Description: Twin-turbo Gallardos are normally associated with Underground Racing who are well versed in building forced induction Bulls, but Heffner Performance is the other go-to tuning outfit for Lamborghini ow...
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Tj Diefenbach Jun 02, 2012
I went UGR, my buddy got his gallardo TT'd by Heffner. There is a huge difference
Tre Jordan Jun 02, 2012
Also ugrs gallardos are faster than the ams gtrs
Tre Jordan Jun 02, 2012
Michael go on YouTube and search ugr vs Heffner gallardos and ugrs always wins. Thats what makes them faster aha
Jason Brower Jun 02, 2012
Well since UGR makes a number of 1550 HP gallardos...
Jack Nicholas Connor Jun 02, 2012
I'm guessing weight is what makes the difference
Michael Ioia Jun 02, 2012
I've seen a Haffner TT run down the 1/4 and they are by no means slow. Haffner get 1200 HP out of their TT-G all day long. What makes their 1200 HP slower then UR's 1200 HP ...
Tre Jordan Jun 02, 2012
And they are slower than undergrounds
Nick Singleton Jun 02, 2012
Heffner twin turbo'd lambos before underground racing did
Description: A large intercooler was also built to keep induction temperatures nice and low, and for a finishing touch the components got a Jet-Hot 2000-degree wrinkle black ceramic coating. The result of all this...
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Igor Boos Jun 04, 2012
the Heffner and Underground Kits are priced about the same. But I think Underground Racing offers a higher horsepower package, which is over $100k.
Brady Jacoby Jun 03, 2012
Yeah, but how many thousands of dollars cheaper is this...?
Jason Brower Jun 02, 2012
There shouldn't be more than 33% drivetrain loss, but that's what you're saying Ben. Unless the diff is made of cheese, the UGR lamborghini is just more powerful.
Ben Matthews Jun 02, 2012
At the wheels.....
Graham Dobbins Jun 02, 2012
This doesn't give more "oomph" than Underground Racing at all. Underground Racing gets the gallardo to 1500 hp
Bright Spark Jun 02, 2012
U wanks give me some times
John Serely Jun 02, 2012
Love verde Ithica, perfect color for the lambo
Janak Solanki Jun 02, 2012
I like how he kept it stock. Rare nowadays
Kevin Watson Jun 02, 2012
Those are the originals rims that came with the car. I like it.
Lucki DarkChocolate Jun 02, 2012
Ugly rims , makes it look like a ferrari
Zack Hartman Jun 02, 2012
Rims look so much better black
canon4487 Jun 02, 2012
You even wasting ur time by trying to correct someone just makes u look like a douche... Rim is a perfectly acceptable term for a wheel. You need to gtfo if you are going to be a dick. Also, who do you think you are calling people uneducated?
CAP AMR Jun 02, 2012
Wheel/Rims or Magazine/Clip two word debates that will never end.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 02, 2012
Not this again...How many arguments about "wheels" "rims" or "caps" can we have here?
John Serely Jun 02, 2012
@tony I love the RIMS!
Eric Martin White Jun 02, 2012
Seriously what else are you suppose to call them? Hub caps!
Rueben J Yslas Jun 02, 2012
Looks like the new camaro zl1 rims.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 02, 2012
RIMS. I bet most of these people are as educated as you are, if not more so. How are you gonna call me uneducated for saying "rims?" I'll have you know that I'm in medical school right now. RIMS.
Jon Dustin House Jun 02, 2012
Saying "just my opinion," makes you sound uneducated...
Nickers Jun 02, 2012
tony u make stupid comments rims is just a name for the inside look of a wheel
Andrew Hossann Jun 02, 2012
I don't see what's wrong with saying rims, I actually prefer it
Zack Hartman Jun 02, 2012
Rims is a perfectly acceptable word stop being snobby
Quinn Shannon Jun 02, 2012
Finally a tuners sticker that is reasonable sized...
Thibault Leroy Jun 02, 2012
prefer these rims
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 02, 2012
Thats one sexxy tranny
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 02, 2012
That's some beautiful engineering right there
Da Stig Jun 02, 2012
Mommy there's porn here
Barry Lird Jun 02, 2012
Car porn... Mmmmmmmm
Phillip Greene Jun 02, 2012
Working on this thing must suck balls
Andrew Grimm Jun 02, 2012
The thing I like about this one is that they make the turbos top mount to where you can see them from the engine bay. UR has them behind their bumper, but it's also more stealthy that way.
Carlton Salmon Jun 02, 2012
That's a helluva lotta work to get twin turbos and intercooler to fit into such a tight space. Must've given them a few sleepless nights...
Lou Guerrero Jun 02, 2012
I fail to see what you guys are on about. That's a cover for the tranny.
Da Stig Jun 02, 2012
I never knew cars had that
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 02, 2012
They should do a clear bumper
Xavier M. Garcia Jun 02, 2012
That's sooo sexy
Janak Solanki Jun 02, 2012
Wow what a monster
Evan Johnson Jun 02, 2012
I personally think it looks horrible
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 02, 2012
Dang, those tires mean business
Josh Andrews Jun 02, 2012
I would leave the bumper off cuz if you get hit from behind your engine is totaled anyways
Jason Levy Jun 02, 2012
Love those tires
Wayne Duckering Jun 02, 2012
mmm i would be tempted to drive around with no rear bumper.. that looks amazing
Abraham Mendoza Jun 02, 2012
A really like that. A lot.
Grant Paquin Jun 02, 2012
Dillion- that's not the turbos.
Dillon Dixon Jun 02, 2012
I really like how they matched the turbo cover with the engine. Makes it look really clean in the engine compartment.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 02, 2012
I personally think this heffner system is more aesthetic than UGR's
Nickers Jun 02, 2012
dammm sh** is nice