Comments - Audi RS6 Avant Given Over 750hp by MTM

Published: Jun 16, 2012
Description: German tuning outfit MTM have come up with a serious power upgrade for Audi's sporty station wagon, dubbing their latest project the MTM RS R 6 (the 'R' coming from 'Rosskur,'...
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Alec Norelius Jun 17, 2012
Soccer mom-mobile!!!
Harleigh Savanna Border Jun 17, 2012
Well the standard rs6 de limiteded will do 202mhp
Clayton Corley Jun 16, 2012
216mph!!!??? I don't know about that
Description: Handling and braking has been improved thanks to new 20-inch ET29 rims and Audi homemade ceramic braking system. Exterior upgrades include an anodized matt blue metallic foil wrap, 5% tinting to the f...
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Swarun Kulasekaran Jun 17, 2012
I think the author meant 95% tint! Either they use the percentage of light blocked in Germany, or the author made a mistake (not like it's never happened before)
Nicolas Blake Mullen Jun 16, 2012
No they don't? The drivers windows aren't legal to be tinted that dark probably, but the rears are definetly tinted pretty dark. where I live, driver and passenger windows can't be darker than 35%.
Will Wild Jun 16, 2012
Ben is right. A 5% tint means that only 5% of light is allowed in. This is simply not the case.
Ben Norton Jun 16, 2012
Wouldn't 5% be near solid black? They look clear as day in the pictures
Andrew Palmer Jun 17, 2012
I was in one; maybe a 2004 sedan? I dunno, the one with 460 was pretty big. Huge in fact...was pretty quick too, though I only rode in the passenger seat
Jose Alfonso Macias Jun 17, 2012
Danyaal this car is actually pretty damn big, 4,000 lb+ big boy
chikenbag Jun 17, 2012
have you ever seen an rs6? it's pretty big...
Danyaal Farooq Jun 17, 2012
What's the deal with tuners cramming so much horsepower into these little cars
Evan Cook Jun 16, 2012
Man look how fast the pavement is moving
Kyle Smith Jun 16, 2012
Just remove the "eyelid" on the lights and it's perfect
Dan Marino Jun 16, 2012
This is by far the nicest rs6 avant I've ever seen
Kevin Watson Jun 17, 2012
Honey, you rest I'll take the kids to soccer
Ron Vinson Jun 16, 2012
Great car! Amazing photography!
chikenbag Jun 17, 2012
love it... you can give it like 950hp on gt5... it was awesome
Julian Pilinci Jun 16, 2012
That is true, this is an Avant!
Audi Tech Jun 16, 2012
They are called avants not wagons
Audi Tech Jun 16, 2012
It should have never left the states!
Dale Fredriks Jun 16, 2012
Bring these to the States!!! Please!
Jack Howard Jun 16, 2012
My favorite car on gran turismo
Matt Piccolo Jun 16, 2012
Beauty, can Believe this is a wagon
Buddy Robinson Jun 16, 2012
Wow that looks good
Drew Weigel Jun 16, 2012
this is the car that turned me on to Audi
Carlton Salmon Jun 17, 2012
Just lose the decals and it's near on perfect.
chikenbag Jun 17, 2012
damn.... love it
Buddy Robinson Jun 16, 2012
Perfect if you ask me
Petre Draghici Jun 16, 2012
759hp... For a family car!
Tom Mcleod Jun 16, 2012
Lol.. Those discs pretty much fill up the entire wheel!