Posted on: Jun 19, 2012
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Toyota Launches Aero Package for GT86 Sports Coupe in Australia

The result is a racier look coupled with improved handling.
Toyota's local divisions can't introduce their new accessories for the GT-86 RWD sports coupe quick enough, and now it's time for the brand's Australian arm to offer up an aero package for the car (aka Scion FR-S). The kit is made up of a new front bumper skirt with vertical fins to control the air that enters through the front grille and dual canards at 12-degree angles, side skirts, and a rear bumper apron, which houses a diffuser and a huge rear spoiler with horizontal 'winglets' on the uprights.
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Toyota claims the package not only adds a racier appearance to the 86 but also reduces aerodynamic drag, increases downforce for improved handling and maintains the car's 0.27 drag coefficient. Only high-grade GTS models are being offered the package that's been priced at AU$3,000.

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by Adam Lynton
Toyota Launches Aero Package for GT86 Sports Coupe in Australia
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