Description: Celebrities and fast cars are always news on this website, and two of the biggest brand names in the business are Kim Kardashian and Lamborghini. Throw in Kanye West, Paris, France and our publisher w...
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Antonio Borja Jun 20, 2012
you people are igno.... hah
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 20, 2012
For gear heads not 13 year old girls to gossip over. So yes I will comment on articles I don't want to see. Carbuzz probably didn't neglect any other article putting this one up. I would prefer not too see this and have less filler.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 20, 2012
@paolo. Why even comment? Pretty dumb question. If you want this app it's not for celebrities. People comment to be heard and if I am correct majority don't want this on here. I understand people and complaints and childish remarks but this is app is
Paolo Prezioso Jun 19, 2012
By the way, if you argue that it doesn't show anything about stats of a car, your point is invalid. Please scroll down or swipe from right to left.
Paolo Prezioso Jun 19, 2012
If you hate these articles so much, why even go to comment on them? They're not taking away other articles. Maybe some people want to read them. Maybe they don't want to read the stuff you read.
Raymond Reynoso Jun 19, 2012
I hate celebrity articles on CarBuzz. I'm not reading this, just hope that CarBuzz reads this comment.
Markel Brown Jun 19, 2012
Every celebrity has a lambo a Ferrari or a Bugatti. That's so old I'd buy an indie supercar.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 19, 2012
Agreed with about 99.9% of you please no more celebrity crap. If we cared we would have the TMZ app. More cars please!!!
Korli Jorlk Jun 19, 2012
Lol ,Thibault try to play hero and laura sounds like she works 4 carbuzz .
David Munasinghe Jun 19, 2012
Is this the Car Buzz app or the TMZ app. Who cares about these morons.Please Car Buzz if you gonna mention a celebrity and cars it should be Jay Leno or Seinfeld or some body. Not some ass who destroys cars on videos and his hooche.
Paul Trahan Jun 18, 2012
unless said people tried to show off and it ended badly. ;)
Paul Trahan Jun 18, 2012
If they are doing something positive with cars. The Eric Clapton one off Ferrari is a good example. I look to this app for news, specs, racing, and modification of cars. I don't come to this site to read how two people took a joy ride in their Spyder
Paul Trahan Jun 18, 2012
such manner is incorrect. You are correct. I don't have to tap on this story and I could simply ignore it, but to do so would be a disservice to Carbuzz about what their readers what to read. I have no problems with celebrities appearing on this app
Paul Trahan Jun 18, 2012
The Carbuzz reads our posts and that was the sole reason why I posted my initial post on this story. I was simply offering my opinion on this story and such other "TMZ" style stories that appear this app. If anyone thinks I made my post in any other
Zachary Crowley Jun 18, 2012
so honestly, this is just a bunch of crap.
Zachary Crowley Jun 18, 2012
Lol how is Paul wrong guys? (And random chick who claims to like/know cars but only says "Lambo") I mean the people who download this app do not want to see this crap. Besides, we see tuned, aftermarket, special gallardos all the time here
Vincent Butler Jun 18, 2012
@Brad. At first I thought carbuzz was deleting all my comments, it depends on what time your posting. The servers are Refreshing. Your probably doing it at the same time.
Brad Wood Jun 18, 2012
I love how any of my comments that criticize CarBuzz "publishers", "editors" or other inept staff get deleted. Of your readers are telling you that you suck... You suck. Get over it or get better.
Brandon Lidy Jun 18, 2012
Only problem with this article is the lack of pictures of the car
Patrick Joseph Jun 18, 2012
Leroy. That's not the point. Don't be a simpleton. We dont read such articles but the app is getting cluttered with celebrity junk. I would rather have one less article a day or something about a car I don't even like than gossips. Don't be a fanny.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 18, 2012
I also agree with Paul 100%
Thibault Leroy Jun 18, 2012
i agree with Laura i mean if you dont want to read the article dont read it no one is forcing you to read the article. I personaly dont give a crap about celebrities lives but i mean when they are driving nice carsvi dont mind looking at a few pics here and there
Patrick Joseph Jun 18, 2012
Paul nailed it. He summed up what I wanted to say. I didn't complain so far but now I feel articles about Justin bieber and company are too common. It's a shame cause I think car buzz is by far the best car app. Let's stick to car news. Thank you.
Steve Cox Jun 18, 2012
opinions are like Aholes, everyone's got one and they all stink. That's just my opinion. I've always liked Lambo's. Kim and Kanye,not so much.
Lee Gardner Jun 18, 2012
Did anyone else catch that Laura said she had balls :0
Kyle Smith Jun 18, 2012
Couldn't agree more myself, Patrick.
Paul Dickey Jun 18, 2012
That sucks. Only chick on here is unbearably annoying.
Patrick Schalk Jun 18, 2012
This Lambo is nice. But Kanye and Kim are not. Gross.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
So what exactly is your "stuff" that your backing? You just sound like a troll to me. We'd just like to express our reasonable opinions without getting them wailed on by you
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
You're all prob older than me too! Haha, it's a sad day in paradise. Ciao boys, I'll let the forum operator of Carbuzz know you enjoy celeb articles soooooo much haha.
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
Worse than girls I tell ya. I'm just sayin, a lambo is a nice car. Don't like an article involving celebs, don't read it then bitch about how dumb it is. I'm the only one here with enough balls to back my stuff, sorry for hurting your egos!
Vincent Butler Jun 18, 2012
Great Gallardo. I just love that color
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
... cars, and I expect you to to do the same for everyone else here. All I'm saying is don't judge people you don't know, and don't disrespect our opinions about the articles. BTW, sorry this is so long, I'm just a bit angry, lol
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
... childhood. I'm also no slouch at driving either. I saved up some cash one semester in college and took a performance driving class. I currently own a honda s2000, which i have taken to a couple of local track days. I don't doubt that you love...
Vincent Butler Jun 18, 2012
Lol Damn this chick is still posting Lmfao. I agree 100% with paul. If you want to Watch or Read about Celebs then watch TMZ or those stupid ass tv shows.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
@Laura you don't know anything about me. I've been fascinated with cars my whole life. I may not work at an auto body shop, but I certainly know my way around under the hood. My dad and I did most of he maintenance on the family cars as during my...
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
@Ghee- I probably love & know more about cars than you do. I've been working in an autobody shop, since I was 14. Don't judge what you don't know kid.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
@Laura we come to Carbuzz to read articles about cars, not celebrities. If you care so much about kanye and Kim, you can go read tmz
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
Bhaha oh boy. That made my day. <3 thx cutie pie. Anyways boys, bigger fish to fry.
Bryan Garza Jun 18, 2012
Waa waa waa. Lots of whining going on.
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
Ya, people are happy with their lives, that must suck for everyone else right? Gee.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
I gotta agree with Paul. Carbuzz is great, but we could care less about where these attention whores go on vacation. The article barely discusses the car, and most of the pictures are just of their smug faces
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
I just like seeing articles & people discussing sweet cars. Not bitching at Carbuzz for articles they find. Must be hard finding new articles every day for us car buffs
kolton Jun 18, 2012
And why was it a Spyder you ask? so the photographers wouldn't have doors and windows obstructing their view. seriously, this moron likes attention so much I genuinely feel sorry for her.
Avery Williams Jun 18, 2012
@Paul Thank you dude, clear and straight to the point.
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
Ps, the article says 'Kim & Kanye West'. It's not the top story of today, so CHOOSE to not read it instead of bitching at Carbuzz for it, this article was intended for a large audience, not just you few guys.
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
How am I confused? The only ones who are confused are those complaining about celebs and their cars because the articles aren't 'about' cars. All the info about the car is given. It's a nice ride, don't be a bitch.
Paul Dickey Jun 18, 2012
@ervis. A wise man also knows how to spell choose.
Daniel Martín García Jun 18, 2012
Paul +1000 Respect
Ervis At Jun 18, 2012
A wise men should choses his words wisely when judging people they don't know.
Ben Bourdon Jun 18, 2012
Otherwise why don't we have a news story every time a celebrity buys a nice car?
Ben Bourdon Jun 18, 2012
Right on Paul. When you open a news story on here you expect it to be about cars, even if they mention some people in it. But having nothing but pictures of these two (expletives) here is useless. Sorry Kim/Kanye fans.
Paul Dickey Jun 18, 2012
I'm with Paul all the way. Dafuq this isn't tmz.
Dainius Kuodis Jun 18, 2012
Laura you sound confused.
Zeus Mocha Jun 18, 2012
Yea he's still a whore though. No problem with that, just stating that males could be whores as well as girls.
James Lynch-Sarasek Jun 18, 2012
Very well said Laura. Some people have a hard time resisting the urge to open news they don't want to read.
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
Besides the fact Paul has problems telling a male and female apart.. Too bad Kanye is driving and he's a male, not a whore. And it's a Lambo.. That's a car. That's news. If you don't like it, don't read the article.
Brady Fereday Jun 18, 2012
Well said Paul lol
Paul Trahan Jun 18, 2012
then do it on people who have a love of cars and do positive things for cars, Glickenhaus for example.
Paul Trahan Jun 18, 2012
Car Buzz Imma let you finish but enough about these two. This site is about cars, not about the whores who drive them. Keep up the good work. You're one of my top sources for car news. If you want to do stories on rich people and their cars do...
Description: Apparently she is wearing a green dress, almost ate snails and filmed a video titled "One Night in Paris." Oh wait, we got that confused with someone else. Bazinga. The first generation Lamb...
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Devin Mortenson Jun 20, 2012
That's the spider which can make it slower not to mention I think they made this car when the murcielago was still produced so it's a good 10 years old or so
Brandon Lidy Jun 18, 2012
The Gallardo is outdated now. Fantastic car to drive I'm sure but outdated.
John Taylor Jun 18, 2012
That's really not a ton of power. Looks cool though.
Andrew Grimm Jun 18, 2012
Yea, because they are AWD and have great launch, but keep it going, and they are sluggish.
Jack Howard Jun 18, 2012
And stis are fast.
Chris Redfield Jun 18, 2012
04-05 STI bone stock can do it in 4.5
John Serely Jun 18, 2012
Slow for a car? Not really. Slow for a lambo? Yes
Jon Dustin House Jun 18, 2012
4.3 seems slow...
King Rich Aug 04, 2012
Ben you're wrong . The Gallardo is like a piece of shit to the Aventador.
James Lynch-Sarasek Jun 19, 2012
Ben you are an idiot. The aventador is amazing
Ben Norton Jun 18, 2012
I'd take a gallardo over an aventador any day. As long as it had a manual trans
Mikey Jimenez Jun 18, 2012
Am I the only one that doesn't like these? Aventador > Gallardo!
Laguna Seca Jun 18, 2012
Matt Farrah was famous for no reason, just like Kim, only she is hot and still has a career ;-)
Cam Heaney Jun 18, 2012
I wonder if kanye has ever even been to a track
Wyatt Gordon Jun 18, 2012
@Mark, yes but kanye is tiny. Hes like 5'1
Mark Hewlett Jun 18, 2012
In the wise words of Matt farrah. "I like my cars like Kim k likes her men, big and black"
Barry Stewart Jun 18, 2012
With "them" inside it looks like a spaceship lol
Barry Stewart Jun 18, 2012
It's so strange I was just at the dealer looking at this same car.. It's very small and ultra compact but w
Victor A. Frederick Jun 18, 2012
Hey Kanye, is that you in that beautiful car.....what a waste of machinery.
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
@Kyle, their heads look like they're floating. So small!
Kyle Anderson Jun 18, 2012
Is it just me or does the Lamborghini look huge compared to their heads in this picture?
Vito Portanova Jun 18, 2012
That lambo looks hot in white!!!
Lee Cascio Jun 19, 2012
Looks like he is choking down Jay's member like usual
Danyaal Farooq Jun 18, 2012
He's like about to punch her if she doesn't shut up..looks like that anyway :P
Vincent Butler Jun 18, 2012
Very untalented.
Vincent Butler Jun 18, 2012
Lyomp Lmfao. That's right. After her surgury. Her full face structure and sex tapes she wouldnt be were she's at 2day lol.
Mohammad AL-sulimani Jun 18, 2012
He looks serious
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
Yeah at least Kanye has some good music out. Kim really has no assets rather than the one attached to her.
Lyomp Jun 18, 2012
Kim kardashian is only famous cause she gets piped down by celebrities.
Joao Batta Jun 18, 2012
Now who is the golddigger??? LOL
Edin Beka Jun 18, 2012
Sorry but can someone remind me why the Kardashians are famous and millionaires ?
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 18, 2012
She made 60 million last year - you think she'd want an aventador
Chris O'Brien Jun 18, 2012
oh snap! kanye is such am asshat.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jun 18, 2012
That's exactly what she does for these cars!
Theviper007 Sep 13, 2012
kim looka like a retard
Vincent Butler Jun 19, 2012
Raymond in Vegas it will be lol
Raymond Reynoso Jun 19, 2012
Ace of Spades is NOT a 100,000 dollar bottle. That's the dumbest shit I've heard. There's a liquor store by my house that has it for like 200 dollars.
Diaz Danny Jun 19, 2012
@Memo your right, let them be. Also no need of racial jokes. Who cares what they do, just live your life because the ugliest trait is jealousy and hate.
P_R_N_D Jun 19, 2012
It's no coincidence they're riding in an open top convertible with photographers on standby...just sayin...
P_R_N_D Jun 19, 2012
@Memo its not their money we hate, its the way they constantly put themselves in the public eye and we get flooded with footage of people we can't stand. It's like that guy at the office you hate, but you keep running into. It's just annoying.
Vincent Butler Jun 18, 2012
@jorge. I don't think she can. Have you ever seen her without makeup??? Or b4 she has her surgery???? An ugly Armo.
Evan Wolfe Jun 18, 2012
Sorry guys, my bestfriend is black & he always says that XD I couldn't resist! I'm sorry XD
Memo Cabrera Jun 18, 2012
They somehow had an opportunity to get that money and they took it. Wouldn't the rest of you guys? I know I would. Gotta stop all the hating man for real
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Jun 18, 2012
Animator right you may be. However car buzz wouldn't be the same without the super and hyper car and fortunately or unfortunately it's not the proletariate that are buying these cars comrade. As aforementioned don't hate the player...
Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 18, 2012
why is Kim famous she did not do anything
Ervis At Jun 18, 2012
Lol give me that lambo without him but leave Kim, what ass
Calogero Rumeo Jun 18, 2012
There really is ni--as in Paris.
Oscar Galvan Jun 18, 2012
Dude that's just racial profiling. Hating kanye is one thing
Dell Magee Jun 18, 2012
grape drink and fried chicken lol lol!
Chaz Neal Jun 18, 2012
Seems as if somebody watched to much dave Chappell
Kalendrix Cook Jun 18, 2012
By grape drank hope you mean $100k bottle of Ace of Spades
Extremis Colson Jun 18, 2012
Really Evan, he cannot be a connisour of caviar and a box of wine huh??
Dan Gavan Jun 18, 2012
I saw these two a couple of Weeks ago in heathrow airport, Kanye west is remarkably short.
Evan Wolfe Jun 18, 2012
That's a man that loves grape drank & fried chicken!
Alex Bouckley Jun 20, 2012
I got my n---as in Paris. And they goin gorillas!
Lee Cascio Jun 19, 2012
Hey yeezy you drive like my grandmother dog...
Thibault Leroy Jun 18, 2012
@Tyler well he chose a gallardo spyder so i dont think he really minds XD
Avery Williams Jun 18, 2012
@Moe I know, struggling trying to see over the steering wheel. Hahahaha!!!!
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Jun 18, 2012
Wow! So many haters! Grape and chicken maybe add lamborghini to that list. Kim makes money. I'm not a fan but you seem to have areal problem with, how can I say this , successful people of colour. Get over it!!! ( can't believe I'm defending kanye!)
Moe Sargi Jun 18, 2012
Cant even see over his steering wheel loool
Tyler Tarbox Jun 18, 2012
It's gotta be so annoying not being able to go anywhere without a bunch of people taking pictures of you.
Skylar Grout Jun 18, 2012
Lol in the spaceship
Alexander Gomez Jun 18, 2012
That's the "I'm hittin that" face.
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 19, 2012
We'd all be media whores for her money
Ray Liu Jun 18, 2012
If u guys allow an Asian voice here, she is just not bad looking but absolutely not as hot as she may think she is. A bit slutty that's what I see
Grant Paquin Jun 18, 2012
Her face- it sucks
Calogero Rumeo Jun 18, 2012
You can tell Kanye is whipped because of her curves and like most men have fantasized being with her. He finally did and is getting what he wants now but eventually will realize she is a nut. 6 months max it will last.
kolton Jun 18, 2012
@Dimitry, that's because... :)
Eric Michalak Jun 18, 2012
Cute? She resembles a horse. She has great curves, not a great face. Buckled up for safety though. Maybe there is something going on in those dumb heads.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jun 18, 2012
She looks like a pornstar.
kolton Jun 18, 2012
You know that when a celebrity poses for paparazzi, they're desperate for attention. but dating Kanye West? She has sunk to new levels. and just when I thought she couldn't be sleazier.
Mike Ross Jun 18, 2012
Dont get me wrong she is hot definatley get it
Logan LeMonnier Jun 18, 2012
As much as you hate her....she is hot...
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
Def a cute lookin girl though.
MissLaura Anne Jun 18, 2012
@Mike, you're 100% right. Marry, divorce, buy a new guy a Lambo & dress to impress. Media Hoeee
Ervis At Jun 18, 2012
I would love to go on a date with her
Mike Ross Jun 18, 2012
U guys dont get it its not for his money... She is a media whore. Anything to get into the limelight and make her more money she will do even if that means doing a sextape or getting married for 72 hours
Moe Sargi Jun 18, 2012
As much as i hate her anoying mom and family. She looks cute in this pic. And as for kanyee il give him another year the only thing keeping her wit him is his money
Patrick Schalk Jun 18, 2012
Taylor aged with grace. This girl won't like growing old
Scott Lenahan Jun 18, 2012
She is with him to keep her life full front in Hollywood.. She looks smug lol
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 18, 2012
Nissan gtr - dude she made 60 million last year - she's not with him for the money.
Kevin Watson Jun 18, 2012
@Patrick, Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind. Lol
Patrick Schalk Jun 18, 2012
It's gonna be hilarious when she gets old.
Logan Delony Jun 19, 2012
Kanye looks kinda hard shifting to me ;)
P_R_N_D Jun 19, 2012
@Patrick I see what u did there...
Patrick Schalk Jun 18, 2012
I heard Kim K has flappy paddles.
Ben Norton Jun 18, 2012
So what your saying is its not really a manual...?
Brandon Whybrew Jun 18, 2012
flappy paddle actually. so manual just no clutch pedal
Tim Fitzgerald Jun 18, 2012
It's an automatic? What a pussy