Description: Before the relatively recent unveiling of the Veyron, it was the Type 57 that was the most iconic Bugatti. It is the Type 57SC Atlantic which many consider to be the most beautiful car in the world. T...
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Ervis At Jun 15, 2012
F the price show me the car lol
Tin Nguyen Jun 15, 2012
I'm tired of record auction sales articles. How can it be a record if the Price was never mentioned. Arghh car buzz.
Logan Delony Jun 15, 2012
OH MY GOSSH!! that's expensive for one car
Domenic Sergi Jun 15, 2012
I believe It was a private auction, and the buyer paid around 40-50 million for it.
Thibault Leroy Jun 15, 2012
i saw the 57SC Atlantic at a car show it was amazingly beautiful
Oscar Galvan Jun 15, 2012
Great car but not liking the color
Description: The Type 57 was built between 1934 and 1940, and it was the car which got Bugatti both of their victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was designed by Ettore's son Jean Bugatti, and it was in t...
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Description: Jean had done a good deal of design work on the Type 41 Royale, but the Type 57 was a project all his own. Just 17 Atalante Coupes were built. They came after the Atlantic Coupes, of which only four w...
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Ryan Delano Thomas Jun 16, 2012
I personally don't like it
Rudolf Dassler Jun 16, 2012
It's cool, for sure... But beautiful, eeeehhhh I don't know...
Thomas Isnt Green Jun 15, 2012
K don't b a fag u know it's cool
Ervis At Jun 15, 2012
Show me a Toyota that was produced in that time and I'll show you why Yea that's what I though ahahahaha
Logan Delony Jun 15, 2012
Love the window shape
Domenic Sergi Jun 15, 2012
The brand is irrelevant, this style of car is amazing. The Type 57 is a handcrafted masterpiece of the automotive world.
Rudolf Dassler Jun 15, 2012
Beauty? Where the hell is that beautiful? If it would've been a Toyota u guys would probably make fun of it... Just bc it's a Bugatti it's suddenly beautiful... This thing is ugly as hell!
John Serely Jun 15, 2012
Haha cool exhaust
Description: Only two Type 57SC chassis were actually built new by Bugatti, but nearly all (40 out of 43 total) of the cars built on the Type 57S chassis were brought back to the factory to have a supercharger ins...
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Description: The Type 57 was already quite low, and lowering required much more than the simple swapping of suspension components. The rear axle on S models passes through the frame, rather than under it, and dry-...
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Ian Barger Jun 15, 2012
I saw this car on Chasing Classic Cars!
Description: And yes, if you set it wrong and bent a valve, the pistons would have to come out in order for you to replace it. The engine initially produced 135 horsepower, but this climbed to 175 after a second c...
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Description: It was sold in Paris in 1946, and would then have as many as a dozen more owners before finally making it over to the US in 1959. The car didn't stay with its first American owner for very long e...
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Thomas Isnt Green Jun 15, 2012
I'd take the orange one
Description: Much of the restoration concentrated on undoing modifications to the bodywork done by previous owners, even though much of this was actually performed by the original coachbuilders. Interestingly, alt...
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Mark Anderson Jun 15, 2012
again, record auction sale, but no price......
Tim Fitzgerald Jun 15, 2012
Think of it this way tegra1, 200 HP was a huge amount back in 1937
Tegra1 Jun 15, 2012
Thats a classic,but I always wonder what a nitemare it is to rebuilt the engine and that horsepower figure seem a little low