Comments - BMW Unveils 2013 B7 Alpina Upgrades

Published: Jun 17, 2012
Description: The BMW 7 Series is a monster of a car, both in size and luxury. While many would be more than satisfied with something along the lines of a 3 or 5 Series, there are those who simply require more. Amo...
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Description: Powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 540hp and 538lb-ft of torque, it's mated to a new eight-speed high-performance automatic transmission that sends power to either the rear...
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Justin Routh Jun 17, 2012
194 in a 7 series is damn impressive
Micah Lau Jun 18, 2012
... 5-Series and E-Class models. Yuuuup! I'd like to see that thing.
Micah Lau Jun 18, 2012
It'd be nice to see if Audi will enter this market with an RS8 (I think that name is already taken, but you catch my drift). If so, it could be hard to beat with its ASF (aluminum space frame) that will have it weigh as much as its competitor's...
Justin Santinelli Jun 17, 2012
@kan that's not true, atleast match the s63 with the panamera turbo, not the turbo s...
Kan Wes Jun 17, 2012
The only other sedan that you can probably put in the same sentence as the s63 is the panamera turbo s. the s65 hasn't met its match yet.
Jason Brower Jun 17, 2012
Power, refined just enough to be put in a big sedan.
Jason Brower Jun 17, 2012
No offense Stan, but, at least in terms of performance, the b7 and s65 are on different planets. The extra 90 hp and 200 ft lbs is a huge difference. The b7 is set up to be more of a comfortable tourer with adequate power. The s65 is simply brutal
Darren Martin Jun 17, 2012
This is such a sick car
Stan Mitchell Jun 17, 2012
I love the B7. It might be the only sedan that competes with the S65 AMG.
Description: Also offered in both Standard and Long Wheelbase, BMW has added 30 new parts which supposedly enhances the design and frontal aerodynamics by more effectively channeling the cooling air that's ne...
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Description: The asking price for this German luxury performance fun package: $127,600, and that's just for the rear-wheel-drive, short wheelbase version. The xDrive runs for $136,600, while the long-wheelbas...
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Andrzej Rydlewski Jun 18, 2012
Very well then. I am not surprised because they sure know how to take care of a car.
Carlton Salmon Jun 18, 2012
@ Andrzej. Alpina is an official manufacturer, not a tuning company.
Andrzej Rydlewski Jun 18, 2012
The only tuner that can touch beemers.
John Serely Jun 17, 2012
This looks great! Love the color
Patrick Joseph Jun 17, 2012
On an older alpina the wheel caps had locks and the owner had lost the key. I had to drill the damn thing. They look nice but they can be a pain.
Christopher Melendez Jun 17, 2012
must be a nightmare cleaning those rims
alvincar Jun 17, 2012
y BMW never change the look at entertaiment area from x series to 7 .
John Serely Jun 17, 2012
Love the blue gauges