Description: The 2012 Sport and Collection event took place last weekend and Sunday marked the Ferrari-only parade. Almost every Ferrari model ever built was represented and the event served to raise money for can...
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Harrison Trapnell Jun 21, 2012
That place is my dream! So many beautiful cars!
Matthew Reindorp Jun 21, 2012
So carbuzz will cover this? But I bet they won't do anything about our event next weekend which is for charity, has enzos, murcielagos last year there was an Agera, Zonda F and 599 GTO come on carbuzz!
Moe Sargi Jun 20, 2012
Im all about tuning and racing especialy drifting and time attack i got one mean mr2 turbo and had a skyline gts boosted to heaven but im actually sick of seeing ferraris and lambos i want some real tuner car more drifting lesss baller stuff loool
Amir El Rady Jun 20, 2012
the 458 italia and spiders are amazing
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
That was a great video. I loved the California's and the f430 spyders. Oh...and the f40's were a Absolutely amazing
Matt Piccolo Jun 20, 2012
I love the 6 f40's
Christian De Prisco Jun 20, 2012 the one off at 3:24, that's a special I had Never seen before, but all the others are amazing too, they are ferraris....even the 500 at the end of the parade, a tribute, but still a Ferrari at hearth lol
Description: The incredible showing featured many F40s, F50, 250 GT Lusso, 250LM, Daytona, 430, 430 Spider, 599, Mondial, 355, 458 Italia, 458 Spider, FFs and more. A Ferrari Enzo was present as well, although it ...
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Titüs Chan Jun 21, 2012
Imagine what the first corner might of felt like
John Serely Jun 20, 2012
Haha, yea Dan. And that 458 looks great in black, and the f430 spyders look great too IMO
Dan Bousquet Jun 20, 2012
that awkward moment when youre the only guy that brought a yellow ferrari