Description: You may be pleasantly surprised at the cars that will compete at the FIA's upcoming Formula E series. Typically an electric racecar is as lacking in acoustics as it is in aesthetics; their design...
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Justin Harris Jun 18, 2012
When I'm sleeping while I'm watching this, they'll be no beautiful loud sound to wake me up... But then again I might as well be sleeping because charging is gonna take forever. I hope they fix that.
Chris Penza Jun 18, 2012
Formula e is gonna tank. No real gearhead will go see this
Description: Part Dark Knight Batmobile, part closed-cockpit Le Mans prototype and with a hint of F1 design, the all-electric concept showcases the latest advances made in aerodynamics. Speaking with The Charging ...
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Andy Clouthier Jun 18, 2012
No 8 hour pit stops?
Nick Benz Jun 18, 2012
Theyd just slide in a whole new battery
Dan Ruth Jun 18, 2012
Too bad the races can only last around 15 mins before the car have to recharge.
Daniel Martín García Jun 18, 2012
It's the cousin of Red Bull X2010
Osian Williams Jun 18, 2012
I'd like to see that have a full stop it'd be in ye pits for days lol
Tony Marro Jun 21, 2012
That's ugly as hell. Looks like it was inspired by that blue scooter in the background.
Thibault Leroy Jun 18, 2012
its a concept there will be a real window in the actual car
Payton Ringrose Jun 18, 2012
good luck seein outta that window
Chris Penza Jun 18, 2012
Yeah it looks like it's paper mâché
Mark A. Young Jun 18, 2012
Why does it look like it's made of of cardboard and glue..?
Serg Karchevskyy Jun 18, 2012
Copy of Audi R18
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 18, 2012
Kinda reminds me of the redbull X2010 from GT5..
Jerrod Swenson Jun 18, 2012
Looks like the quality of stickers you put on a hot wheels track, not decals on an automobile.
Brandon Lidy Jun 18, 2012
My guess would be a window or open cockpit. This ain't the car itself
Chris Penza Jun 18, 2012
So how do you see out of this thing?
Bob Jones Jun 18, 2012
Yeah that's exactly what it looks like
Janak Solanki Jun 18, 2012
Looks like its part of the Lockheed stealth program