Comments - 2013 BMW M6 by Lumma Design

Published: Jun 21, 2012
Description: The German tuning outfit has just released first images and specs of their latest project for the current M6. The F12M M6 sports a 560hp twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 and is the fastest model of the ...
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Louis Ramon Cortez Jun 21, 2012
Finally. I love tuning company's that only do one thing, like power or balance.
Tey Phandolack Jun 21, 2012
i like it great !!!
Description: The M6 by Lumma Design sits on 21-inch multi-part sports rims to complete the exterior look, while a refined interior includes a newly upholstered cabin trimmed with leather, Alcantara and carbon fibe...
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Dennis Choong Jun 22, 2012
A 1860kg track day car?
Callum Qpr Taylor Jun 22, 2012
This is my dream track day car
Thibault Leroy Jun 21, 2012
i like the spoiler
Andrzej Rydlewski Jun 21, 2012
You all should realise, that though the M6 is a fast car, still it is a luxury coupe. This is just to much it really looks weird and cheesy. The M6 has a body kit. Why add more and make a good car rubbish?
Jordan Smith Jun 21, 2012
I agree Justin, it's not meant to be this, but it looks so good except for the spoiler.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 21, 2012
Everything looks really good except for the rear spoiler
Steven Velez Jun 21, 2012
car looks good, just remove the spoiler
Justin Routh Jun 21, 2012
Its not what this car is meant to be though
John Serely Jun 21, 2012
Actually looks good IMO
Aaron Abely Jun 21, 2012
I know it's supposedly functional but these spoilers lately are bringing back bad memories of what happened after the first fast and furious.
Dillon Magee Jun 21, 2012
That is awesome.
Rudolf Dassler Jun 21, 2012
So sweet... One of three beamers I actually would like to own...
mitch powell Jun 21, 2012
that white hood looks better
Matt Greenlee Jun 22, 2012
i look at this and instantly think of a GTR
Luke Purdy Jun 21, 2012
This looks so good
Logan Delony Jun 21, 2012
@ Harrison, I hate those! But I like it on this one
Janak Solanki Jun 21, 2012
That hood is not doin it for me.
Harrison Trapnell Jun 21, 2012
The bumper looks like that crap on Forza 4 and the spoiler just makes it look over the top, and that carbon hood just doesnt belong
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 21, 2012
Thank them for the effort i guess. Just I don't know who would modify their M6 like that for somebody actually can afford the car. I would be very embarrassed to drive this on the street. I would like something more subtle, not boy-racer crazy.
Jordan Smith Jun 21, 2012
I prefer the body colored hood.
Steven Velez Jun 21, 2012
i don't really see much nfs on this car, like i said lose the spoiler and it looks good
Andrzej Rydlewski Jun 21, 2012
Hideous. Who drives this things? The new M6 is just perfect in its looks and performance. This looks like need for speed car made by an angry teenager.
nhra man233 Jun 21, 2012
the car looks good and better
Chris Johnson Jun 21, 2012
That spoiler is too much, and I would scrape that front lip off on the second day of ownership.
Jordan Clegg Jun 21, 2012
While car looks absolutely amazing
Steven Velez Jun 21, 2012
spoiler looks like it doesn't belong there
Dennis Choong Jun 22, 2012
That rear diffuser won't work. Unless there's a complete redesign of the rear end to allow long guide vanes cutting into the airflow before the exit, it'll be just a showpiece
Terrance Parker Jun 21, 2012
IMO this looks like a completely tuned track car! It does not look like a Japanese tuner at all and the fact that anyone would even say that means they either know not of racing or they lack the intelligence of a real car enthusiast and want to troll to post they're ignorance!
Logan Delony Jun 21, 2012
The back is bad I have to admit
Paul Gladman Jun 21, 2012
i agree this car looks absolutely awful, the diffuser, exhaust, and spoiler looks like crap
Edmond Gebara Jun 21, 2012
Seriously?? No one thinks that diffuser is way overdone?? And that awful stadium-spoiler is horrendous? And that those jeep srt-8 pipes need to blend better? And for the love of god, how the hell ISN'T that carbon hood tacky as all? Really?!?
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jun 21, 2012
Looks like something a grown up ricer would drive
Louis Valdivia Jun 21, 2012
Someone slap edmond
Kyle Smith Jun 21, 2012
I'm digging that diffuser, could have been more flush with the body though. As for the spoiler it doesn't fit.
Edmond Gebara Jun 21, 2012
It's physically impossible to like this... I don't care how fast or furious you are.. This is just unquestionably awful in every respect. Wow.
Edmond Gebara Jun 22, 2012
Joshua, I'm definitely no hater.. It's just that, well, I've been handicapped with taste.
Mikhail Razgriz Jun 22, 2012
I agree this interior as well as the rest of the car is overdone. It now looks like a Gt3 as well as DTM. This spoilt it all. Keep the front splitters and side skirts. Throw the rest away
Chris Johnson Jun 22, 2012
The interior, like the rest of the car, is overdone to the point of tackiness.
jberaza Jun 21, 2012
OMG I just came! The best BMW interior I have seen.
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 21, 2012
So much carbon fiber !!!!
Jordan Smith Jun 21, 2012
Keep the beamer badge but make it red and black. Then it'd be perfect.
Brendon Davis Jun 21, 2012
Worlds nicest BMW interior.
Edmond Gebara Jun 21, 2012
Ludacris music video meets that brothel from the movie 300. Congratulations.