Comments - Le Mans 24 Hours Updates

Published: Jun 17, 2012
Description: We're only a few hours away from the completion of this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. The historic endurance race, which takes place every year, is always fully of drama, a crash or two, and m...
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Description: It's quite something as you can see the No. 8 Toyota TS030 piloted by Anthony Davidson have a little run-in with the No. 81 AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia being driven by Piergiuseppe Perrazini. Dav...
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Devin Mortenson Jun 20, 2012
@phillip well Audi does own Lamborghini
Phillip Greene Jun 18, 2012
Haha yeah last year two farraris took out two audis it was bad they must have some serious rivalry goin on
Jacob Moke Jun 17, 2012
Ya they should just pull The ferraries every year they take someone out
Jacob Moke Jun 17, 2012
The guy in the Toyota broke his back but it wasn't that bad I saw him standing when he got out but YEA AUDI!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Schnee Jun 17, 2012
It is... But it shows little to no impact on how the car flies. However, I helped landing on the wheels.
Michael Page Jun 17, 2012
Isn't that new mandatory wing running behind the drivers cabin supposed to stop the car from doing that exact flip while skidding sideways?
Michael Douglas Jun 17, 2012
Nicejob perrazini. Probably a bribe from audi to take out any rivals
Tim Wateva Jun 17, 2012
Last yr Audi lost 2 R18s due to contact with Ferraris this yr the toyotas took the hit...
Antonio Borja Jun 17, 2012
real don't know who the guy is but it clearly is the ferraris fault
Nick Schnee Jun 17, 2012
Perrazini made himself look VERY bad by denying that the crash was his fault...
Description: Initially both drivers appeared to be just fine, but it was soon announced that Davidson suffered two fractured vertebra. The Toyota No. 7 TS030 Hybrid soon suffered an accident of its when it crashed...
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Todd Kennedy Jun 18, 2012
ahhhhh come on that was so intentional delta was in front of him he should of knew it was there
Phillip Greene Jun 18, 2012
Hate to see that happen even to the oposition I acualy wanted to see it move through some curves
Brendan Bell Jun 18, 2012
No, not the deltawing! I really wanted to see what it could do!
Henz Herrero Jun 17, 2012
The last comment almost made sense..
Jacob Moke Jun 17, 2012
The Toyota sucked the one part that was Toyota made failed on them. There engine gave up
Cho Dan Jun 17, 2012
I bet he's pissed!
Adam Hafiz Jun 17, 2012
Nooooo, the deltawing!
Mark Hewlett Jun 17, 2012
Was a shame too, was looking forward to see what it could do
Description: The TS030 Hybrid had trouble of its when it kept stalling in the pit lane and mechanics had to push it back to the garage where it was soon retired from the race. According to the most recent updates ...
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Pratik Parija Jun 17, 2012
Toyota back after a long time while Audi has created a dynasty with the second most wins in LeMans history
Audi Tech Jun 17, 2012
HaHa. A hybrid just kicked your ass.
Phillip Greene Jun 18, 2012
Yeah right, you see that perfect inside pass over that audi about two hours in? It was beautiful I jumped off my couch
Alex Klemstein Jun 17, 2012
Oh, two broken tail lights, that means the car is complete crap and isn't fast and sucks lololol American quality.
Patrick Schalk Jun 17, 2012
I dunno if you've ever watched these races. But plenty of things get busted.
Austin Oxner Jun 17, 2012
And of course it is the Chevy with the busted tail light.
Evan Cook Jun 17, 2012
It's illegal to drive with a burnt out brake light lol
Killian Wright Jun 17, 2012
I wouldn't want to see that in my rear view mirror.
SupaDupaMe Jun 17, 2012
Look at that 458.... Badass!
Nick Schnee Jun 17, 2012
This green Ferrari looks so sick!