Description: The stock 2013 S-Class has already been spied sans the heavy camouflage, with recent shots showing the car in just light cover as it underwent testing. This is the first time we've got to see the...
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Ahmad Al-Ashqar Jun 21, 2012
It's just a change in name like the old clk class that has changed into E coupe
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 19, 2012
I haven't heard anything different - so I think they are still making the S coupe
Zachary Maurer Jun 19, 2012
Anyone know what happen to the idea of killing the cl class and making the s class coupe?
Description: There's also a new, bigger front grille, bigger brakes and wheels, marked side sills and a new rear bumper with a covered up diffusor. This prototype is still missing the quad exhaust pipes but t...
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Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 19, 2012
S class - fav. Sedan