Description: This year's Gumball 3000 event ran from New York City to Hollywood and upon its conclusion in California, a Bugatti Grand Sport owner received a shock - a man placing a rather large snake in his ...
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Robert Young Apr 09, 2013
Rev it pinch it. I always hated to hear that when ur in a sports car
Justin Santinelli Jun 17, 2012
Nice maybach behind the veyron
Steven Velez Jun 17, 2012
should have revved at the end
Description: We're not snake aficionados, however that particular one looks like it could make anyone feel uncomfortable. The driver seemed less than thrilled to have it in his hands, though unfortunately he ...
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Pratik Parija Jun 17, 2012
I can imagine Sam Jackson
Zaire Wilkins Jun 17, 2012
one of the most epic RDL's inside the headlights
Tracy Keiser Dron Jun 20, 2012
Don't let it go, it bites your nuts and the car goes into a light pole... then you get nasty comments from people wondering how could you kill such a sexy machine.,. Lol
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 17, 2012
It's a red tail boa!
Matt Sutton Jun 17, 2012
Yes, that was pretty clever.
Rockesh Boulder Jun 17, 2012
@Troy Well right now I'm laughing mine off because of your comment
Troy Kessler Jun 17, 2012
Gotta be a viper owner somewhere nearby laughin his ass off.