Comments - Motor Trend Compares BMW 335i Against Audi S4

Published: Jun 20, 2012
Description: Is there such a thing as the perfect car? Likely not, but it's been claimed by many that the BMW 3-Series may just be the closest thing. Over the years, BMW has developed and evolved their belove...
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John Jenkins Aug 06, 2012
why not just base vs base? 328i vs 2.0t a4?
Mikhail Razgriz Jul 13, 2012
@Nicholas haha well maybe that is the case but I also think it comes down to preferences hey.
Chris Stig Dagher Jun 22, 2012
stupid comparo.. it should be Audi a4 tfsi or whatever they initial that vs the 335i.. that's fair that leaves for the upcoming m335i vs s4 then m3 vs rs4
Nicholas Trikounakis Jun 21, 2012
My s4 doesent feel "weak" and it is a significant upgrade in power to my s5 with the v8, and very very similar to the M3 I test drove... So maybe your dad has a super 335 that BMW have him by mistake ... Lucky guy!
Zachary Maurer Jun 20, 2012
You know how old this vid a week old
Mikhail Razgriz Jun 20, 2012
My dad had both of these cars at the same time and he sold the Audi now coz it feels weak and really just looks good. The 335i is fast and u can feel the power surge when u hit the pedal
Kenneth Williams Jun 20, 2012
And seeing the ats at a car show a while back it looked very good
Chinonso Akolam Jun 20, 2012
I can't wait to see how they go head to head with the Cadillac Ats, that would be really nice.
Esam Mohammad Jun 20, 2012
S4 is to compete with the 335 . The RS4 is to compete with the M3
Micah Lau Jun 20, 2012
Perhaps the RS4 is now better suited to compete with the M3. I'm not sure.
Levi Riel Jun 20, 2012
I remember when audi put out the s4 to compete with the m3, what happened to that?
Description: Now that the all-new 3 Series is on sale, Motor Trend thought it would be a good idea to pit it against its also admired Audi competitor. The 335i and the S4 go head-to-head to determine what Motor Tr...
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Jay Garcia Jan 25, 2013
I read so people complain about unfairness between s4 3 series that's because of the price , that's why .. You get more car with the s4 :)
John Jenkins Aug 06, 2012
my 05 s4 with its v8 makes me proud almost daily :)
Christo Savaides Jun 21, 2012
As an Audi fanboy I'm happy with this review. Also hats off to the reviewer. He was very descriptive and eloquent.
Steven Velez Jun 21, 2012
new 3 series doesn't seem as exciting so as much of a biased fanboy that i can be, after watching this video, i have to admit the s4 beat it quite well
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jun 21, 2012
I'd rather take c63, but I think they should've included it as well with the Audi and bimmer
Nicholas Trikounakis Jun 21, 2012
More importantly, did no one notice the 4.4 0-60 time... That's M3, c63Amg, territory ...
Nicholas Trikounakis Jun 21, 2012
Lol they didn't "forget" to change them... It's a tribute to their original Turbo charged engines... Like the "6.3" on a Mercedes, even though it is only a 6.2 liter... Just tradition...
Patrick Joseph Jun 20, 2012
The s4 used to be turbocharged at first hence the T. However when they switched to superchargers they failed to modify the nameplates on some models. You can spot s4's with the supercharged badge occasionally. The V6T is more common though.
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
This is kind of a dumb observation, but I don't really like the Audi's front end from dead ahead, it looks like its bulging out... And why does it say V6T on the side? Isn't it supercharged? Shouldn't that be an SC there instead?
Patrick Joseph Jun 20, 2012
I'd rather have an s5 coupe than an s4. So much sexier. I loved that v8.
Josh Melhorn Jun 20, 2012
I'd take neither and get a Mercedes instead lol
Matt White Jun 20, 2012
Oh And 335i vs a4 is just laughable when it comes to performance specs.
Matt White Jun 20, 2012
That's like saying an m3 vs an m3 with DCT should be compared to a completely different car. That's such a stretch and everyone else has it right except you. I have an e92 335i. I cross shopped it with the S4. Look at the engines as well.
Eddie Filipovic Jun 20, 2012
@chrisian, I am actually very curious to hear argument on how a 333hp S4 is supposedly in same class as a 420hp M3?
Cristian Montanez Jun 20, 2012
I would prefer a response from Brian below me since he seems to think that a base m3 is top of BMWs line even though there is a comp m3 which has the same power plant but completely different suspension set up
Cristian Montanez Jun 20, 2012
I'm sorry but I must disagree with you all as I have a weekend m3 and daily drive a 325i. Someone made the point earlier but it seems as if some don't want to hear the argument. 335 vs a4, m3 vs s4 and competition m3 vs rs4.
Kyle Smith Jun 20, 2012
Eddie has it right, gentlemen.
Eddie Filipovic Jun 20, 2012
@Cristian, cont... S4 vs 335i, S6 versus 550i, and so on. Audi's RS class competes with M division offerings as of today. Hopefully that clears it up a bit.
Eddie Filipovic Jun 20, 2012
@Cristian, actually that is incorrect. It was correct at one time when E46 M3 was in production and B6 S4 came out shortly after. Those two were competitors. However, today's S class Audi competes with BMW's highest non-M division offering.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 20, 2012
I have always liked bmw up until this year.. They gave the new lineup stupid crosseye headlights and for me that is a no go.
Kenneth Williams Jun 20, 2012
I don't think the new M3 is photogenic. I'm a BMW guy but when I see it in pics I'm not impressed but everytime I see one I'm person I love the way it love it. Great stance
Cristian Montanez Jun 20, 2012
Im sure it's already been discussed but why are they testing the 335 vs the performance s line of audi? Isn't the fit test to be bmws m vs audis s?
Dainius Kuodis Jun 20, 2012
Rs4 is m3s competitor.
Vincent Chen Jun 20, 2012
The thing the s4 isn't the direct competitor of either the 335i or the m3. It's kind of in between
Jv Jun 20, 2012
I don't like the look of thw new 3 series as much as the old one, so i'd take the audi here.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 20, 2012
We just upgraded from a 2010 a4 to this 335 but with the dual clutch and i agree with the "comfort" steering feel but i love a lot of the cool features like the virtual heads up display
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
That Audi looks gorgeous, but I'd have to take the bmw. I have always been a fan of the 3 series and still am
Timothy Hooker Jun 20, 2012
I had the na 2006 330i. I loved the way it moved. a real drivers car. my new car has turbo and it feels all squishy
Spencer Warkentin Jun 20, 2012
My dad has both of these cars (honestly) and I don't care what these guys say the Audi beats it in almost every way
Kyle Smith Jun 20, 2012
but BMW is running out of naturally aspirated cars, I think just the M3 remains in the US market. That's a hell of a car but it too, will be replaced by a twin turbo setup in the future. I think BMW needs to maintain at least one NA car.
Eddie Filipovic Jun 20, 2012
@Neall, this is the appropriate comparison based on both horsepower and price. M3 vs S4 wouldn't really be apples to apples. New M3 vs new RS4 which are yet to come out would be an appropriate comparison on the other hand. That will b nice to see.
Kyle Smith Jun 20, 2012
Man what happened to the days of the E46 M3, 325i and 330i? Those cars were genuinely fun to drive, had the features and were naturally aspirated meaning power all the way to redline. I understand the need for turbos in terms of better efficiency.
Matt Piccolo Jun 20, 2012
S4 has a nice note to it!
Matt Piccolo Jun 20, 2012
I agree, audi for me. With the old m3 vs the s4, I'd rather the m3, but the new m3 doesn't look as good! It's still nice though...
Neall D'Adamo Jun 20, 2012
I'd like to see the regular A4 against the 3-series. Or wait to do the test when the new M3 arrives.
Craig Lafey Jun 20, 2012
Audi here. I like BMW but I'd choose an Audi any day.
Petre Draghici Jun 20, 2012
I like both and i can't decide which is better.
Nick El-Khoury Jun 20, 2012
But I'm just a fanboy with a disappointed, broken heart. But anyways, sorry for making too many comments. Just my two cents. For those who agree...I'd actually like to know I'm not the only one.
Nick El-Khoury Jun 20, 2012
I really appreciate the alcantara wrapped cup holders and the massage for my butt cheeks...but wouldn't bigger brakes be a better place to start improving from the old 3? Or maybe more horsepower? 300 to 300...huge gain. I know, I sound like a bitch.
Nick El-Khoury Jun 20, 2012
Traction control? It's there to help, not do all the work. So take the current steroid injected system and go back to the DSC with 2 settings...ON/OFF. Finally, please oh please BMW...invest time in the things that really matter.
Irvenderjit Singh Pannu Jun 20, 2012
Everyone has their own opinion. I prefer the BMW with the high tech stuff
Nick El-Khoury Jun 20, 2012
In my perfect world, the new 3 would be what it once was only better. There would be no turbos, only NA, eliminating lag, adding to the engine note, and getting rid of overheating issues.
Nick El-Khoury Jun 20, 2012
Wow, hats off to the S4. Great job from Audi. On the other hand though, why BMW? Why must you take the once soulful and exhilarating 3-series and dullify it with technology that only hinders it?
Description: Let's face it though, there are BMW people and those who side with Audi and it's rarely possible for each group to admit the other car is better. So we'll let you decide (or the best yo...
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ojdj Sep 29, 2012
audi copied bmw on the silver mirrors
Al Tungupon Jul 09, 2012
What it needs is the Lancer Ralliart's turbo engine.
Al Tungupon Jul 09, 2012
Can't you guys add? How can a car launched in 2011 be in its third year of production?
Alex Orozco-Word Jun 27, 2012
Why did they put the new 3 series against the old a4?
Esam Mohammad Jun 20, 2012
@alex yah !! I'm going for the chally :D
Alex Bouckley Jun 20, 2012
Hey Esam! Did you decide between the Chally, Camaro, or Mustang?
Jack Howard Jun 20, 2012
The lights are Audis signature design in addition to other things
Hank Austin Jun 20, 2012
I never really liked this car... I mean the headlights are cool but it looks like they are trying too hard to impersonate an r8 with them... It's not just the headlights though... I've just never really liked A4s...
Calogero Rumeo Jun 20, 2012
I'll take this too over the BMW. They look amazing on the road.
Esam Mohammad Jun 20, 2012
I'll take this over the BMW
Matt Piccolo Jun 20, 2012
I love this car!
Kyle McCullough Jun 21, 2012
I like bmws, but this just looks wrong. A step back styling-wise from the pervious generation
Miles Drinkwater Jun 21, 2012
The front of the last gen in M spec looks much better. This new one looks odd head on, and the rest of it doesnt look that different. But like they say, it's how it drives
Jason Villwock Jun 20, 2012
What I've learned from driving many different 3 series is the looks don't matter when you're driving.
Henz Herrero Jun 20, 2012
Ua but the 3 series imo is priced right not like the a4 which is in the mid to high 30s and with only 211hp..
Matt Piccolo Jun 20, 2012
Great looking car... I'd take the a4/s4 over it though
Hank Austin Jun 20, 2012
It looks really good in person, but I thought it was really weird in pictures because they had to slope the front part of the hood... I read somewhere that they had to slope it like that to meet safety regulations for pedestrians in a collision...
Kenneth Williams Jun 20, 2012
That looks fine if you see it in person. It's the lower part of the bumper cover. They have a few different ones depending on what trim you get
Stephen Wicoff Jun 20, 2012
It's the headlamps running into the grill. Just doesn't look right.
Devin Babyn Jun 20, 2012
Something about the front end just doesn't look right to me. It's just off by that little bit and I'm not sure what it is
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
I love this car!