Comments - Kia Officially Unveil Facelifted 2014 Sorento SUV

Published: Jun 19, 2012
Description: With winter testing complete and laps of the Nurburgring done and dusted, it's time for Kia to finally lift the lid on everyone's favorite crossover. The facelifted Sorento will be sold in t...
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Brad Wood Jun 20, 2012
Testing is testing. If you want to know how a vehicle will handle, regardless of style or price point, that's the best proving ground. Besides, I am not sure Wal-Mart would appreciate Kia testing in their parking lot.
Jason Brown Jun 19, 2012
Ummm, as I understand many auto companies test their vehicles there including SUVs. So I don't think it is weird at all.
Bob Jones Jun 19, 2012
Nobody hated on the company, its just that the Sorento isn't meant to be a sports car. People would probably find it just as weird if Chevy tested the Equinox on the Ring, but everyone respects the Camaro and Corvette as being great performance cars.
Stephen Cobbs Jun 19, 2012
@William calm down. Jeez. Not that big of a deal.
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
why does everyone gotta hate on a good car company thats actually doing extremly well, the koups are still in 1st place in there racing series, and the optimas are keeping there own in there series against the porsche, camaro, and mustangs.. people need to learn how to develope there own perspective on cars and not hate a car company cause others do.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 19, 2012
Whoa i'm staying away from you
Zachary Maurer Jun 19, 2012
Well, my dad spun the tires on his 2007 Honda element to pass someone at a stoplight...sooo
Dan Ruth Jun 19, 2012
Why did they have to test this car on the ring? No one is going to race these cars.
tyrael Jun 19, 2012
yesss looks wayy better
Jeffrey Varghese Jun 19, 2012
It looks like the Lexus RX now
William Downs Jun 19, 2012
yea i liked the old one better but compared to the rest of there line up this just looks out of place still
Jaepil Jeon Jun 19, 2012
Oh my god..It looks like 'Lotze innovation'.
Matt Piccolo Jun 19, 2012
The bumper looks.... Idk, I liked the old one better though!
Description: These are made up of new headlamps with LED positioning lights, reworked front bumpers with vertical-axis fog-lights, and restyled tailgate with LED taillights. Kia also developed a new selection of a...
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Zachary Maurer Jun 19, 2012
@jason yes...sarcasm
Jason Brown Jun 19, 2012
Yes, similar ones you find in Audi. You do realize who the chief designer for Kia is...
Zachary Maurer Jun 19, 2012
Soft touch plastics?!?!?!?!
Description: Kia has declined to go into specifics, but under the skin there are enhanced powertrains boasting improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. Of the car, Kia's Executive Vice President and Chi...
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Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 20, 2012
The civic dosnt need to look good it just sells on its name on the other hand, cars like the forte actually need to have something to sell
Michael Bichay Jun 19, 2012
Brian what are u on
Matt Piccolo Jun 19, 2012
@ Stephan, the Kia forte koupe does look exacly like the 8th gen civic, just worse...
Jeffrey Varghese Jun 19, 2012
Looks like the Lexus RX
Stephen Cobbs Jun 19, 2012
@Jack. What medication are you on?
Jack Howard Jun 19, 2012
The kia forte is an outright copy of the honda civic. Just look at the front. But i do like the optima.
Michael Bichay Jun 19, 2012
How many times is this dumbass car gonna get refreshed? Smh
Andy Demar Mexicann Cho Jun 19, 2012
@Austin, exactly what cars did Kia steal from? I know Kia has slight Audi feel from Peter S.
Josh Negron Jun 19, 2012
And we've gained market share every year... Love it!!
Austin Stephenson Jun 19, 2012
Kia, the power to steal looks from alot of other cars and mash em all together
Mike Botté Jun 19, 2012
Audi q5/q7 lights. Ik they have a connection. But....
Matt Piccolo Jun 19, 2012
I agree, they look like ford lights
Riley Gonzales Jun 19, 2012
More like Q7 tail lights VV
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 19, 2012
Kinda fiesta or focus lights
Matt Piccolo Jun 19, 2012
Oh god, I disliked the back of the other one but this is worse
Mo Akbik Jun 19, 2012
rear end in blehhh...taillights more like that of q7 and the last model was better