Description: Toyota's local divisions can't introduce their new accessories for the GT-86 RWD sports coupe quick enough, and now it's time for the brand's Australian arm to offer up an aero pac...
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Description: Toyota claims the package not only adds a racier appearance to the 86 but also reduces aerodynamic drag, increases downforce for improved handling and maintains the car's 0.27 drag coefficient. O...
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Riley Di Pol Jun 19, 2012
It's spelled ricier not racier......
Antonio Falsetti Jun 21, 2012
Omg terrible. Sti wing
Justin Routh Jun 20, 2012
Just another reason to laugh at this car
Zach Sullivan Jun 20, 2012
I thought so but wasn't 100%
William Downs Jun 20, 2012
mx-5 cost more then the brz/fr-s
Zach Sullivan Jun 20, 2012
@nawwaf the point to the gt86 is a cheap sports car that's fun to drive its not ment to be super fast there isn't another sports car like this in this price range accept maybe the mx5 I say maybe cuz I don't know what they cost
Mohammed A Nour Jun 20, 2012
This car is parked in front of my office & I see it everyday, cuz I work in Toyota at KSA. At first I thought the wing was huge, however now I love it & I think I'll get one for me since we get special discount... Lucky me.
Da Stig Jun 20, 2012
Id say supra cause it's the best sports car they made
Donte Perino Jun 20, 2012
Love the spoiler!
Scott Gracey Jun 19, 2012
I agree, love it, screams supra to me
Moe Sargi Jun 19, 2012
This looks like the supra stop hating on the wing you haters. True tuners would apreciate it and not hate it. Its there for a reason. And the pros who made this skirt package wouldnt be putting it on the car if they didnt so research and thinkits bad
Tanton Stoneman Jun 19, 2012
Omg it looks like a Supra!
Devin Babyn Jun 19, 2012
That spoiler is just idiotic. Change that and I'd love this package
Jordan Smith Jun 19, 2012
This car is finally becoming appealing to me. It's looking like the Supra with that huge wing. I like it.
Zach Sullivan Jun 19, 2012
looks like a small supra I love it
Hank Austin Jun 19, 2012
Holy Jesus is the wing higher than the car?? Looks like sh*t
Marco Saldana Jun 19, 2012
It reminds me of the last generation supra
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 19, 2012
Great looking car. Aero kit looks great. I see your point in lowering the spoiler will reduce visibility but.... It's way to big. Reminds me of the TRD Supra spoiler.
MissLaura Anne Jun 19, 2012
Sexy car! Love the sleek look of the body
Cody Matthews Jun 19, 2012
I'm laughing at that spoiler right now... Just wow...
Axel Cousins Jun 19, 2012
The spoiler is too big for the size of this car. Doesn't go well with the car.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 19, 2012
It's just like celica's one. Loose it!
Chris Redfield Jun 19, 2012
Makes it look more like a supra
Kris C. Lopez Jun 19, 2012
If it were any lower it wouldn't be as downforce producing and drag reducing and not to mention ruin rear visibility. But I agree it's a bit much, but I'd be all over it in a second
Garrick Rainey Jun 19, 2012
Every thing besides the spoiler looks good!
Scott Gracey Jun 19, 2012
I f'n love that spoiler
Cory Allen Jun 19, 2012
Look at the shopping cart handle on that thing!
Phillip Holbrook Jun 19, 2012
That spoiler is ridiculous.
Ben August Jun 19, 2012
Spoiler is odd looking, but an improvement, still the front needs help
Alex Semaan Jun 19, 2012
I honestly just mistook it for a brz.
Matt Piccolo Jun 19, 2012
Looks sweet, but the spoilers a bit too big... Shorten it a bit an it's perfect
John Serely Jun 19, 2012
I'm suprised, this looks great
Dante Miller Jul 27, 2012
It reminds me of a Toyota Supra. Kinda looks like it for me.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 21, 2012
Im tired of this conversation now because you will defend this car to your grave even if I was one of the people who helped design the wing.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 21, 2012
I'm not trying to defend anything I'm trying to educate you on how a wing or spoiler functions. A wing that creates downforce does it by putting that air on the rear of the car and will 100% of the time increase the CD.
William Downs Jun 20, 2012
and a tid bit of info left out this is called the nur kit. u know short for nurburgring, where handling is king.
William Downs Jun 20, 2012
no drag is caused by turbulent air, not downforce, as long as the spoiler dosent cause the air flowing over the car to break up in a violent way, downforce can be increased while lowering drag. as i said. im sure they know alot more about what there doing then u do so stop trying to prove your faulty point.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 20, 2012
A spoiler that increases downforce on the rear wheels also increases drag. This kit lowers drag, so it does not in fact increase down force on the rear wheels, therefore not functional. End of story.
William Downs Jun 20, 2012
and again already stated in the article the kit help aero dynamics, and im 100% sure they know more about designing a functional kit and wing combo.
William Downs Jun 20, 2012
what u talking about if a wing is angled upwards it would lift the car, point of a spoiler it to act like a wing of an airplane, thats why there angled down not up, so the air hitting the spoiler pushes the back of the car down. angled up the air would lift the back and make its traction worse
Phillip Holbrook Jun 20, 2012
Sometimes increase mpg, but usually hurts the aerodynamics of a vehicle. Without getting too scientific I still stand by this spoiler being more show than functional.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 20, 2012
In order to create downforce, a wing must be angled upward to catch the air flowing across the body to literally push the air down onto the car. A spoiler like this one that hits the air nearly straight on spoils the air around the car and can
Phillip Holbrook Jun 20, 2012
On the Daytona the spoiler helped aerodynamically at around 150 and above. I bet 80% of these cars will never see the speed necessary for this wing to be functional.
Kevin Irish Jun 20, 2012
The spoiler is that high because it needs undisturbed air to do its job. Same reason the Dodge Daytona had a huge wing. If it was only a few inches off the trunk lid, there would be almost no useable air because of the roofline forcing air up and over the rear of the car. So yes, the wing DOES aid in downforce and aerodynamics.
William Downs Jun 20, 2012
and u know this because u designed the kit?
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 19, 2012
Bad wheels and needs to be lowered at least 20mm. Love the idea of a boxer motor but really needs more hp.
Ben Norton Jun 19, 2012
Needs to be lowered a bit
Phillip Holbrook Jun 19, 2012
No thy said the package adds downforce, the side skirts and chin spoiler are producing more down force than that spoiler.
Justin Di Nardo Jun 19, 2012
Looks like a chic mobile with tacky add ons, and bad wheel overhangs.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 19, 2012
Othe spoiler reminds me of the ones the Celica came with
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
sorry phillip your wrong its already been confirmed it aids in downforce without messing with the drag, read the article
Phillip Holbrook Jun 19, 2012
No that spoiler is too high to be functional. This thing is all show.
Alec Lindgren Jun 19, 2012
That didn't take long
David Liebe Hart Jun 19, 2012
The wing reminds me of the Supra
Matt Piccolo Jun 19, 2012
Sweet!!! Make the spoiler a tad shorter, it's a bit too big
Thomas Mackey Jun 19, 2012
Yes! Looks great. Harks back to the days of the supra. Reminds me of need for speed underground. Awesome.
Henz Herrero Jun 19, 2012
Omg... This looks rlly nice.. At least the spoiler is somewhat functional cuz its rwd.. First money maker for toyota.. Aero kit..
Christoffer Wassberg Jun 19, 2012
It looks something like a supra
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
looks extremly nice but personaly i would ditch the spoiler, i like the design of it but its to tall for my taste
Antonio Falsetti Jun 21, 2012
That wing belongs on an sti. It doesn't look right on this car.
Jordan Jackson Jun 21, 2012
That and I'm completely biased against toyota, lol, it's the only company I know that has an oil consumption limit of 1qt for 1200mi for their new 4cyls...
Jordan Jackson Jun 21, 2012
It's just toyotas second attempt at taking on the miata, their first attempt failed horribly, let's see how fast this one fails too
Pablo Herasme Jun 20, 2012
Looks like someone doesn't know what rice is...
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
Dosen't matter if it's FWD or RWD, dosen't matter if it has a wing or not... It's... Still... A... Rice Rocket...c
Pablo Herasme Jun 20, 2012
Don't matter what it anyones says it still looks good.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 20, 2012
Super birds spoiler was angled to create downforce, and even then it was mostly useful at 150+
Mikey Jimenez Jun 20, 2012
That spoiler is to over the top, I agree with Cho a lip spoiler would a hell of a lot better!
Cho Dan Jun 19, 2012
The wing over-powers the whole car. A lip spoiler would be a cleaner look.
Nick Goodman Jun 19, 2012
Can you open the trunk without breaking the glass
Ray Lockhart Jun 19, 2012
that looks like the same wing the was on the 86 back when the spy shots came out
Devin Babyn Jun 19, 2012
Phillip how is it to tall to work? Have you not heard of the super bird
Chad Hunter Jun 19, 2012
The spoiler looks a lil too big for this car. If it was a lil lower down than i think the car would look a lot better
Gianni Falzone Jun 19, 2012
Boooooooooy racer! This car is even more prepubescent now. At least it will be easier to spot the kid about to crash into me driving like a maniac in his bargain-bin go-kart.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 19, 2012
It's not even a Toyota in America, it's a Scion. Toyota's version of Geo, and they're even starting to do joint car projects like GM did with Geo.
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 19, 2012
Why would they need to call this the supra if Toyota trademarked the name again and have plans to build a real successor to it not just an entry level sportscar... If anything it should be called the celica
Phillip Holbrook Jun 19, 2012
Toyota isn't really known for their wind tunnel testing or racing prowess. I'll take the aftermarket.
Matthew Mckernan Jun 19, 2012
That spoiler would look great! If it wasn't so damn big.
Pablo Herasme Jun 19, 2012
Aye we got badasses over here. If this one spoiler is not funtional then neither was the Supra's
Jack Howard Jun 19, 2012
Id feel like a jackass driving around with that bug ass spoiler on it
Kris C. Lopez Jun 19, 2012
All one needs to make this thing look stunning is slightly bigger wheels and a lowered stance.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 19, 2012
Well it is a RWD car so any form of spoiler would be beneficial and if you don't like this one which has been wind tunnel tested then you could always delve into the aftermarket for one that suits your taste
Phillip Holbrook Jun 19, 2012
This spoiler is too high too be functional, therefore rice.
Matt Piccolo Jun 19, 2012
The supras wing is shaped differently and looks better
Joe Talerico Jun 19, 2012
Every except that juvenile wing, thank you.
Cameron Dean Jun 19, 2012
For only 3 grand that isn't bad at all, but I could do without it
kolton Jun 19, 2012
More proof that this should have had a more powerful engine, nicer interior, and be called the Supra.
Josh Knight Jun 19, 2012
Damn that spoiler is tall
Irvenderjit Singh Pannu Jun 19, 2012
Atleast the spoiler isn't gonna block the view from the rear view mirror
Patrick Schalk Jun 19, 2012
At least it's a spoiler on a RWD car.
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
stupid people with there ricer comments, grow up learn the word use it correctly, the wing on this adds to performance yes a little to high but it still is functional and not riced
Tara Fitria Jul 22, 2012
I get the same thing when I eat oreo's. Looks good on the car
Kevin Irish Jun 20, 2012
Finally, someone speaks some sense. Thank you, Warren.
Henz Herrero Jun 19, 2012
Its an aero kit.. Not everyone will get this.. And besides its 3k$$ so ya i think its fine..
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
well problem with it being lower is then it will obstruct your rear view
Kerelle Carranza Jun 19, 2012
It does not look right to me.
Joel Hope Jun 19, 2012
Wing should be lower, you won't be going over 130 enough in a dd to need stability from that wing. If race car people would probably choose a different aftermarket wing.