Comments - Will.I.Am’s Customized DeLorean Impounded

Published: Jun 19, 2012
Description: Rapper Will.I.Am has committed two offenses, but only one is getting him into trouble with the law. I'll explain: The Black Eyed Peas member and solo artist actually wanted to start his own car c...
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Jose Hernandez Jun 21, 2012
its not even him making the cars, I know that Ryan Ceo of west coast custom built this, and the corvette he told Jeremy from top gear he built.
David Munasinghe Jun 19, 2012
Some people just need to rap or what ever you do and leave mechanical things to people with an education. Last time it was jay z and other guy distorting a perfectly fine Maybach. Now destruction of a classic.
Joshua Jun 19, 2012
too much drugs I imagine
Randy Geniec Jun 20, 2012
I actually like it in stainless color. Not white...looks ghetto.
David Munasinghe Jun 19, 2012
Will I am. Go put some chrome rims on a ex police impala or some thing.
Kenneth Williams Jun 19, 2012
Yea I saw mustang before I saw your comment. Like futuristic
Zach Pate Jun 19, 2012
I agree. Or a challenger
John Philip Sousa Jun 19, 2012
Kind of resembles a mustang
Description: He made the claim that the car was a custom design that used various Chrysler components and would be completely street legal. Back in January, Jalopnik investigated this a bit further and quickly dis...
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Mark A. Young Jun 19, 2012
I love West Coast Customs
Chris Penza Jun 19, 2012
Busted! So every thing he told Jeremy clarkson about his company was a lie
Patrick Schalk Jun 19, 2012
Haha what an idiot.
Description: The car was completed some time ago and now it's been impounded by the Los Angeles police. It appears that Will.I.Am was just so excited to drive his "concept car" around town that he f...
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Mitch Ritchie Jun 25, 2012
im going to kill him for ruining that car and sucking at music
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
Unfortunately for will, it won't matter if his lawyer gets involved, he drove a car with no VIN or registration and then got caught, it's game over from there, lol
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 19, 2012
Isn't he rich........someone is going to be in trouble at the police station!
Shawn Sullivan Jun 19, 2012
He didn't try to build it west coast customs did and I don't care for some of their projects others are nice. They built a pretty killer vette for this same knuklehead
Asad Yusufzai Jun 19, 2012
Rappers arnt engineers Stop trying to build cars ass
Brandon Whybrew Jun 19, 2012
looks good in this pic but then something went wrong by time get to the white finished car
Chris Penza Jun 19, 2012
That's clearly a modified challenger hood
Thomas Isnt Green Jun 21, 2012
The front of it is gay as shit but other than that really cool car
Jon Ashley Jun 20, 2012
yeah, I remember when I saw this on top gear. This car company will go down the tubes instantly with cars like this. Stick to music please
Bright Spark Jun 20, 2012
Not even those movies the cars looked that shite, will I am stick to music
Dimitry Edouard Jun 20, 2012
Idk but I think it look cool
Ben Bourdon Jun 19, 2012
He's been watching too many 80's movies about the future. It's like something from Demolition man or Total Recall
Rich Hall Jun 19, 2012
Better rethink that car company idea
Sean Win Jun 19, 2012
I think he got impounded because the car cause a lot complaint ! The fugly car is destroying decent peoples eyes ! Is a freaking eyesore !
Chester L Tuazon Jun 19, 2012
It's F---king ugly. I think his got very bad taste
Asad Yusufzai Jun 19, 2012
Take those stupid glasses off and try designing a car actually do us all a favor and just dont
Josh Banning Jun 19, 2012
When Clarkson said it looked good, you knew he secretly wanted to punch William in the face for making such an ugly car.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 19, 2012
I hate it. If he really wanted to make these cars, he should make his OWN car rather than rebodying a legend. Sad.
Payne Hodges Wilson Jun 19, 2012
Well go ahead and call me an idiot because I know I'm going to catch crap for this but I actually really like it.
Patrick Schalk Jun 19, 2012
Hahaha Harrison this doesn't belong in any museum except the porcelain museum that has a flush handle because this thing is a turd.
Broderick King Jun 19, 2012
There's way more ugly cars out there
Kris C. Lopez Jun 19, 2012
After looking at it for a while this design would look half decent if it were the back of the car.
Victor Castillo Jun 19, 2012
I think it looks good.. Better than the honda veyron.. And he at least put a v8 in it
Syed Raiyan Jun 19, 2012
Big mistake will
Kris C. Lopez Jun 19, 2012
And hoe the he'll did they manage to turn the decent wedge shape nose of a regular delorean into this eyesore of a grill.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 19, 2012
I don't even. He should just stick to designing clothes, because what flies in todays ridiculous fashion industry certainly does not apply to automobiles in anyway shape or form.
Nick Tadych Jun 19, 2012
Looks beter then the origional, but that's not saying much
Harrison Trapnell Jun 19, 2012
Yeah it looks bad but it shouldn't of been impounded. Why do the police always have to impound or crush everything? This is a 1 of a kind! Lock it in a museum or something!
James Woodchuck Norris Jun 19, 2012
worst car ever made
Mark A. Young Jun 19, 2012
I like it, has character.
chikenbag Jun 19, 2012
if you watch his interview on top gear then read this article, you probably feel the same way
chikenbag Jun 19, 2012
you know, i had gained a lot of respect for him... now that i know he just had wcc pimp his ride, its all gone.
Kenneth Williams Jun 19, 2012
I thought this was the rear. In the name id everything good in a kittens eyes why. this is ugly.
Brenton Cozby Jun 19, 2012
looks pretty badass
Kyle Anderson Jun 19, 2012
This looks like a terrible concept gone wrong that never made it to production, and should've never made to the street. This is horrible.
350Z Pilot Jun 19, 2012
Just like DeLorean, Mr. Iam needs to be tested for cocaine abuse.
Dave Stewart Jun 19, 2012
He was just being nice
Justin Harris Jun 19, 2012
I think clarkson said it actually looked good when will was on top gear.
Patrick Schalk Jun 19, 2012
Yeah it's not a surprise this turd came from WCC.
Dan Ruth Jun 19, 2012
Wcc always makes their cars way too over the top
Josh Knight Jun 19, 2012
I'll probably get a lot of sh*t for this but I think its not bad
Markel Brown Jun 19, 2012
This is the death of a DeLorean.
Thomas Trudzinski Jun 19, 2012
Yup, surprised it doesn't blow bubbles out the exhaust when he accelerates... I mean it IS a West Coast Customs project, popcorn maker maybe?
John Serely Jun 19, 2012
Wtf? This is terrible
Payton Ringrose Jun 19, 2012
stock delorean looks a lot better
Kyle Smith Jun 19, 2012
I agree Carlton, this is hideous and a terrible project to begin with.
William Forgham Jun 19, 2012
I remember seeing this on Top Gear, where he said it was all original.
Carlton Salmon Jun 19, 2012
Maybe he should change his name to IAMAMORON for financing this atrocity. How could such a clever, talented and humble fella like him put his own money and time into a car designed with a pen and ruler. Just stick with the music,
Chris O'Brien Jun 19, 2012
gorgeous! for a pimp.
Garrett Frye Jun 19, 2012
That's horrible.
Michael Riley Jun 19, 2012
impala as reminiscent lll
Max Delena Jun 19, 2012
This one is way better than the last one
Das Stig Jun 19, 2012
looks like someone sat on a challenger with a body kit.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 19, 2012
Better than that last one but he could have done more with it
Scott Lenahan Jun 19, 2012
I like some parts of this. It's actually kinda mean looking..
Carlton Salmon Jun 19, 2012
Better than the previous pic but still nowhere near good enough for rich folk to part with their hard-earned dosh.