Description: The Top Gear Live Stunt Team deserves a very vigorously golf clap for this one. The team just performed the first-ever back-to-back loop-the-loop in the history of the world.
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Timothy Hooker Jun 22, 2012
blah...I thought they were gonna do it in the porsche. darn
David Liebe Hart Jun 18, 2012
That was pretty sick
Samuel Bonorden Jun 18, 2012
I am a HUGE fan of Top Gear
Kevin Haeberle Jun 18, 2012
Not really the first time it was done. I mean the guy had to practice right? Haha
Joey Pena Jun 17, 2012
jeez, some people are never satisfied!
Thibault Leroy Jun 17, 2012
yeah that wasnt very exiting at all
SuperTrofeo Jun 17, 2012
they should've done sonething original i mean: it has never been done before, but it's really sad seeing them so uninspired to done something already done, but twice!! :O:O invent something new how hard could it be to make a corkscrew?? (hard to drive, yes, but not impossible) and thats how it should be: very hard but not impossible
Rithhin Jawahar Jun 17, 2012
Hahaha he does :D
Jon Ashley Jun 17, 2012
ha, he does flip him off
Kevin Callejas Jun 17, 2012
Look at that dashing DBS and clarkson flips off Hammond 0:16
Logan LeMonnier Jun 17, 2012
Eh that wasn't very Exciting
Sam Oglesby Jun 17, 2012
Well it's never been done before
Description: The "Deadly 720 is the biggest, boldest and most technically challenging stunt ever performed by the record breaking Top Gear Live Stunt Team." That sounds about right. The stunt was pulled ...
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Logan LeMonnier Jun 17, 2012
Was this practice maybe?
Alex Bouckley Jun 20, 2012
Haha McLaren fax machine. Nice one
David Eslava Jun 19, 2012
McLaren Fax Machine!!
Jason Benedikto Wijaya Jun 19, 2012
Captain Slow(James May) McLaren MP4-12C,Jezza(Jeremy Clarkson) Aston Martin DBS,Hamster(Richard Hammond) Porsche 911 GT3 RS IS TOO EASY BECAUSE I LOVE TOP GEAR
Brendan Bell Jun 18, 2012
Yupp Richard has the 911
Paul Dickey Jun 18, 2012
Yeah hard to tell with them standing next to the cars.
Kyle Kloewer Jun 17, 2012
Richard and his 911s
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 17, 2012
Can you guess whos car is who. Its to easy now