Comments - Jay Leno Welcomes Scion FR-S to his Garage

Published: Jun 18, 2012
Description: Scion VP and General Manager Jack Hollis heads to Jay Leno's garage for a top-to-bottom rundown of the recently released FR-S.
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Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jul 13, 2012
It's the new tuner ricer, like civics before
Joshua DeBord Jul 06, 2012
It weighs 2750! Damn!
Robin Douglas Dawson Jun 30, 2012
I can't wait for people to stop talking about turbos and blowers. Go buy a STI or EVO.
Antonio Borja Jun 20, 2012
seems like Leno dissed it more then liked it. haha it got weird couple of moments
Aaron Cartwright Jun 19, 2012
Can't wait to see the turbo or spercharged version!! More power with the same low center of gravity and lightweight engine! Who ever said put a v8 in it. you obviously don't get what it means to have a well balanced sports car!
Kevin Tran Jun 19, 2012
The Subaru BRZ is a lot better if you ask me.
Bob Turefannt Jun 19, 2012
Just think, in a few years you'll be able to buy these for dirt cheap used.
Zaire Wilkins Jun 19, 2012
this car could have looked better like sharper lines and a sharper interior boy this would make a problem for alot of the car companys
Mikey Jimenez Jun 18, 2012
@Ben LSX 454 or Big Block 454?
Kevin Blockley Jun 18, 2012
Not a bad car , for under $25000 RWD,2L motor ,200hp 150 torqs ,2700lbs .got some stif competition from Mazda mx5 & Hyundai Gen 2.0T and they've upped the power from 210hp to 270hp.just don't think it's got a lot going for it .but it's a nice car
Kasey Cook Jun 18, 2012
I bet with a few simple mods like intake exhaust and some coils this car would be awesome. C'mon people this is a whole new car that is built for young guys to have fun with. Stop the hating.
Matt Piccolo Jun 18, 2012
I will agree with people the price should b lower, maybe 21k... For 25k u can get a used Evo, sti, s2k, 350z etc etc... But if ur looking for a brand new car.. 25k isn't too bad
Ben Norton Jun 18, 2012
There's one in California with a blown 454. I'll try to find the build sheet again and post it up. He did have a hole in the hood though...
Ethan Amo Jun 18, 2012
I for 27k, this car is amazingly good looking and probably drives amazing too
Bob Jones Jun 18, 2012
Fredric Aasbo put a 2JZ in one for Formula Drift, it's awesome.
Jamie Perigo Jun 18, 2012
That Toyota tool didn't even know what "boxer" meant. Wow. Shows how little Toyota actually handled on this car. It's built in a Subaru plant. Subaru also builds Camrys for them.
Harrison Trapnell Jun 18, 2012
Does he buy another car every week? It seems like it.
Marcin Bednarski Jun 18, 2012
I belive jay leno received for advertising of this car amount of money enough to buy new pagani :). No one frequently is taking his scion to the track and on the normal street will be eaten by every 2 liters turbo engine car.
Henz Herrero Jun 18, 2012
Ya but wat about the a4.. 35k an only 211hp..
Vincent Butler Jun 18, 2012
Even though this is a drivers car. 200hp. The interior is completely shit. All taxes and insurances blah blah blah bullshit this car is around 28k+. It's not worth it at all. That's a brand new WRX.
Joey Surovy Jun 18, 2012
So...25k for 200hp.....sounds gay..
Domi Bsaibes Jun 18, 2012
Subaru will release a brz sti in a year from now. It'll feauture 300 hp but not sure how
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
@Paul yep. Somebody put an isf v8 in one, but I forgot who it was
Zaire Wilkins Jun 18, 2012
just cant deal with the headlights and tailights
Brady Williams Jun 18, 2012
Yeah gazoo not only turbo charged it, they twin charged it
Paul Dickey Jun 18, 2012
Didn't someone already turbo it? And didn't someone drop a v8 in it already?
Aaron Abely Jun 18, 2012
Subaru said no to a turbo because of where they place then on their flat motors and where that would have put it in relation to other components. Doesn't mean it won't happen but on the schedule they had it wasn't a possibility. 200 hp is fine
alvincar Jun 18, 2012
hopefully brake will not jams again.
Ken Louise Jun 18, 2012
I think I read it somewhere that the engineers of this car avoided turbocharging so I guess there won't be one. Like many other comments/reviews of this car, a bit more power would make this car close to being perfect.
Brendon Davis Jun 18, 2012
When Jay Leno has it in his vast collection of cars in his garage, you know it's impressive. But I hear the BRZ is a little less prone to understeer.
Zeus Mocha Jun 18, 2012
Na no turbo, something about no space for a good intercooler. But there is going to be a faster one.
Henz Herrero Jun 18, 2012
If toyota or subaru comes out with an addon turbo or supercharger for this, they will make a lot more money than having it as a standard option.. Or maybe greddy will have some say on this and they will make a lot of money..
Kyle Smith Jun 18, 2012
Yeah good to see Jay's cranking the 6MT
Garrick Rainey Jun 18, 2012
That's how you know that this car is amazing if Leno gets one! although performance wise it's lacking but I'm sure there will be a Turbo/supercharged version soon
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 18, 2012
I think this car & the BRZ should have had AT LEAST 250hp & 245lb.-ft of torque (just my 2 cents)
Description: It's a car that has been in the headlines for years and that affordable sports car fans have been craving for even longer. An all-new Subaru-built front-mounted 2.0-liter Boxer engine sends 200hp...
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Danyaal Farooq Jun 18, 2012
Haha perfect memo
Memo Cabrera Jun 18, 2012
One does not simply...
Hunter Gonzalez Jun 18, 2012
That's my friend's dad
Domenic Sergi Jun 18, 2012
"this is what makes the car go vroom!"