Description: This sixth-generation Polo has been transformed thanks to an interesting joint venture between CFC & CFC StylingStation, MK-SoundStyle, AIV, and ASA-Wheels. CFC StylingStation is responsible for t...
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Description: The Polo 6R also has a screw-threaded AP chassis with improved dynamics and comes equipped with 18-inch pink ASA AS2 Max alloys, carbon elements from blackGold designs, and a new rear bumper. The int...
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Josh Knight Jun 15, 2012
Only my eleven yr old sister would buy it
Kyle Smith Jun 15, 2012
Oh it's transformed alright
Rico Bester Jun 15, 2012
For someone that drives like a sissy.
Sebastian Grey Jun 16, 2012
No, red would look ridiculous.
Zach Pate Jun 16, 2012
Replace the pink with red camo, and it'd be amazing.
James Lynch-Sarasek Jun 16, 2012
Very astute logan
Logan Delony Jun 15, 2012
The wheels don't match ._.