Comments - Epic B-List Celebrity Car Crashes

Published: Jun 16, 2012
Description: Hollywood's B-list celebrities seem to have the worst luck. They choose the worst movie roles, make terrible choices in their personal lives and get into an inordinate amount of car accidents. Af...
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Description: Recently, Lindsay Lohan found her way back into the headlines when she crashed a 2012 Porsche 911. The car in question wasn't even Lohan's (it was rented), and rumor has it that the actress ...
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Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
B list!?! Really? She's that high? (see what I did there?) :P
Sebastian Grey Jun 16, 2012
In their defence, that was the last real movie Lohan was in.
David Liebe Hart Jun 16, 2012
Again carbuzz with the mean girls reference, seriously?
Phillip Holbrook Jun 16, 2012
Guys it was Lohan I'm sure there was cocaine and ecstasy involved. Oh maybe she's on bath salts now too....naked Lohan zombie
Logan Delony Jun 16, 2012
Or female by itself. Lmao
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
Female + Porsche 911 + Alcohol = Crash
Description: Eddie Griffin was the man behind the totaling of this Ferrari Enzo. Griffin, one of the "stars" of the movie "Redline," totaled the car on California's Irwindale Speedway. The...
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Nick Rios Jun 20, 2012
"nigga can't drive" hah
Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
Yo, the owner just dropped the motor in his sons civic, now the stickers have the horsepower behind them. Dawg
Connor Wagner Jun 16, 2012
That's hard to look at
Harrison Trapnell Jun 16, 2012
I cant look at it! Its too devastating!
rockstarTc Jun 16, 2012
That movie was was pretty damn good, but yeah the director took the money out of his pay, and he had nothing left after it
David Liebe Hart Jun 16, 2012
Why couldn't I have been the one to crash this? Hahaha
Oscar Galvan Jun 16, 2012
In the video it didn't seem he was going fast enough to do this kind of damage
Brad Wood Jun 16, 2012
He demonstrates his complete lack of ability to drive in that video. I wouldn't let him drive a Corolla.
Tanton Stoneman Jun 16, 2012
I would strangle him to death. I'd do the time.
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
I'll bet the owner thought about replacing him. Lol. I would have been "über" pissed.
Josh Knight Jun 16, 2012
celebs get nice cars go to a bar get drunk then wreck nice cars so celebs are idiotic and trash compacters
Michael Ioia Jun 16, 2012
There is a video of him doing this on YouTube.
Description: Nick Hogan's Supra wreck only makes this list because of how badly wrecked his car was. Hogan's passenger was severely injured, but the wrestler's son walked away unscathed. He did howe...
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Phillip Holbrook Jun 17, 2012
Because someone was severely hurt in this one, that's why it is no linger comical. If you're going to call us hypocrites, don't turn around and make our argument for us in the same breath.
Kenneth Williams Jun 16, 2012
Yea the dude was paralyzed but it's about nick not the passenger. Stop acting like a bunch of sensitive girls. Not like they were talking trash about the guy
Phillip Holbrook Jun 16, 2012
Yeah he was paralyzed, so I'd retract the no one was hurt comment. Nick has been really tore up about the incident too. Went into a deep depression for a long time.
Oscar Galvan Jun 16, 2012
Was he really paralyzed?
Brad Wood Jun 16, 2012
Agreed Max. Tasteless.
Max Waite Jun 16, 2012
After saying that nobody got hurt, this seems like it shouldn't have made the list... Paralysis is no jokw
Theviper007 Jul 09, 2012
I saw this crash in Real Life no lie
Anthony Surdo Jun 17, 2012
@Dustin- I have seen a Chevy truck get into an accident with a Japanese car and the Chevy got really f'd up
Adam Sampson Jun 17, 2012
@Zack American car in this situation = slight dent + all occupants dead because of no crumble zones and resulting blunt force trauma!
Riley Di Pol Jun 17, 2012
He did drift so maybe he thought he was better then he was
Zack Hartman Jun 16, 2012
American car in this situation = slight dent
Drew Storrusten Jun 16, 2012
He missed graduating highschool because he didn't wear a seatbelt. Serious shit this stuff is. Longer than 5 months for sure.
Drew Storrusten Jun 16, 2012
This is why they make RACETRACKS!!!! An enclosed course specifically for going fast. And if you're Gona go fast, 5point safety harness and a roll cage. Geez. I and my passengers will always wear a seatbelt after my friend died in his accident.
Besim Hojhalli Jun 16, 2012
Why a supra, whhhhhyyyyyy???!!!!
Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
Bull, thanks for the update. Some people I truly hate, and I can add that DB to the list. 1 learn to drive 2 learn to drive fast, professionally 3 do it safely, and do it right 4 if your going to hurt someone, hurt yourself, and don't ruin other ppl
Matthew Malyapa Jun 16, 2012
Wrong lancia is the strongest!!!!
Dale Fredriks Jun 16, 2012
@kallendrix That's exactly what I thought
Matt Piccolo Jun 16, 2012
@ dustin, yea cuz chevys are so well built, they last so much longer than any Japanese car (sarcasm)
Kalendrix Cook Jun 16, 2012
It looks like its mid way transforming into an Autobot
Nathan Rothschild Jun 16, 2012
Dumbass. A classic taken off the street by a dumb rich kid.
rockstarTc Jun 16, 2012
This guy is a total tool, and deserved much worse than what he got
Kyle Anderson Jun 16, 2012
Agreed Brandon, celebrities get off with way too much.
Brandon Navidad Jun 16, 2012
Man that's horrible
Zaire Wilkins Jun 16, 2012
dam i glimpsed a viper for a sec but this car is just......
Brandon Lidy Jun 16, 2012
No shit huh anyone else paralyze their friend in a wreck and they're gone a bit longer than 5 months
Austin Bride Jun 16, 2012
Why the hell is the hood open
Charlie Best Jun 16, 2012
Hogans son is a spoiled idiot that should still be locked up. Terrible what happened to the passenger.
Matt Piccolo Jun 16, 2012
Noooooooooooooooo! R.I.P SUPRA!!!
Bull Dogone Jun 16, 2012
Happened in Tampa, FL. His passenger was left paralyzed and in need of 24 hour care the rest of his life. People don't realize the dangers of speed until its tragic ending.
Description: If you thought you would only see Lindsay Lohan once on this list, then you thought wrong. Before crashing a 2012 Porsche 911, Lilo was wrecking her Mercedes-Benz during a chase with the paparazzi. Ma...
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Theviper007 Jul 09, 2012
Give Her a smart car
Chris Penza Jun 16, 2012
She should only be able to buy priuses, smart cars, and daihatsu midget II's
Harrison Trapnell Jun 16, 2012
Haha lol it would be 1 less Prius on the planet after a week!
Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
someone give lindsay lohan a prius
Etienne Surrette Jul 16, 2012
I hope we all speak sarcasm...
Esam Mohammad Jun 16, 2012
@tim 100% agreed
TimEngland Jun 16, 2012
Lohan, next time you get a hold of a nice car donate it to me before you wreck it. there are people out there, like me, that would kill for the kind of cars you can buy, and all you do is act in movies, realistically that is NOT an important job. People like me would appreciate these cars not destroy them...
Chris Penza Jun 16, 2012
@Brandon if she wrecks again? Don't you mean when?
Colin Dzendolet Jun 16, 2012
give her a Chery from China, watch the crash tests on YouTube, guarantee to be rid of her then
Brandon Lidy Jun 16, 2012
If she can get away with what all she has done, im sure you could get away with holding an Uzi out the window. As long as its an expensive car. Need to give her a smart car so if she wrecks again, she's gone
Oscar Galvan Jun 16, 2012
@Tanton I could be wrong but that may be illegal. Just maybe
Tanton Stoneman Jun 16, 2012
Paparazzi. I'm pretty sure if I was a celebrity, I would take my newly acquired Aventador and hold an Uzi out the window, capping every photographer in sight.
Carlton Salmon Jun 16, 2012
SL65? Have to say, Lilo does have good taste in the cars she crashes.