Posted on: Jun 18, 2012
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Jay Leno Welcomes Scion FR-S to his Garage

The sports car that is bringing ‘sports’ back to driving has landed in Leno’s garage.
Scion VP and General Manager Jack Hollis heads to Jay Leno's garage for a top-to-bottom rundown of the recently released FR-S.

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It's a car that has been in the headlines for years and that affordable sports car fans have been craving for even longer. An all-new Subaru-built front-mounted 2.0-liter Boxer engine sends 200hp to the rear wheels, and sits nice and low in the Toyota rear-drive platform. The American version of the Toyota GT86 boasts the lowest center of gravity among all the coupes on the market today, and a result it is widely regarded as being one of the best to drive both on the road and track. Click the link to see what Jay thinks of the $25k two-door sports car.


by Adam Lynton
Jay Leno Welcomes Scion FR-S to his Garage
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