Description: 140 Ferraris participated in the Mille Miglia race this year and, at the same time, all were parked in the same garage for one of the most impressive sights we have ever seen. You can go ahead and add...
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Mitchell Azar Jun 17, 2012
I can take the 458 plz
Tyler Tarbox Jun 16, 2012
I'll take the Fiat 500 ;)
SupaDupaMe Jun 16, 2012
Yellow F50..... Sick!!!
Matthew Mckernan Jun 16, 2012
I will take all of those GTOs please.
Jacob Gardner Jun 16, 2012
What's up with the hummer?
Description: Claudio Scalise and Daniel Claramount of Argentina took out the top spots during this year's running of the race. Giovane1991 shot this clip and mentioned that there were 11 Ferrari 599 GTOs, 3 S...
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Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
you would go to heaven because of what Antonio said XD haha but yeah it would be an eargasm for them to all start at the same time XD
Matthew Mckernan Jun 16, 2012
@jake, OMG that would be like heaven.
Antonio Borja Jun 16, 2012
die of co2 overload
Jake Sully Jun 16, 2012
Imagine they all start up at the same time...
Thomas Sloan Jun 16, 2012
Theres 140 ferraris in here and we get a poc of 1.5 hmmm
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Jun 16, 2012
Sorry bud that's an F50
David Liebe Hart Jun 16, 2012
I really like that color on it