Comments - KTM X-Bow Getting a Windshield and Doors

Published: Jun 16, 2012
Description: The hardcore KTM X-Bow is lightning fast, which is all well and good. But in the rain it's about as useful as a chocolate fireman. Furthermore, it's not available in the US. So why do we eve...
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Nathan Geiter Jun 16, 2012
Well Jeremy Clarkson will sure be happy!
Matthew Reindorp Jun 16, 2012
It's not actually that quick... Our friend has one and it's slow around the track compared to most of the cars we are with...
Oscar Galvan Jun 16, 2012
Chocolate fireman are very useful!
Description: While not exactly a roof, it will act as such, fitting to the new windshield in order to provide passengers a modicum of protection from the elements. It will only be useable at speeds less than 80mph...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 16, 2012
Could you imagine being in the highway in that, you wold get run over!
Wyatt Gordon Jun 16, 2012
Oh yes, because all pedestrians travel at 80 mph
Pratik Parija Jun 16, 2012
That's what was asked of them by Top Gear! Lol
John Serely Jun 16, 2012
Yes!! Please bring it to the US
Jesse Adams Jun 23, 2012
Here's a video of the KLM X-Bow R modified by MTM-Motors in Monaco during the 2012 Top Marques event. Feel free to embed the video in this article if you like.
Pablo Herasme Jun 17, 2012
So now it can be an actual car
Hank Austin Jun 16, 2012
Cars can be too aggressive... This doesnt work because it's too small... It looks really pissed off like you came up to it and said "hey there little guy" and now it's spouting random insults at you because you made fun of his height...
Matthew Reindorp Jun 16, 2012
Wouldn't buy one of these... Couldnt handle the downgrade :P
Ben August Jun 16, 2012
I'd love to put this next to my R6, and 69 Coronet haha. They're like three polar opposites, yet similarly all celebrations of Motorsport.
Zach Sullivan Jun 16, 2012
I'm just sayin for me its over aggressive if u like it well then good for u just sayin its not my style I'm not saying anything bad about it I just don't like the styling
Zach Pate Jun 16, 2012
I don't get how it can be "over aggressive". I think it looks phenomenal. I used to race KTM dirtbikes and i now i own a KTM motard bike. They are all amazing, well designed machines. I would love to drive this.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 16, 2012
Doors and a windshield happy days!
Zach Sullivan Jun 16, 2012
a little to aggressive for me but still a good car
Redge Diakité Jun 16, 2012
@Carlton No it's at the Nurburgring and you can recognize it with the words on the road ;)
Carlton Salmon Jun 16, 2012
Eau Rouge at Spa, maybe?
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 19, 2012
And Hondas color is red but you don't see them littering every car with it? For the benefit of the car change it to a matte gun metal would look amazing.
Austin Bride Jun 16, 2012
Orange is ktms color though
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 16, 2012
Swap the orange for something more neutral and I think it won't look over aggressive.
Stan Mitchell Jun 16, 2012
It looks like it WANTS to run you over.