Description: Yesterday's Gothenburg City Race in Sweden played host to debut sure to set the internet ablaze - a Volvo S60 Performance Concept by the Swedish automaker's official motorsports partner Pole...
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Adam Thomson Jan 17, 2013
We swedes can make pure sex with cars!!
Michael Riley Jun 19, 2012
I would buy this if I could. powerful sedans is my thing xD
Michael Riley Jun 19, 2012
looks beautiful.
Jeffrey Varghese Jun 19, 2012
Hope Volvo makes this car & the C30 also
Ivan Alfaro Jun 18, 2012
love this and also its little brother the c30 polestar edition
Kyle Kloewer Jun 17, 2012
Everyone hates Volvos but me.
Lukas Hellstr�m Jun 17, 2012
jay they are going to make it but it will be limited edition
Jose Alfonso Macias Jun 17, 2012
That's a badass volvo! I'd get one, it's not everday you see 500+ hp volvos that look this clean and aggressive
Austin Bride Jun 17, 2012
Jay go a page back and read the article please
Jay Tharpe Jun 17, 2012
This car is awesome, too bad they will never build it.
Matt Piccolo Jun 17, 2012
Yea this isn't a hatchback lmao
Jim Bagley Jun 17, 2012
Beautiful. I'll take one in black.
Andy Arana Jun 17, 2012
Now thats a hatchback!
Description: The kit contains a new front bumper with splitter, side skirts, trunk-lid spoiler and new rear bumper with integrated diffuser. It rides on a set of 19-inch wheels. Built to compete against the BMW M3...
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Diego Lozano Nov 12, 2012
Oh yeah
Tracy Keiser Dron Jun 20, 2012
Mmmm.... Yummie!!!
Nick Sti Jun 18, 2012
Damn that would sound good
Benjamin McCormick Jun 17, 2012
How much? I have my checkbook ready. The color is awesome too.
Dillon Dixon Jun 17, 2012
I would easily take this over an M3. This is different and a sleeper
Frederick Perez Jun 17, 2012
Cost less than an M3?
Stephen Krane Jun 17, 2012
If they made a limited production run it will probably be less powerful. This is tempting but I would still take an m3
Description: An Ohlins lowered suspension, Haldex all-wheel-drive and bigger Brembo brakes further enhance the S60, allowing it to blast off the line to 62mph in only 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed of over 186m...
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Graham Browne Jun 18, 2012
Agreed, looks like a comprehensive tune up! Ohlins shocks, want!