Comments - Bentley Continental GT Speed Officially Unveiled

Published: Jun 20, 2012
Description: Bentley has introduced its newest performance flagship and fastest production model ever in the form of the Continental GT Speed coupe. At its heart is an upgraded version of the 6-liter 48-valve, twi...
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Pablo Herasme Jun 20, 2012
SS would be one fast building
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
Those are great specs! Can't wait to see how the SS does
Jordan Massenburg Jun 20, 2012
finally! a new bently with at least the same performance as the continential gt supersport.
Description: The new Speed's thunderous power is transmitted to wheels via a close-ratio, ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, which makes for near imperceptible gear changes in addition to contributing to ...
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Zachary Maurer Jun 20, 2012
@mark...uhhh neither has porche or Aston, they do that for a reason...anyway,I've Been waiting for this, what a beauty!
Mark A. Young Jun 20, 2012
It's nice but they haven't really changed the overall body shape since it came out in like 2003.
Hank Austin Jun 20, 2012
@carlton true but sometimes that's what people want
Carlton Salmon Jun 20, 2012
It doesn't look as special or as aggressive as the Super Sport did. Park this anywhere and no-one would know or guess this is the fastest Bentley money can buy. I'd definitely take a used Super Sport over this.
Dillon Magee Jun 20, 2012
I think id take this over a California or SLS, and probably a DBS too. I just like the car's shape a lot.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 20, 2012
They are very nice, I've just never really liked them enough to ever get one...if I were ever able to afford one.
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
These look great, but for a fast gt car for that price, I would rather have an sls or a California (or maybe a used DBS). These are just not "special" enough for the money (too many of them)
Craig Lafey Jun 20, 2012
Wow that's nice! Damn!
Description: Subtle enhancements to the muscular, elegant exterior include a dark-tinted matrix front grille, lower air intakes and the rifled finish to the exhaust tailpipes. Inside, a hand-crafted cabin features...
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Description: "The new GT Speed with its harder-edged, sportier character reaffirms this pinnacle positioning and continues to broaden the worldwide appeal of the Continental coupe." Deliveries will comme...
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Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 20, 2012
Beautiful from the front...
Alex Vasquez Jun 20, 2012
If you had it you'd oppose yourself, trust me..
Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 20, 2012
...not so much from here.
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 21, 2012
Love that profile
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
I never understood why every company feels the need to hide their engine, some if us want to see their work. Lol