Comments - 24 Hours of Le Mans Comes to an End

Published: Jun 18, 2012
Description: The 80th 24 Hours of Le Mans has come to an end and while there were some dramatic moments, the overall winner didn't shock anyone. If you didn't already know, Peugeot opted not to compete t...
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Etienne Surrette Jul 16, 2012
I think he meant, "Why is it ending forever?". It's not...
Thibault Leroy Jun 18, 2012
well its been 24h XD
Jacob CornishMen Price Jun 18, 2012
why the fork is it ending
Payton Ringrose Jun 18, 2012
it ended a while ago
Description: While Davidson was trying to overtake the Ferrari, Perrazini bumped into him just enough to cause a major accident. Davidson fractured two vertebrae. The much publicized Nissan DeltaWing also bought t...
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Description: Mechanics couldn't figure out the exact problem and therefore were forced to retire it from the race. So who was left? Four Audi's looking to claim victory. They included the No. 1 R18 e-tro...
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Jesper Jensen Jun 20, 2012
Mcnish ruined it again for Tom Kristensen !! Dont use him again audi
Dan Ruth Jun 18, 2012
Not as good as last year where it was one audi vs three Peugeots, and the audi won.
Wilson LaFaver Jun 18, 2012
That's pretty cool
Ben August Jun 18, 2012
Kind of significant I guess
Description: In the end, Audi had a fantastic race, taking home first, second, third, and fifth place. Fourth place was taken by the No. 12 Rebellion Racing Lola Toyota. In sixth place was Le Mans newcomer JRM Mot...
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thelornin Jun 18, 2012
When the Audis was driving together that was power demonstration
Description: The GTE class was once again a battle between Aston Martin, Corvette, Ferrari, and Porsche. Although it was a hard-fought race, Ferrari was the ultimate winner, taking first, second, and fourth place....
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Colby Church Jun 19, 2012
Wait till the C7 comes, then we will see which is more capable. I say the next Corvette will be nearly invincible on the track and the street.
Phillip Greene Jun 18, 2012
Ooooh you said gts my bad hell yeah I would gladly admit the viper is the more capable track destroyer
Phillip Greene Jun 18, 2012
I dont know the video on it was out all day saterday and then sunday it was the other way round, and I dont know what a gt... Whatever is but hell know the only car that will ever be a better track car than a vett has a name that ends in gtsr
Bob Jones Jun 18, 2012
Does anyone know what happened with the #73 Corvette? I know that a guy in the pit didn't tighten the left rear wheel on the #74 car so it came off and caused a bunch of issues.
Mario Callirgos Jun 18, 2012
The vettes will have an even harder time next year with the GTS competing!! The corvettes reign may be over!
Phillip Greene Jun 18, 2012
Damnit 5th and 6th? Are kidding me? took the 24hr gt class 7 years in a row and then just 5th and 6th?
Description: All told, there were 21 official retirements and the only major injury was that of Davidson who's reportedly recovering well. The 80th 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race is always accompanied by ...
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Ole Martin Hoel Jun 18, 2012
Welcome home, soldier..
Bob Jones Jun 18, 2012
it's not, next year some hydrogen powered car will be in Garage 56. Although Deltawing is racing at Petit Le Mans this october, and probably/hopefully in ALMS next year
Ben Brown Jun 18, 2012
I heard during the race that it will be returning next year
Hank Austin Jun 18, 2012
Really? Aw damn I was hoping to see it again... If only it weren't for that idiot in the Toyota...
Jack Higgins Jun 18, 2012
It's not racing next year.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 18, 2012
Damn I wish the delta wing couldve at least finished the race. It wad such a feat of engineering to not to. Oh well theres always next year.