Comments - Take a Virtual Tour Around AMG’s Headquarters

Published: Jun 20, 2012
Description: Presumably released to attract more attention to the fact AMG is in the midst of planning a model offensive, the performance brand has released this virtual guided tour through the Mercedes-AMG headqu...
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Description: A must see for fans of the brand.
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Jay Kolvenbag Jun 20, 2012
I need to go there as soon as possible..., this is on my bucket list
Moe Sargi Jun 20, 2012
Im inlove lool. Great video
Josh Picard Jun 20, 2012
When it was in the design studio it showed a preview of the A45 AMG.
Hiroshi Takagi Jun 20, 2012
I was waiting for this...I could watch is for days;)
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
That was a great video, I also could have watched hours of that! Love AMG
Joshua Adams Jun 20, 2012
I could've watched a few hours of that.
Marian Hristov Sep 06, 2012
Grant McHendry Jun 20, 2012
You would have an Slk55 Over an sls AMG? Whats wrong with you?
Shaun Conroy Jun 20, 2012
I'll take any of them, sheer perfection!
Josh Picard Jun 20, 2012
SLK 55 AMG for me
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
@stan SLS for me, without hesitation
Dillon Magee Jun 20, 2012
That's tough. Probably the SL65.
Stan Mitchell Jun 20, 2012
Okay, SL65 or SLS. What's it gonna be people?
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
Hmm... SL or sls roadster, I would take the sls without a doubt. (and not consider the slk haha)
Rocky Rocker Jun 20, 2012
This pic reminds me of a Hospital. Sic Cars....
Mustafa Alshekhly Jun 21, 2012
This car is the best only if we won't look at the price tag
Grant McHendry Jun 20, 2012
That looks really weird... Looks really narrow.
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
I love the car in general