Comments - $15 Million Worth of Paganis Lined Up in a Row

Published: Jun 17, 2012
Description: The Pagani Vanishing Point event is just one of those incredible meetings that any automotive enthusiast needs to see before they die. The event featured 11 amazing Zondas and a single gorgeous Huayra...
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Carlton Salmon Jun 18, 2012
If given the choice of these I'd take the Huyara. Or if a Zonda the rare RHD car.
Roger James Franco Jun 18, 2012
Just to add I do like the Zonda but given the choice it's the Huyara for me.
Roger James Franco Jun 18, 2012
Huyara looks way better than the Zonda. Both are extreme in their own right but the Huyara has way nicer proportions & a cleaner design. Don't get why people don't like it.
Zach Dougie Mahan Jun 18, 2012
Tricolore looks incredible
Matt Piccolo Jun 17, 2012
Ohhh sooo sexy!!! O.O
Luis Mora Jun 17, 2012
Damn. Those are amazing.
Keiler Countryman Jun 17, 2012
Anyone have a new pair of pants. The huayra is beautiful
Thibault Leroy Jun 17, 2012
i dont dont like the huyra but i prefer the Zonda like 100000X better
Kenneth Williams Jun 17, 2012
I still don't like the huyara
Daniel Padilla Jun 17, 2012
They should have them all start their engines and rev them at the same time
Zach Pate Jun 17, 2012
And then a massive hailstorm appears out of nowhere.
Stan Mitchell Jun 17, 2012
That Zonda R looks like a body builder amongst a bunch of ice skating pansies.
Justin Tucker Jun 17, 2012
That's a wet dream...
Description: Amongst the Pagani Zondas on display were a Tricolore, Zonda R, C12 S and an orange Prototype 2 with a Zonda 750 configuration. The Huayra is Pagani's follow-up to the Zonda and looks incredible ...
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Nicholas Barbagallo Jun 17, 2012
Don't forget the Cinque
Thibault Leroy Jun 17, 2012
haha i was just thinking the same thing XD haha
Logan LeMonnier Jun 17, 2012
Everytime i see huayra I think of the guys from top gear attempting to say it and I read it that way. Hu way ra? Hu ah ya?
Edward Galligan Sep 15, 2013
I'll take the tricoloré too
Tyler Wallace Feb 25, 2013
Ill takev the tri color
Alex Bouckley Jun 20, 2012
Love te orange Cinque
Zachary Crowley Jun 18, 2012
Yeah Ben is exactly right haha. They take the SLS to work, the Zondas only see sunlight on days like these
Ben August Jun 18, 2012
Lol. The SLS is what the owners of these zondas ACTUALLY drive.
Erik Rudolph Jun 18, 2012
Well the SLS is a super car and any pagani is a hyper car can't compare they are unique in their own way
Nicholas Barbagallo Jun 17, 2012
I'll take the Cinque as well
John Serely Jun 17, 2012
I completely agree, esam
Esam Mohammad Jun 17, 2012
Even on the Track the SLS won't let you down I guarantee
Esam Mohammad Jun 17, 2012
Saying that the SLS is a joke is stupid !! Even compared to zondas , the SLS is a historical car .. I know a zonda would cost more and perform better ,still the SLS is the car I'd take cruising downtown with a Hot blonde .
Kyle Anderson Jun 17, 2012
Yeah I'm sorry but I'd probably not even notice the SLS's were sitting there.
John Serely Jun 17, 2012
@iman yea, but the sls is 1/7 or 1/8 the price of a zonda, so that would be expected haha
Luis Mora Jun 17, 2012
What are the SLS doing there?
Iman Ibrahim Jun 17, 2012
That is so true. The SLS isn't anything compared to the Zondas.
Thibault Leroy Jun 17, 2012
yeah compared to all those zondas the sls looks like nothing
John Serely Jun 17, 2012
Not really mark, nice try though hahaha
Matthew Mckernan Jun 17, 2012
The things I would do for just 1 of those zondas...
Ervis At Jun 17, 2012
The sls does not look like a joke
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 17, 2012
Haha yea i bet they feel poor
Mark Donnelly Jun 17, 2012
The sls looks like a joke compared to these cars
David Liebe Hart Jun 17, 2012
760 proto is very cool
Treston Ott Jun 17, 2012
The middle isn't the R it's the Tricolore
Wilson LaFaver Jun 17, 2012
It's just the prototype
Jason Brower Jun 17, 2012
I'm surprised the 750/760 doesn't have center locking hubs like the cinque and the R. They look so much nicer and are much faster to change.