Comments - Unearthed: 1991 Peugeot 205 GTi

Published: Jun 02, 2012
Description: In a way, it's a shame that Peugeot didn't find market success in the U.S. for the sole reason that American driving enthusiasts couldn't have had regular access to Peugeot 205 GTi. The...
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Hassan Fazal Jan 11, 2013
Yah it is unfortunate they undersold, even here in Canada. I know a Peugeot enthusiast who owns 2 504's and a 604
Abdoo Yukon Jun 08, 2012
It's extremely ugly from all the corners
Rikard Pažitka Jun 02, 2012
You guys should come to Croatia, we got one of those on every corner.
David Justice Jun 02, 2012
...Slow day in Carbuzz World...
Jack Higgins Jun 02, 2012
I love this car. Peugeot has a special place in my heart even though I've never owned one.
Sam Oglesby Jun 02, 2012
Not really unearthed or rare there are hundreds of these going about in the uk
Matty Michaels Jun 02, 2012
It's a lion dancing to Thriller.
Description: We'll obviously never know if that would have worked, but the 205 GTi is certainly one of the best hot hatches ever. Based off the multi award-winning 205 supermini, the 205 GTi had its debut in ...
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Ben Norton Jun 02, 2012
Not bad for a 1.9 NA
Logan LeMonnier Jun 02, 2012
126 hp?!?!?!!!? Wow!
Description: The 1.6 model had cloth seats, rear disc brakes only and 14-inch alloys. Although they were never officially sold in the U.S., a few 205 GTi's found their way stateside thanks to the "grey i...
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David Gray Jun 02, 2012
Yeah how stupid would rear disc brakes only be?
Asa Krzoska Jun 02, 2012
I think it means front disc brakes only with rear drums on the 1.6
Chris O'Brien Jun 02, 2012
good name for a band.. .One Red Lug Nut.
chikenbag Jun 02, 2012
locking nut probably...
Dylan Bruder Jun 02, 2012
One red lug nut?
Description: The owner of this 1991 205 GTi lives in the UK has kept the car mostly stock. The gear knob pictured here is a Momo King unit, but he plans to swap it out with a stock one. Perhaps the biggest upgrade...
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Description: For a car that's over 20 years old, this 205 GTi is in remarkably solid shape. Sadly, Peugeot never built a proper replacement, but there have been a few recent rumors claiming that the automaker...
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Logan LeMonnier Jun 02, 2012
Not a bad looking car
Sam Oglesby Jun 02, 2012
Is that the jet engine
Zach Pate Jun 02, 2012
Surprisingly reliable. My cousin had one since he was 16. He is 36 and has no complaints.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 02, 2012
How reliable are these?
Ben Norton Jun 02, 2012
I love windows that pop out like that