Posted on: Jun 02, 2012
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Mercedes-Benz CLS by Vitt Performance

An aggressive aerodynamic widebody kit and full length rear spoiler transforms the four-door coupe.
There have been some pretty amazing tuning jobs done on the latest CLS, with the Wald Black Bison and Carlsson CK63 RS being just two recent examples. Japanese tuner Vitt Performance is the latest company to get in on the act, creating a set of cosmetic enhancements for the German saloon. An aerodynamic widebody kit is made up of a new front & rear bumper, a set of front & rear fender extensions, a side skirt and door panel.

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All in, the car has been given a very aggressive look, the front bumper being especially mean with its massive air intakes and set of horizontal LED daytime running lights. Added width comes courtesy of the fender extensions with air vents, as well as the side skirts and door extensions that also add new lines and holes. An interesting looking rear diffuser has been incorporated into the new rear bumper, while Vitt Performance offers an exhaust system with oval RS-style tips. A full length rear spoiler completes the package.
The full kit comes in at 1,155,000 Yen (around $14,500) and the spoiler has been priced at 134,400 Yen (around $1,700). In the US, Vitt Performance parts are distributed by Jonari. Interested parties outside of Japan and the US will have to contact either company to see what can be arranged.

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by Adam Lynton
Mercedes-Benz CLS by Vitt Performance
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