Comments - BMW 1M Coupe Goes the M3 GTS-Route by Studie AG

Published: Jun 21, 2012
Description: Any good BMW fanboy knows that only 150 units of the BMW M3 GTS made available when it was announced to the market back in November of 2009. The rare Bimmer earned plenty of fans, however only a few w...
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Description: 740 units of the 1M Coupe were sold worldwide and the kit does the M3 GTS justice. Studie AG's work includes a matte black GTS rear wing, matte black diffuser, Akrapovic exhaust with carbon fiber...
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Frank Dreitlein Jun 21, 2012
feel lucky when you see one. my neighbor actually has one. black. yummy.
Chris Penza Jun 21, 2012
There are only 740 1m's in the world?
David Liebe Hart Jul 18, 2012
It's so cute ahahaha
Paul Hyatt Jun 21, 2012
Needs a smaller spoiler
Michael Riley Jun 21, 2012
Looks awesome but if I saw someone driving that I'd say "wannabe" :/
Brendon Davis Jun 21, 2012
Great idea, but will it sell, as it will cost more than the M3 GTS?
Dillon Magee Jun 21, 2012
Looks great, but I'd feel kinda awkward driving it.
Abdullah Ahmed Karmostaji Jun 21, 2012
I luv japanese customize <3
John Serely Jun 21, 2012
That looks great IMO
Zachary Cray Jun 21, 2012
Damn, and I thought orange didn't look good on cars, what a beauty!
Michael Ioia Jun 21, 2012
I'm not a BMW fan but this looks good! Nice work!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 21, 2012
That just looks fast as $&#%
Domi Bsaibes Jun 21, 2012
M3 gts looks better. But not bad
M 616 Jun 21, 2012
ooooh i feel like 18 all over again
Steven Velez Jun 21, 2012
looks great, color-wise? not so much
Russell Jun 21, 2012
I don't think it works for this car, its trying too hard
Malachi Monteiro Jun 21, 2012
It's the Scrappy-Doo of BMWs
Adam Wieland Jun 21, 2012
I like it, should do a version of this in every M car, M5, M6, etc
Matthew Midgley Jun 21, 2012
This is so nice love orange and those black rims go so well with it I can't think what's wrong with it
Michael Henderson Jun 23, 2012
I reckon if the spoiler followed the curvature of the boot lid, it wouldn't look half as bad as what it does now.
Thibault Leroy Jun 21, 2012
i find the spoiler too small
Marcus Yoong Jun 21, 2012
Really looks similar to the m3 gts
Nick Sti Jun 21, 2012
Yeah lip spoilers look so good on bimmers
Tony Flaherty Jun 21, 2012
Agreed guys I think the spoiler is just that. A SPOILER
Cam Heaney Jun 21, 2012
I think if it had a black lip in the back it would look better
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 21, 2012
Nice but I don't like the spoiler
SupaDupaMe Jun 21, 2012
Yeeeeea!!! Gotta love BBS Rims.. Some of the best looking designs!
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 21, 2012
YEA! BBS rims are the bomb!
Tyler Regan Jun 21, 2012
I want brakes that fill my rims like that!
Bob Jones Jun 21, 2012
I wanna see a video of this thing lapping Fuji