Description: Circassian designer-as-a-hobby Kasim Tlibekov has breathed some new life into the Pontiac Firebird. Dubbed the Firebird TT Black Edition Concept, his design attempts to give a new look to one of the n...
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Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
Not every joke is funny)
Paul Dickey Jun 19, 2012
Someone can't take a joke.
Cham Khiev Jun 19, 2012
In the circus of course
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 19, 2012
Where would a circassian dwell?
Description: Imagine the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500's supercharged 5.8-liter V8 in there, with all of its 650hp and 200mph top speed. The Pontiac Firebird TT Black Edition Concept features a very wide bod...
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Alex Smith Jun 19, 2012
I was gonna bitch about that too, but you guys beat me to it.
Vince DeMasi Jun 19, 2012
That's like a slap in the face to gm
chikenbag Jun 19, 2012
yeah, I'd rather gms supercharged 6.2.
Dan Ruth Jun 19, 2012
Yeah but wouldn't it make more sense to use a gm engine?
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
And that way, we can all have the trams am back
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
I think, now don't kill me for saying this, that they should give the trams am/firebird to Buick, so that they actually have something that targets younger audiences, instead of the lacrosse, Lucerne, and verano...
Victor A. Frederick Jun 20, 2012
I can respect the effort and time that went into this. Bottom line kids is that we would all drive it given the chance. I like it. Good work.
Dimitry Edouard Jun 20, 2012
It looks like a 2011 doge challenger
Brock Zager Jun 20, 2012
looks like a challenger and a old camero
Ben Wittenauer Jun 19, 2012
where do I get one
Ben Norton Jun 19, 2012
Slicks! Ohh yes! I actually like this
Jordan Smith Jun 19, 2012
It looks amazing, but I think it should do without the race parts like the splitter and the side skirt.
Max Delena Jun 19, 2012
I don't like th x's on the head light but the rest ir really cool
Bob Jones Jun 19, 2012
I love the Black Eagle version on your blog, that one looks a lot better than this IMO
Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
Thanks, you may visit my blog and you'll find stock version in it:
Dillon Dixon Jun 19, 2012
Just because it has a big open grill then it looks like the challenger? And duh! It's supposed to have camaro accents because that's how the firebird has always been. I for one love it, I would really like to see it without all the splitters.
Mark A. Young Jun 19, 2012
Would look better if it wasn't all blacked out and had some chrome accents
Reece Rhys Loughmiller Jun 19, 2012
I've been waiting for this for a long time
Alex Medvedev Jun 19, 2012
Jesus take charger + mustang much
Jerrod Swenson Jun 19, 2012
I was thinking 'Cuda with a Shelby front bumper.
Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
That was mine old project. I'm not designer and this is hobby. Stock version of this car i created in 2010.))) Inspirated by Firebird 69' He looks like Camaro, but had a few diffrient elements.
Devin Babyn Jun 19, 2012
How can you call it a firebird if it's just another car with a retarded kit, paint job and rims?
John Womble Jun 19, 2012
looks like a wide body challenger. nothing about it says "firebird" to me.
Darren Nardo Jun 19, 2012
Cool looking concept. Nothing Pontiac about it cept for the Banshee looking taillights. Other than that looks like a Camaro or a challenger. And the GT 500 engine in a Trans Am. Great engine but not for a Pontiac.
Dennis Prow Jun 19, 2012
Chain... Ill mollest you
David Munasinghe Jun 19, 2012
Is this gonna be in the new Mad Max.?lol
Val Barata Jun 19, 2012
Challenger + camaro
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 19, 2012
i see more chally in the front actually.
Josh Knight Jun 19, 2012
That looks too much like a Stang
Cain Allan Hopkins Jun 19, 2012
I would prefer an original unmolested firebird
James Jay Putnam Jun 20, 2012
Lol Sheldon does t know NASCAR history
Micah Buffat Jun 19, 2012
The back end looks so delicate
Paul Roberts Jun 19, 2012
Good lines but remove the plastic
Drew Storrusten Jun 19, 2012
Yeah the rear is a bit much, but still a wonderful try!!! Good job!
Kevin Watson Jun 19, 2012
Remove the rear spoiler and make the lights larger. Slicks is a nice touch too.
Colin Dzendolet Jun 19, 2012
diffuser is a bit too over the top, otherwise, I like it
Dillon Dixon Jun 19, 2012
It needs some more retro taillights and spoiler. Then it would be near perfect.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Jun 19, 2012
It looks like something out of an 80's sci- fi movie...
Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
No) my surname on my language..) a few variants to write on english..
Nick Schnee Jun 19, 2012
WAY over the top... I like it.
Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
Thanks everybody for comments)
Nick Sti Jun 19, 2012
Dat ass! Wow this is beautiful
Dan Ruth Jun 19, 2012
It has wedding bells.
Sheldon Couch Jun 19, 2012
Everything looks great but the ass end, its like he got drunk and just started designing looks horrible. Rest of the car kinda has a new age transam feel, attention ford,gm, and chrysler, pull your heads out of your ass and start the trans am series back up you all three have the vehicles to do so, a mustang in nascar what is motorsports
Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 19, 2012
Dual exhaust with triple tips guys.
Ben August Jun 19, 2012
HAHA I actually laughed
Kyle Smith Jun 19, 2012
BTW, if it's gonna run a V8, will it have an 8 into 6 exhaust? Just wondering.
Kyle Smith Jun 19, 2012
Definitely track only, but not too shabby!
Trent Griffin Jun 19, 2012
Too many "strings" for my taste....but for the track...
Jordan Jackson Jun 20, 2012
Yea, slap a couple of chain guns on it and you've got frankensteins car with a GM twist, lol
Ben Norton Jun 19, 2012
Kasim I think this looks great
Jordan Smith Jun 19, 2012
Actually I think it looks great. Just too race modded for my taste.
Memo Cabrera Jun 19, 2012
Yea umm, this thing is a total failure. Looks like it belongs in that movie Death Race. It fits in there.. And only there
Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
So, thanks everyone for comments)
Andrew Strong Jun 19, 2012
my point is exactly that. if the only thing that's different is the badge, why is this news?
Mikey Jimenez Jun 19, 2012
Why does everyone keep saying that it's look like a Camaro when I clearly stated that it is a CAMARO with a Pontiac!
Drew Storrusten Jun 19, 2012
Big ford fan I am, but this.... Now this is sick! I kind of see the firebird resemblance, buuuut, yeah I'd say more of a Camaro challenger look to it. GOOD LOOK THOUGH!!! :D
Mikey Jimenez Jun 19, 2012
That's cause it is a Camaro with a different front bumper, grill, and Pontiac badge. The correct way to spell CAMARO is like that! Firebird and Camaro are exactly the same car yo!
Andrew Strong Jun 19, 2012
i meant its hardly a concept. and more a duplicate of the camero. maybe I'll make the news too if i CG a new paint scheme on my very bland daily driver.
Cody Matthews Jun 19, 2012
@Justin, did you ever think it could be spelled different ways, or God forbid, CarBuzz made a mistake.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 19, 2012
Nice try kasim lol.
MissLaura Anne Jun 19, 2012
Gorgeous car! Very sleek!
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Jun 19, 2012
The end is too rounded for me, kind of like an old Porsche... Not a good mix.
Brenton Cozby Jun 19, 2012
the back looks pretty fast
Alex Semaan Jun 19, 2012
If this is going to be a street car, it needs to be toned down a little.
Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
Thank, and sorry for my english)
chikenbag Jun 19, 2012
i think that for this not being your job, you've done a great job Kasim
Kasim Tlibeko Jun 19, 2012
If you look to firebird 69' you'll camaro in it too))
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
btw this looks real nice from this pic but car just looks ugly to me, looks more like someone tried to mess with a challenger then a firebird
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
if u dont know the camaro and firebird/trans-am are the same car please go buy a scooter and leave this app
Axel Cousins Jun 19, 2012
I usually like this type of stuff but this just isn't that good looking epically the spoiler
David Munasinghe Jun 19, 2012
Front quarters looks like was lifted from a late model challenger.
Josh Knight Jun 19, 2012
Wow I'm glad im not the only one who noes that mikey
Mikey Jimenez Jun 19, 2012
That's cause it's a rebadged *Camaro duh!
Matt Martir Jun 19, 2012
There going for the "classic look". New camaro mimics the 1969. This firebird mimics the 1969. They both had strikingly similar rear quarter panels and roof-to-trunk lines.
Bobby Todd Jun 19, 2012
The stripes aren't GM style. GM factory racing stripes were painted only on the hood an deck lid.