Comments - 2013 Audi R8 Facelift Hits the Road with a Vengeance

Published: Jun 20, 2012
Description: The Audi R8 supercar has been given a facelift for 2013 and last month we were able to see the refreshed model completely uncovered in a series of spy shots. Video has just surfaced online showing the...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 20, 2012
The audi in front was a press car taking a pic/video of the car in action "beating" one of its closest rivals, (at least for the v8) the porsche 911.
Description: The 4.2-liter V8 should produce about 450hp while the 5.2-liter V10 will pump out around 540hp. It will be mated to an S-tronic dual-clutch gearbox, replacing the R-tronic sequential tranny found in t...
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Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
Some face lift...
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 20, 2012
The sideblade is gone... Damn.
Joe Fats Harper Jun 20, 2012
And that's what the camo is for.
SuperTrofeo Jun 20, 2012
only difference i can see is a change in the arrangement of lights in the headlights
Description: The 2013 Audi R8's facelift will apply to not only the coupe model, but to the convertible as well. The exterior changes on the refreshed model include new front and rear bumpers, R8 e-tron proto...
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Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
I don 't think that deserves to be called a face lift, more like mascara, lol
Christo Savaides Jun 20, 2012
This is one of my favorite cars in terms of appearance. I really don't want too much of a change in looks. I also disagree that it's starting to look aged.
Oscar Galvan Jun 20, 2012
It's called a facelift not a reboot.
Majed Ameeri Jun 20, 2012
They only changed the grille and lights
Brendon Davis Jun 20, 2012
That's a facelift?
Brad Wood Jun 20, 2012
Sexy car, but starting to look aged, even with this (very mild) facelift.
Joe Fats Harper Jun 20, 2012
Lines on the side look a bit sharper.. And they're gonna have new wheel options available obviously
Николай Станкейвич Jun 20, 2012
How about some new rims
Aung Thant Hein Sketch Sep 22, 2012
I don't the new tail light!! The old is waaaay better
Theviper007 Jun 21, 2012
Awesome murcielago in the back!
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
I hope that's not what the tail light are gonna look like, I liked the old ones more.
Maaz Mansoor Jun 20, 2012
The blacked tailights make them look like taillights of the first gallardo
Stan Mitchell Jun 20, 2012
That's the R8 GT exhaust
Joel Hayes Jun 20, 2012
New badge looks good too
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
I love the exhaust
Malachi Monteiro Jun 21, 2012
Tempting, but I'll take the Skoda