Description: They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the Houston Coffee and Cars meets rarely disappoint. The event takes place once a month at Vintage Park and features some of the best local cars in the Hous...
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Dave Stewart Jun 21, 2012
Beautiful beautiful cars good job capturing them I would love to walk around and se them good thing I'm obsessed with cars.
Chris Thomas Jun 17, 2012
Yeah even in Dallas the exotics seemed to be scared away at our Cars and Coffee the beginning thats all there were but over the years a lot of stock domestics clog up the show and people are afraid of getting their cars keyed or damaged !!!
Logan LeMonnier Jun 16, 2012
I wish they had more of these in Michigan. It's usually just classic American here
Dale Fredriks Jun 16, 2012
Poor guy in his Porsche Boxster. He must feel hopelessly poor.
Zachary Crowley Jun 16, 2012
exactly michael. Plus they had a ferrari racing 18 wheeler drop off fxx and others.
Michael Ly Jun 16, 2012
The best part to me is when all the cars are leaving.just hearing all the different sounds of nice's music to my ears!
Michael Trinchini Jun 16, 2012
The meets are awesome every 1st saturday of every month can't believe all the super cars that actually show up!
Michael Upchurch Jun 16, 2012
That's the best meet I've ever seen. It's got something for every type of gear head. Very cool!
Zack Farmer Jun 16, 2012
This meet its pretty serious, wish I was there
Description: The event in the largest city in Texas featured plenty of Nissan GT-Rs, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1s, Lamborghinis and more. The Ferraris on hand were especially brilliant, with a California, 458 Italia, 430...
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Alex Bouckley Jun 20, 2012
I. Can't. Forget. To. Go. Next. Month... I missed it again :(
Zachary Crowley Jun 16, 2012
What up Nick? I was there too. epic epic sound
Nick El-Khoury Jun 16, 2012
Alright I so I was in vintage two weeks ago just to see the FXX. Team Ferrari said they would fire it up for a bit so I got front row seats about 5 feet behind the tail. A few minutes later...I was deaf and drenched in sweat. Car nirvana.
Cody Matthews Jun 16, 2012
Holy Viper Heaven...
Oscar Galvan Jun 16, 2012
My neighbor has a first gen viper!
Logan Delony Jun 16, 2012
First gen viper <3
Michael Ly Jun 16, 2012
Last time I was there a while ago, someone had an sweet.
Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
the bulls would stomp on the snakes
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 16, 2012
Deadliest cars there the amount of venom would eat up most of those horses and bulls
Ada Onwukaike Jun 16, 2012
Hell shit i love this snakes
Matthew Crighton Jun 16, 2012
Oh baby. That is a lot of snake.
Oscar Galvan Jun 16, 2012
Hell Yea! Now that's what I'm talking
Thibault Leroy Jun 20, 2012
@Marcello im pretty sure he said that about the diablo because the murcielago was the first car made by lamborghini under VW
Ben Norton Jun 17, 2012
Logan a lot of murcies are manual as well
Logan LeMonnier Jun 16, 2012
@Kyle The lambo is prob paddle shift and r8 a manual
Kyle Smith Jun 16, 2012
I'll go for whichever one's stick, if any of them are that is.
Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
id go with the murcielago
Payton Ringrose Jun 16, 2012
r8 is more stealth
Patrick Schalk Jun 16, 2012
Nicest VWs I've ever seen
Matthew Crighton Jun 16, 2012
R8 is more my style.
John Serely Jun 16, 2012
Hmm... First gen gallardo spyder, r8 it murcielago roadster? If have to go with the murci, love the color
Devin Mortenson Jun 20, 2012
In my town I once saw an old BMW hatchback with eb110 rims
Serge Pankratov Jun 18, 2012
The last year the made the diablo is still my fav bull and this red one is EXACTLY wat id get i i had the chance =] its just so classy
Rockesh Boulder Jun 17, 2012
I saw the EB110, at the Petersen Museum in LA. And Payton, btw, I'm only a teenager, and I know much more aboutcars than you do. Cheers
David Munasinghe Jun 16, 2012
@payton. Guess you are not much of car guy.By the way other bugatti you mentioned is eb110 and the Lamborghini is a late model diablo.
Bob Jones Jun 16, 2012
It actually does have 300zx headlights
Logan Delony Jun 16, 2012
That is a seriously beautiful car. Troll somewhere else
Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
that is a Lamborghini Diablo
Payton Ringrose Jun 16, 2012
wtf is with the first red car....nasty looks like 300z meets lambo meets that other buggati