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Published: Jun 18, 2012
Description: Insane Racing has put together an awesome 7-minute montage of footage from the Formula Offroad Matrand 2012 event in Norway. Huge wheels, turbocharged V8s and power from 800-1,000hp. Gotta love the Vi...
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Sean Win Jun 20, 2012
1 ) big V8 turbo + NOS 2 ) Simple rules 3 ) lets go insane ! ^____^
Micah Buffat Jun 20, 2012
I can honestly say I've never seen any thing like that. It was cool
Michael Douglas Jun 19, 2012
That was insane.
Dale Denis Jun 18, 2012
Awesome video!!!
Arley Smith Jun 18, 2012
Great, need more
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
It'd be so awesome to drive one of these!
Devin Babyn Jun 18, 2012
Damn these are so nuts
Clint Edwards Jun 18, 2012
Ok, I want one of these
Jethroll Sarduy Jun 18, 2012
The one thing that I saw this video lacked was seeing these beast machines ride over water. It's a stunning thing to watch!
Jethroll Sarduy Jun 18, 2012
About dam time formula off road is awesome!
Dillon Dixon Jun 18, 2012
Agreed super awesome article carbuzz!
Zach Sullivan Jun 18, 2012
I've seen these on top gear before they r so sick
Mikey Jimenez Jun 18, 2012
Thank you car buzz we need more of these articles!
Description: Produced by Bjorn Michaelsen of Insane Racing and plucked from the 'Formula Offroad Matrand, Norway 2012' movie, the footage here is quite incredible and gives us a hankering for some seriou...
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Lee Gardner Jun 18, 2012
Wonder if he tried reverse