functional wing, made well. I remember seeing a Chrysler designer sit his 5 year old on it, to prove it wasn't flimsy
James Deen Stevenson Jun 21, 2012
Pretty sure the wing's height is due to the trunk. It being able to open and that's why it was raised. A lot of people that helped build the car have said that.
Josh Sagler Jun 21, 2012
The rear wing was originally suppose to be shorter, however, at the time, NASCAR's rules said the cars had to be the same as the street versions so they made Plymouth raise the wing to allow it to open.
Shawn Sullivan Jun 21, 2012
Wow so many birds!
Cham Khiev Jun 26, 2012
Lol see wat i mean? Jus cos its an american car the spoilers not too big? So one-sided.. This shit is jus as ugly as any other car with a spoiler that huge
Ben Norton Jun 22, 2012
Apparently they are pretty bright, because this car kicked a$$ then, and still does today
Natalino Monastra Jun 21, 2012
The spoiler was that big so a customer can open the trunk. Apparently engineers are not that bright
Mikey Jimenez Jun 21, 2012
Don't mind Matt down there he doesn't know how to respect a good classic.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 21, 2012
Tiny bit too big? It hit 200 didn't it?
Brandon Whybrew Jun 21, 2012
this has been my dream muscle car for yrs. too bad they have a high price tag
Matt Piccolo Jun 21, 2012
That spoilers just a tiny bit too big
Pablo Herasme Jun 21, 2012
The spoiler is one of the reasobs I find this car interesing
Craig Lafey Jun 21, 2012
Absolutely love this car. And that's coming from a GM guy.
Description: Plymouth did manage to have some fun with the car. The typically outrageous Chrysler paint colors of the time were offered for it. It got special decals on the spoiler struts depicting the Road Runner...
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Phillip Greene Jun 21, 2012
Yeah how could they do that? thats the best part of the story
Clint Edwards Jun 21, 2012
They left out the reason it left racing, NASCAR outlawed it for being too fast
Description: However, there have been a few aftermarket companies who have taken a stab at creating a new Superbird out of the new Challenger. These are pricey, but if you absolutely must have a Superbird, it&apos...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 21, 2012
It looks terrible...
Phillip Greene Jun 21, 2012
Iv seen 06 and up chargers with a kit... Its actualy not that bad looking I personly think a 2012 charger with a datona mock up would look pretty ba
Greg Lewis Jun 21, 2012
HPP performance, think 18k? Includes body, interior and possible engine upgrades? I want to do my challenger, but don't have an extra 18k! (plus I'd want the 426 engine swap option)
John Raymond Jun 22, 2012
Hell ya it's Perry's car that blue. They even had a picture where his Christmas lights were that blue calls it petty blue. Lol the one man intimidator couldn't shake
Abraham Mendoza Jun 21, 2012
43? I think it is.
Carlton Salmon Jun 21, 2012
Is this Richard Petty's car?
Abraham Mendoza Jun 21, 2012
Damn it, I wanted to say that!
Pablo Herasme Jun 21, 2012
Looks like parked airplanes.
Pompey Paul Jun 22, 2012
Yea, looks like gulf
Francis El Sabor Matos Jun 21, 2012
By far my fav color combo
Jeremy Chambers Jun 21, 2012
I was at this car show, my car is just out of sight on the right.. :-(
Jordan Smith Jun 21, 2012
This one I like the best. Instead of the front looking like it was taped on, the front looks like it's a part of the car.