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Published: Jun 16, 2012
Description: Despite the high cost of burnouts, and their potential danger, people still love to see and perform them. Smoking tires make for a great show, but what's even better are smoking clutches. And if ...
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Joe Fats Harper Jun 18, 2012
Clint speaks the truth.
Matt Martir Jun 17, 2012
@nick. Also you dont get the point of a burnout because you cant do it properly in an AWD sti scooby
Clint Edwards Jun 16, 2012
No, the purpose of a burnout is to piss of the neighbors, moisten your girlfriend's panties and make your buddies feel inadequate
Dave Stewart Jun 16, 2012
The purpose of a burnout is to warm your tires before a drag that's what it has always been used for or for other need the tires to be sticky Purpose lol
Michael Kozlowski Jun 16, 2012
The only point a burnout has is for drag racing(at least the only point I can think of). You can burnout to heat up the tires and get em sticky for the best launch possible.
Kyle Smith Jun 16, 2012
You won't understand if you're not young. Yeah it's dumb but there are much dumber things you could be doing as a youth. Nice cars are meant to be driven, and hard at that. My 330i has been through countless burnouts.
Nick Sti Jun 16, 2012
I still don't get the point of burnouts. Its like drifting with no motion. Burnt tires, wasted fuel, and harsh on your car
Description: This genius is attempting to perform a burnout in his VW Derby. Things look good initially, but the good times quickly come to an end, with a small fire and a ton of smoke ruining the festivities.
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Evan Cook Jun 16, 2012
Bitchin clutch yo
Sam Oglesby Jun 16, 2012
And that boys and girls is how you blow a hole in your gearbox
Alberto Rajerno Jun 16, 2012
I don't think he was "attempting" to do a burnout. It looks like was "doing" a burnout....
Jesper Jensen Jun 16, 2012
Its not a vw !! Its a Seat Cordoba
Dave Stewart Jun 16, 2012
Up their learning cars and the future of racing getting faster all the time just enjoy the car scene
Dave Stewart Jun 16, 2012
People use the word ricer to much just cause its not what you like so what I love muscle and tuners I love it all I watches a golf gti smoke a challenger lol it's not a ricer it's just not what you would buy let them have their tuners and blow then
Lee Cascio Jun 16, 2012
Ricer now means more of the state of mind of the driver. We all see them the kid who trys to whip his 89 stock Kia like it's nice cuz it has some rims.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 16, 2012
I would say ricer is almost more of a mentality thing.
Devin Babyn Jun 16, 2012
How is a stock 4 door VW a ricer?
Shane Conner Jun 16, 2012
Thats not good, never seen that happen before.
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
Even his friend can't help laughing. Lol. Ahh ricers, so ignorant of the wonderful world of automobiles....
Description: Why change the tires on a 2007 ZO6 Corvette when you can just burn them off? That sounds like a good plan, except for the part where the tires fail to rotate for about 30 seconds. Bye, bye $600, hello...
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Michael Davidson Sep 10, 2012
Yeah, $600 for the clutch, $1200 more for labor.
Mr Two Jun 17, 2012
shoulda done some donuts insted
Ryan Butler Jun 17, 2012
Straight clutch!!
Micah Lau Jun 17, 2012
And the idiot with the camera walks in FRONT of a car that is allegedly doing a burnout.
Evan Cook Jun 16, 2012
Bitchin clutch yo
Sam Oglesby Jun 16, 2012
$600 I think not
Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
...we could just get the chance to possibly own one. By no means am I a new vette guy, but these cars deserve real men behind the wheel!
Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
You know what bothers me, is the people who can afford these cars, have no clue how to drive them. There are so many corvette fails on YouTube it's horrible! One hits the 300 srt8, the two gray one that hit each other... And we sit here and wish...
Patrick Schalk Jun 16, 2012
This pains me to watch.
Phil Johnson Jun 16, 2012
Isn't that guy a famous comedian?
Matt Piccolo Jun 16, 2012
Ahah sucker!! Lmao
Patrick Joseph Jun 16, 2012
Hilarious. What a fool.
Igor Natsioks Jun 16, 2012
What if the clutch was on its way out and, as he let it go that was it...
Kyle Smith Jun 16, 2012
@Nicolas damn manual TLs are so rare.
Michael Douglas Jun 16, 2012
What a fool. Lol.
Phillip Greene Jun 16, 2012
Yeah it goes both ways though the first vid was an import in case you skiped it
Austin Stephenson Jun 16, 2012
Its jerkoffs like this that make muscle car owners/drivers look stupid lol
Nicolas Blake Mullen Jun 16, 2012
My moms clutch on her 2004 TL burnt out. That was a couple thousand dollars to fix! She came home and I was like man that stinks! I for sure know what a burnt clutch smells like now haha
Phillip Greene Jun 16, 2012
Haha this remindes me of when my buddy left the tc on in his mustang gt and atempted a burn... But at least he made up for it
Lee Cascio Jun 16, 2012
Idiot didn't even know how to pop the hood you think he knows how to drive?
Laguna Seca Jun 16, 2012
Now that was awesome!!! Like how no one stops him, just let him keep going.
Jackson Rojas Jun 16, 2012
that's hilarious
Harleigh Savanna Border Jun 16, 2012
This guy is a total gimp!!!
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 16, 2012
No way...really? Lmao.
Carlton Salmon Jun 16, 2012
The guy's an idiot!
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
I also think he probably left traction control on. Lol. I would've roasted those tires like nobody's business. Learn to drive for crying out loud. It's a shame people like this are behind the wheel of a Z06. I bet his 0-60 best is 4.8 seconds. Lol
Majed Ameeri Jun 16, 2012
When he popped the hood he also opened the glass
William Downs Jun 16, 2012
moron, someone needs to learn what a burnout is, and what burnt clutch smells like.... well now he knows what the clutch part smells like
Dale Schroeder Jun 16, 2012
I love how not a single one of those guys standing around that car tried to stop him once they saw all that smoke and no wheelspin.
Description: Ignore the mismatched rims. Ignore the plastic covering on the passenger window. Just focus on the burnout fail, and the Alien-like explosion that bursts from the hood of this Dodge Neon. So painful, ...
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Byakka Hirakawa Jun 16, 2012
It was doomed since it rolled off the line, lol
Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
I've heard of stories by my pops back in the 70's of him blowing lifters and pining the hood. Now I know he wasn't bs'n me! At least he had a goat, not a neon!
Clint Edwards Jun 16, 2012
Seen this one before, bossman literally made everyone in the shop stop what they were doing and come watch. Absolutely hysterical
Patrick Joseph Jun 16, 2012
I thought the corvette guy was hilarious. But this is even funnier. What a massive twat.
Antonio Falsetti Jun 16, 2012
My friend has an srt4 neon it can move. This guy's a moron cant you feel that the tires aren't spinning?
Razor Curtiss Jun 16, 2012
Alright I see two problems with this vid.... Number one he tried to do a burnout at the bottom of his driveway which is a hill so technically because of the angle of his car he's trying to burnout in a ditch.... Second is that neons are gay
Brandon Navidad Jun 16, 2012
I've seen this before and yet it still makes me shake my head. You sir are a fail
Dave Stewart Jun 16, 2012
Well now it kinda has a srt-4 hood. Just even less power then started.. If that's possible fr a neon
Mark A. Young Jun 16, 2012
It's not even an SRT4...
Eric Michalak Jun 16, 2012
He clearly does not have the money to pay for this. He already has a cardboard hood and garbage bag window.
Lee Cascio Jun 16, 2012
Thank god one more neon with rims off our streets.
Laguna Seca Jun 16, 2012
Sad, He didn't even have a buddy to film it. Why would you upload this with your face on it?
Jared Palmer Jun 16, 2012
That was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing.
Dan Marino Jun 16, 2012
I love how it bent the hood up. POP
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
Window tint - 200 dollars. Aftemarket wheels - 520 dollars. Watching this guys face after he destroys his little 4 banger because he can't burnout - priceless.
Carlton Salmon Jun 16, 2012
On the plus side, he got the louvred bonnet he always wanted!
Mike Porta Jun 16, 2012
That my friends is a champion
Description: Doing a burnout in a Pontiac Firebird is about as American as you can get. Unfortunately, toasting the clutch while trying to do a burnout in a Pontiac Firebird makes you a borderline Commie.
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Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
Look up "death of a trans am" on YouTube. Black 427 '02 trans am. Sickest car, catastrophic clutch failure. But the testing of this car gives you that Christmas eve feeling all over again!
Razor Curtiss Jun 16, 2012
Lmao good comment
Laguna Seca Jun 16, 2012
Hmm another proud GM owner.
Greg Lewis Jun 16, 2012
But he fits the photo! Photoshop win!
Devin Babyn Jun 16, 2012
He's definitely photoshopped but it's still awsome
Chris Hill Jun 16, 2012
That is hilarious. One hand on the car, one on his sunglasses, providing no assistance whatsoever. What a duche.
Shane Conner Jun 16, 2012
Looks like a photoshop added in. Weird lines around his legs.
nellsmaxi106 Jun 16, 2012
this muscle guy is classic..why r u here buddy the weights r inside lol
Jordan Smith Jun 16, 2012
He looks like he was photoshopped in.
Otnay Nat Jun 16, 2012
I worked out.... I'm sexy and I know it ...
Shane Conner Jun 16, 2012
What's with the muscle dude? :) lol
Jackson Rojas Jun 16, 2012
and he's flexing
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
Lol, such an odd entourage here. Look at the guy almost doing a split to the right. xD