Comments - Stonehenge Replica Built from Scrap Cars to Tour the UK

Published: Jun 20, 2012
Description: A total of 18 scrap cars were used to construct this unique replica of the UK's iconic Stonehenge. Named Citihenge, the installation is the brainchild of Skoda, led by sculptor Tommy Gun, and too...
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hi Jun 24, 2012
what a wierd name skoda
Wyatt Gordon Jun 21, 2012
@brian, how would you know that?
Description: "It is made entirely from old car parts, which taps into my own childhood growing up on a farm where I used to love building and creating things with pieces of discarded machinery," said Gun...
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Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
Someone has a LOT of time on their hands, lol
Puck Midsummer Jun 20, 2012
Somebody built car henge in Nebraska awhile ago
Mark A. Young Jun 20, 2012
Why does it look like there are putt putt holes under each pillar?
Logan Delony Jun 20, 2012
It's art. We all have the type we enjoy. This just isn't your type
Henz Herrero Jun 20, 2012
This dsn look cool.. Looks frikking retarded..
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 20, 2012
Looks the best out of the three photos...
Miles Drinkwater Jun 21, 2012
Lucky to get those sheep to pose