Description: Early last month we reported that Maserati was gearing up to develop and build a new mid-engined sports car that would be targeted directly at the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8. Naturally we were intrig...
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Emil Kleijsen Jun 24, 2012
I think The GrandSport was the predecessor to the GranTurismo
Logan Delony Jun 15, 2012
Yeah I think it's the 04 that you're thinking of
Jonathan Bowen Jun 15, 2012
Yeah, seems like almost every Maserati is called the Gran Sport...
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 15, 2012
Didn't they make a gransport a few years back? It was based on the coupé, I believe
Description: In a new report coming from Evo, this new mid-engined Maserati, likely to be called the GranSport, will debut sometime in 2015. According to Maserati boss Harold Wester in an interview with Evo, the I...
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Dan Ruth Jun 15, 2012
Don't think of it as unoriginal, think of it as reviving a classic, Maserati has always had gransports
Lou Guerrero Jun 15, 2012
Exactly what I was thinking. Really lol?
Adam Sampson Jun 15, 2012
Original name :/
Jesus Alberto Lopez Jun 17, 2012
It looks more like a Fisker from the front.
Todd Muhlfelder Jun 16, 2012
I see caymen! Those side window shapes really remind me of it. And the size'
Paolo Prezioso Jun 16, 2012
I see more zonda than 458
Peter Jalsaeng Kim Jun 16, 2012
looks exactly like the fisker karma
Paul Dickey Jun 15, 2012
On a serious note where does everyone see 458 at?
Chris Bullock Jun 15, 2012
I don't see 458 at all...
Harry Zhou Jun 15, 2012
Cool but it look a bit like a Ferrari 458
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 15, 2012
It does look like a 458 but it also has some Maserati in it
Errick Kitchin Jun 15, 2012
Looks like they combined a 458 Italia with a Lotus of some sort.
Olivier Gigu�re Jun 15, 2012
glad to see that other people also think it looks like a 458 italia. but i think it might look better than the Ferrari ..
Chris Bullock Jun 15, 2012
The headlights are kinda gross
Austin Oxner Jun 15, 2012
It is a 4c. But better. And it is pure sex. Look at that thing. And I wish more cars would take a cue or two from the 458. Absolutely amazing looking cars they are. So is this.
Jeetinder Singh Lola Jun 15, 2012
As much as I love the look of this, but it's pretty much a 458 italia but with a maserati badge on it
John Serely Jun 15, 2012
@lee the 458 kinda competes with the 911 turbo or gt2 and the r8 gt or 5.2, but the 458 is still far more expensive (besides the gt2) so the 458 mostly competes with the gallardo SL and the mp4-12c. This would compete the the 911 carrera the r8 4.2
Lee Cascio Jun 15, 2012
Ferrari competes with the Audi R8 and 911 so therefore this will compete with Ferrari as well...
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
Looks kind of like the 4c
Justin Harris Jun 15, 2012
I know it's concept art, so I won't say it will look like this. But if it's competing with the 911, using a Ferrari engine, doesn't that make it a 458?
Wyatt Gordon Jun 15, 2012
This pains me to say (type), but as much as i love the audi r8, id rather have this. Assuming that it will look like this.
Kyle Anderson Jun 15, 2012
I don't want to wait until 2015! Ridiculous.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 15, 2012
I would drive this over an R8 or 911. Everyone knows Ferrari makes a beautiful engine so why not use it? As far as styling and elegant supercar great alternative.
Mark A. Young Jun 15, 2012
the front reminds me of a fisker
Logan Delony Jun 15, 2012
Those headlights are bad IMO
Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 15, 2012
I agree with u ashen it does look like a lotus but everyone thinks it looks like a 458
Antonio Borja Jun 15, 2012
beautiful. and yeah it looks more sporty then any maserati. I like it
Alex Semaan Jun 15, 2012
I seriously don't see the 458 at all.
Stephen Krane Jun 15, 2012
There is something just so much cooler about this compared to a 911 or r8
Ashen Fonseka Jun 15, 2012
Looks like a lotus. It looks great.
Jackson Rojas Jun 15, 2012
I don't give a Crap what it looks like its stunning
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 15, 2012
At first glance I saw a little 458, but after looking closer, I don't really see it anymore, except in the headlights. I hope it turns out like this. It's stunning
Devin Babyn Jun 15, 2012
Very first thing I think when I slide to this pic, "do they're making a 458." What the shit make something original
William Downs Jun 15, 2012
im just gonna say its a re shelled 458, they did the same thing with the mc12 and enzo
Blake Antil Jun 15, 2012
I guess I can see a little 458 but shit looks nice
xenozonda Jun 15, 2012
this looks nothing like a 458 to me.
Jake Marra Jun 15, 2012
Its not ment to compete with A Ferrari its meant to. Compete with the porsche 911 and audi r8
Lee Cascio Jun 15, 2012
Why would you build a car to compete with Ferrari and use all of Ferrari's technology? It's almost like Ferrari and the VAG have a huge monopoly on the supercar industry.
Axel Cousins Jun 15, 2012
It looks a lot like a 458 for sure
Nick Schnee Jun 15, 2012
There's definitely 458 in this.
Avery Williams Jun 15, 2012
Ferrari must have helped them with the design because this looks relatively similar to the 458 italia.
gammo66 Jun 15, 2012
maserati & ferrari share a lot of platforms most recently the california, so prob has more in common with the 458 than just looks, a very very good thing
Brendon Davis Jun 15, 2012
Kinda reminds me of a 458 Italia
Luke Murray Jun 15, 2012
Hmm those headlights not sure but nice body and detail
Zain Sheikh Jun 15, 2012
They should call it the fisker karisma
Zachary Maurer Jun 15, 2012
Holy crap, I thought this was a 458 Italia article for a sec... Look at the body lines/profile
SuperTrofeo Jun 15, 2012
the rest is quite nice, but those headlights are absolutely hideous!!!!
Danyaal Farooq Jun 15, 2012
I can see the old grand sport in this..along with the alfa 4c
Description: Along with the upcoming redesigned Quattroporte sedan and Kubang SUV, Maserati is clearly looking to expand their lineup. This rendering that was originally published by Evo does slightly resemble the...
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John Serely Jun 15, 2012
@darren it is going to be based off the 4C actually,not the 458
Darren Nardo Jun 15, 2012
Not the roughly , it will be cause its pretty much gonna be a 458 with new body work like the Mc12 was to the Enzo!
Description: Evo also points out that the GranSport will have lightweight construction thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber, with a targeted weight of around 2,645 lbs. Pricing is also set to be competitive wit...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 15, 2012
With all this carbon fiber and ferrari components thers no way its going to be any where near the $135,000 price tag of the turbo or v8 r8. This is going sell for like 200k cause the italia gos for 300
No Pistons Jun 15, 2012
450hp and weighing less then a FRS. Yes please
Dan Ruth Jun 15, 2012
Sounds good to me.
Michael Beach Jun 15, 2012
One of my top 3 fav cars. This, the Aston Vantage, and a 70 mustang
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jun 15, 2012
I'm just waiting for someone to say that it looks like the Granturismo.
Kyle Anderson Jun 15, 2012
One of my top 10's right there. Gorgeous.
Jon Wheel Jun 15, 2012
@Alex Is that a bad thing? The MC is the best looking 4-seater around, so giving the GT Sport aesthetic similarities cannot be a bad thing.
Mitch Sagehorn Jun 15, 2012
Oh wait. Haha nevermind
Mitch Sagehorn Jun 15, 2012
I don't think it looks mid-engined. The nose is just too big
Alex Sundvall Jun 15, 2012
This is the new GranTurismo S. it's beautiful, but it looks too much like the MC...
John Serely Jun 15, 2012
I love these, they look great blacked out
Justin Tucker Jun 15, 2012
Seen the special matte blue one of these in a dealership. That's what really made me love this car
Luke Murray Jun 15, 2012
That's more like it!
Zachary Maurer Jun 15, 2012
One of my favorite cars right here
Matthew van der Linde Jun 15, 2012
This is the old spec gran turismo
Cham Khiev Jun 15, 2012
And then the new viper ripped on them too lol
Nick Sti Jun 15, 2012
Yeah, and they look identical (in a good way)
Nick Benz Jun 15, 2012
You guys realize this came out before the sti right?
Nick Sti Jun 15, 2012
Ya! Look at my pic
Lee Cascio Jun 15, 2012
Nice STI tail lights lol.