Comments - Mercedes-Benz CLS by Vitt Performance

Published: Jun 02, 2012
Description: There have been some pretty amazing tuning jobs done on the latest CLS, with the Wald Black Bison and Carlsson CK63 RS being just two recent examples. Japanese tuner Vitt Performance is the latest com...
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Harrison Trapnell Jun 10, 2012
Its pimp - in a bad way.
Hans Wangsness Jun 04, 2012
What is goin on??
David Casuso Jun 03, 2012
Wow that definitely a good tune up
Christo Savaides Jun 02, 2012
Man, it's not that bad. I kinda like the hyper aggressive look. I probably wouldn't do it to my car but it would really catch my eye on the street in a good way. The front is especially badass.
Rudolf Dassler Jun 02, 2012
It's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! Great way to destroy a Benz!
John Serely Jun 02, 2012
Way too much going on
Jayant Arora Jun 02, 2012
Trying to look like lambo from front
Troy Kessler Jun 02, 2012
Pass..the wald and carlsson kits look way better.
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 02, 2012
Imagine: you are a cls and some people want to make you ugly but you can't defend yourself..... Thats what happend here....
Tj Diefenbach Jun 02, 2012
Suicide is the only option
Alexander Holovati Jun 02, 2012
Holy.......Ugly, ugly......that's why I like AMG and Brabus.
Avery Williams Jun 02, 2012
Yeah, there's too much going on with that bodykit on the car.
Kyle Smith Jun 02, 2012
Someone got way to carried away. I agree..too much. Needs to be a little cleaner.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jun 02, 2012
I don't like it! That's too much!
Description: All in, the car has been given a very aggressive look, the front bumper being especially mean with its massive air intakes and set of horizontal LED daytime running lights. Added width comes courtesy ...
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Description: The full kit comes in at 1,155,000 Yen (around $14,500) and the spoiler has been priced at 134,400 Yen (around $1,700). In the US, Vitt Performance parts are distributed by Jonari. Interested parties ...
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Dennis Choong Jun 02, 2012
Yuck... the bodykit just spoils the original flowing lines
Kris C. Lopez Jun 04, 2012
Maybe not in white you can see all the fussiness in white. Black will do this car justice
Lou Guerrero Jun 02, 2012
This is the worst merc I've seen
statusone Jun 04, 2012
i smmmell.... rice
Phillip Chan Jun 02, 2012
Way too over board with this and a bit too low.
Carlton Salmon Jun 02, 2012
How can the Wald Black Bison CLS get the enhancements so right and the Vitt CLS get it so, so wrong?
Ben Norton Jun 02, 2012
They didn't even stick with one theme. Sharp lines up front and on the sides then a flowing curved spoiler and exhaust?
Janak Solanki Jun 02, 2012
That's just wrong!
Carlton Salmon Jun 02, 2012
What one earth were they thinking?!