Comments - Unique of the Week: 2001 Ultima GTR

Published: Jun 16, 2012
Description: For those who have the means to buy whatever car they'd like, there's more than a good chance they've already bought that car(s). When you're financially fortunate enough to simply...
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Description: You've got the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and perhaps even a Bugatti Veyron. Add to this some uber premium sedans and you're almost set. Almost. Now you think it's time to own somet...
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Bob Jones Jun 16, 2012
"Good build quality" might be a bit of a stretch, but it's awesome anyway.
Matthew Malyapa Jun 16, 2012
Totally kills rwd drag in fm4
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Jun 16, 2012
vv download the car pack...
Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 16, 2012
How do u get this car in forza?
Doe John Jun 16, 2012
A face only a mother could love
Nick Benz Jun 16, 2012
Those air intakes could eat babies
Austin Bride Jun 16, 2012
This thing is a complete beast in forza
Description: Although some will opt to build the car themselves in kit form, the company highly recommends for a Chevrolet small-block V8 mated to either a Porsche or Getrag transaxle as the ideal engine-transmiss...
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Andrew Grimm Jun 16, 2012
That is one project I WILL do one day. Have a complete build kit car and go to chevy's performance center and build my own engine! That is one thing I want to do before I die!
Description: With this latter setup, the car can supposedly go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and can do the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds at 143 mph. All told, it weighs just 2,183 lbs., thereby giving it a better...
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Austin Bride Jun 21, 2012
It broke the track record but it wasn't I the show
Jackson Michael Jun 16, 2012
Technically, it's called a Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. Just sayin....
Den Zo Jun 16, 2012
wouldn't you like to see Enzo Ferrari run around Top Gear's test track with the Stig strapped to his back ?
Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
its not an Enzo Ferrari its a Ferrari Enzo. When you say Enzo Ferrari you are referring to the man
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 16, 2012
It was a while ago.. An old episode..
Andrew Grimm Jun 16, 2012
Well that means its not "road practical" so they leave it off
Brandon Lidy Jun 16, 2012
That's a strange reason to remove its time
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 16, 2012
I remember that, but they didn't leave it up because it can't clear speed bumps
Logan LeMonnier Jun 16, 2012
I don't remember that...maybe
Alex Klemstein Jun 17, 2012
What do you mean? I absolutely believe Matthew. Even I once got to sit in my friends space shuttle he takes to the moon every now and then.
Jackson Michael Jun 16, 2012
I love it when people try to brag about cool stuff their "friends" have
Matthew Reindorp Jun 16, 2012
Know someone with a red one it's awesome... Not the same presence when sat next to another friends enzo though...
Description: The car returned to the show and its track in 2009 and set a new record time of 1 minute 9.9 seconds, although that particular car was not street legal. Even though the Ultima GTR is kind of rare, we ...
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Description: It was displayed from 2001 until 2005 when it was prepped (meaning given the GM crate V8) for the 2006 One Lap of America. It currently has 9,275 miles on the odometer and has a 'Buy it Now'...
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Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
i find that to be a good price
Chris Penza Jun 16, 2012
As much as I love this car, you couldn't drive it to a track because a speed bump would kill the chassis
Michael Kozlowski Jun 16, 2012
I know it's just over a decade old, but 80k doesn't seem all that unreasonable of a price.
Zach Frajer Jan 24, 2014
I've seen 2 of These had I know the rarity and raw power would have taken more pics then I did check out the pic @deluxeautos on instagram
Zach Frajer Jan 24, 2014
Follow me on Instagram I'm a car page @deluxeautos
M 616 Jun 18, 2012
somthing wrong bout the windscreen but otherwise pretty nice
Matthew Mckernan Jun 16, 2012
I like this car and respect it, but my god it is ugly.
Payton Ringrose Jun 16, 2012
i would paint it matte black if i got it
Logan LeMonnier Jun 16, 2012
It's on but not ugly
Devin Babyn Jun 16, 2012
Idk I find this to be quite ugly
Cody Andree Jun 16, 2012
I first seen this on that show where they drive each others cars and rate them. I thought the guy with this car was gunna win. Def. A sick ride. Some guy with a rat rode won.
Carlton Salmon Jun 16, 2012
Always loved the look of these cars. Plus they sound like thunder...I like that...
John Serely Jun 16, 2012
I like how it looks
Jackson Michael Jun 16, 2012
It reminds me of the cockpit of a ww2 fighter.
Chris Penza Jun 16, 2012
This looks like something that would come out of burnout
Antonio Borja Jun 17, 2012
this car is WACK. in my opinion of course
Cody Andree Jun 16, 2012
Haha Brenton me as well. Earnhardt got the win. RIP
Brenton Cozby Jun 16, 2012
the back reminds me of a chevy stock car
Mark Donnelly Jun 16, 2012
the back reminds me of the McLaren F1
Austin Bride Jun 21, 2012
Why this is 20x closer to an f40 than a 458
Antonio Borja Jun 17, 2012
don't compare to a f40. ever
Phillip Greene Jun 17, 2012
How can you tell its not? Its not very good looking but that doesnt make it badly built look at a f40 very simplified track set up my all time favorite farrari not much diffrent than this
Pablo Herasme Jun 16, 2012
GM fan: Great built quality here. Haha jk
Johnny Hoover Jun 16, 2012
Wow you would be holding your passengers hand the whole time
Carlton Salmon Jun 16, 2012
Not that you'd be able to hear it!
Gary Howard Jun 16, 2012
Wow it has a radio!
Antonio Borja Jun 17, 2012
Sam you're an idiot. in my opinion of course!!!! hahahah bwahahaha hahahahaaaa
Sam Oglesby Jun 16, 2012
If its built in England why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car
Phil McKrackin Jun 16, 2012
I'm sure it would be difficult changing track at 150 !
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 17, 2012
Now that's an interior. Beautiful because it's not by most people's standards.
Dale Fredriks Jun 16, 2012
I would definitely call this the last word in luxury. I mean, a Maybach doesn't come with a fire extinguisher.
SupaDupaMe Jun 16, 2012
Interesting place for the key
Flymcbean Jun 16, 2012
Because its a safety feature, you need two hands on the wheel at all times except when shifting gears to drive this car.
Brenton Cozby Jun 16, 2012
driver can't reach the radio....
Trent Bourgeois Jun 16, 2012
Ahhh. What a nice engine.
Logan Delony Jun 16, 2012
Yeah maybe a few inches wider
Brenton Cozby Jun 16, 2012
needs bigger tires
Dale Fredriks Jun 16, 2012
If you ask the people who see it to squint, you could pass it off as a jet car.